Question - Wrist sprain

by John
(Evergreen, CO USA)

Vail Ice - Amphibian

Vail Ice - Amphibian

I fell on my left wrist 6 weeks ago mountain biking. I had x-rays done by both my primary doc and a specialist. No fracture was shown, but my specialists said I could have torn a ligament and could need surgery. He said to call in a week and if it didn't feel alot better have an MRI.

My primary doc said a tear was improbable and suggested to not have surgery even if it is torn. It did felt better so I opted out of the MRI.

Now it's been 6 weeks and I'm still having pain. The real significant pain is when I try to do a push up with palms flat.

I"ve seen my primary doc 3 times and he keeps telling me this is normal and it will get better.

My questions to you are there alternatives to surgery? Should I go back to my specialists?
What if I have torn a ligament and do not have surgery?
Is my primary doc too liberal?

Do you have any other suggestions.

I'm very active in sports, (rock and Ice climbing, biking and skiing) and want to continue doing these things at a high level.

Thank you

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