Question - Rotator Cuff Tear (subscapularis)

by beebs

I'm 35 yrs old. Pretty good physical condition. I took a hard fall and felt pain immediately in my dominant right arm. Dr. originally diagnosed impingement and MRI confirmed. Treated with therapy and cortisone. Did not respond so after one year did arthroscopic surgery. Found impingement and cleaned that up(supraspinatus?). Also found supscapularis tear that was in the Dr.'s words "hanging by a thread". No retraction of tendon. He fixed it with some sort of anchor that will eventually disappear. This was Oct. 2007.

I went back to work in 14 weeks after lots of therapy.I continue with stretching and everything else from PT. I'm no better now than I was in Feb.

I do push-ups on my knees and believe it or not-dips. Regular push-ups and my shoulder feels like it will literally pop.

Question is, should this eventually get any better? I have found lots of rotator cuff info. but think that most of it pertains to supraspinatus tears. I know subscapularis tears are rare. Any idea how this rates with serious tears of the other tendons.

I can't itch my back,throw a ball,or lift much of anything "underhanded". Lots of pain if I sleep on that shoulder.

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