Question - Plica Syndrome

Three years ago I hyperextended my knee. I was a competitive gymnast and played soccer for my school, but have had to stop both because of my knee. Because I was in the middle of both seasons, I did not take any time off.

A year later when my knee was still hurting, I was told that I had plica syndrome and it would stop hurting with some pt. A year after that, the pt still had not done anything to help so I had arthroscopic surgery to remove the plica.

It has been a year since the surgery and my knee still hurts. It hurts to run or do any type of exercise, to walk down stairs, when I sit for long periods of time, and sometimes even to just walk.

I went back to the surgeon and he said there was nothing else he could do to help me. I talked to a family friend who is an orthopedist and she recommended a brace, which I have been wearing now when I exercise for three months, but nothing is helping.

Do I have any other options or do I just live with the pain?

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