Question - Tennis (ACL out for season?)

I'm a 17 year old senior in a small town with a lot of expectations. I tore my acl, and meniscus in 2 places falling from a cheerleading stunt (October 30). I went to the surgeon right away on October 31 and was told i probably subluxed my kneecap and was sent to physical therapy starting that afternoon.

With no improvement I received an mri and I underwent a first surgery (November 20 2008) to fix my meniscus (at this time the surgeon didn't know about the second tear or the acl tear) then while he was operating he realized the acl (still not the meniscus) but didn't feel comfortable fixing it...he just removed the first tear.--

then i went to a specialist who looked closer at the mri and xrays and I went into my second surgery (December 17)--I had still been going through physical therapy this entire time. During the second surgery using a hamstring graft and screws the surgeon repaired my acl and then stitched my 2nd tear in my meniscus.

More important than cheerleading i'm a high level tennis player not only in my community but state, and in the midwest-- I've accepted a scholarship to play in college next year. My surgeon has told me I'm out this season (April-early June) and not able to pick up a racket until June...--it's my senior season and we won state last year as a team but 4 of my teammates graduated so I'd be playing number one this season and expected to do well individually at state --is he right in giving me no hope to play this year?

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