Question - Patellar Femoral Syndrome (hip exercises)

by Tania
(St. Catharines, Ontario)

I am a 40 year old woman who has developed patellar femoral syndrome. I had been very active and worked out diligently with weights 4to5 days / week until my body collapsed last august of 2007. (I suffered minor thoracic and lumbar pain and overtime developed this syndrome).

I have sought help from physiotherapists and sport medicine doctors and my progress is improving slowly but surely. My question in regards to your article is what sort of exercises can I do to improve my hip strength and control my femur so that I can keep this syndrome at bay?

Follow Up
I neglected to inquire whether doing weight bearing (or non- weight bearing) squats and lunges would be beneficial or harmful to an individual with this syndrome?

In the past, those two WEIGHT BEARING exercises were my favorites to enhance the look of my butt and simply, I miss doing them!!!! However I respect the fact that I do have this syndrome and if I am unable to do them so be it.

I believe that if I were to rate my symptoms it would be rated as moderate to stemming on serious.
Thank you

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