Question - Sprained Wrist (5 weeks with continued pain)

by Greg
(Louisville KY)

Its been 5 weeks since I sprained my wrist. (I had broken it once when I was 12 it did not set right so the doctor broke it again in the hospital when I was 13 with steal pins to ensure proper healing. They were removed after 6 weeks.)

I had it x ray when it happened, put ice on it for several days and after a week started wearing a ace bandage then a hard shell bandage, it happened June 20 and the doctor said no fracture but I have heard it can take time for a fracture to show up.

Is that true and should I have it looked at again?

It still hurts to do most any work but its feels ok when it is not being used. My sport is golf and still can not swing a club and its hard to work with one hand.



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