Question - Tibia - Fibula Hardware Removal

by David
(Los Angeles, CA)

I am a 42 yr old male in very good shape. 7 months ago I broke my tibia and fibula in a freak accident. I had 2 surgeries and currently have 2 rods and 9 screws in my left leg. The bones have healed but I am still experiencing a lot of swelling and discomfort which seem to be tied to periodic bouts of fever. I'm concerned I have a low grade infection.

My surgeon has recommended that I have the hardware removed asap since the x-rays show that the bones have healed.

I had a second opinion and that doctor said that he usually never takes out the hardware less than one year after the initial surgery unless there is no choice.

I'm not sure if the risk of removing the hardware less than one year is greater than leaving hardware in there that is potentially causing a low grade infection.

Any thoughts??

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