Question - Shoulder (pain and ROM loss)

by Christine

I am having progressively increased L shoulder pain ( I am right handed 46 year old nurse)and loss of ROM. Forward activities do not seem to irritate or cause further pain, however any thing above a 90 degree angle to the side or backward motion such as reaching for a seatbelt cause extreme pain from the left shoulder into the deltoid and elbow. A back stroke to swim is impossible at this point. I can however do modified pushups.

What is confounding is that with my forearm bent close to my body the pain is not as severe nor the ROM as inhibited when attempting full ROM. However with a fully extended arm the pain and ROM are most severe.

I am seeing PT but seem to be getting nowhere. My physician does not seem to feel the need for an MRI. It is affecting my daily life more an more and feels like it is "freezing" with less range of motion everyday.

I have attempted some of the exercises in your book but the pain is becoming really severe. (I am not on pain meds other than Tylenol).

Any guidance or suggestions at this pont is appreciated to get back to my daily life!

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