Question - Patella Tendonitis Issue

by Peter
(Cork, Ireland)

I have been trying to get rid of patella tendonitis in my left knee for 7 months now.

It started in my left and I noticed this when running and doing my thai boxing training warm up. any pressure on the knee seemed to build up to a funny feeling that just niggled at me rather than hardcore pain.

After a few potential fights were canceled I approached a physical therapist.

I went through 4 months of deep massage, ultra sound massage and was advised to use bio freeze. Just into the new year I felt the problem was still there and had also spread to my right knee.

I have gone for an injection 5 weeks ago and the specialist injected tricylisone from the cortisone family. This seemed to work and I rested completely for a further 4 weeks.

I tried a light run on flat ground and very slow and had no real problem, a week later I returned to thai boxing, did a steady run and then trained the session involving pad work with kicks.

The next day I felt that familiar pain again when going up and down stairs, but in the right knee mainly, and the left knee didn't feel far away from it.

My herapist, who i saw again last week, has now diagnosed I have torn quads.

I find this frustrating as why on earth could he not have checked my quads 7 months, two injections and 1,000 euro before hand!!!!!

When I run its not far or fast and I have a brand new pair of gel filled Asics runners. I wear gel filled insoles in my day to day footwear. I stretch my hamstrings in the evening and morning even if I am not training.

I have had no treatment on the right knee at all apart from the injection, the pain has reduced since he massaged my quads.

Do yo have any advice? Would surgery be extreme at this stage?


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