Rehab After Healed Tibia and Fibula Fracture (ORIF Surgery)

by Nirmal
(Bangkok, Thailand )

Hi, I suffered a comminuted fracture of the distal end of my left tibia and fibula, in a high-impact motorbike accident on January 12 when I was flung from the pillion. I underwent successful open reduction and internal fixation with a T-plate and screws (stainless steel).

It's been over 6 months now. One screw has backed out of the bone slightly, but I am told by two surgeons that is not rare. I am told by 2 surgeons that the bone looks ok and all seems normal with regard to healing.

I can walk without aid, with full weight bearing, but the ankle remains stiff and painful and slightly swollen. I have taken physiotherapy only sporadically (the last time a month ago) mainly because once it seemed to inflame my leg, and generally the surgeon who operated says physio will not help much. However others say the opposite.

What worries me now is I still cannot climb down stairs normally, and I cannot run. I can only walk slowly and painfully. I am trying to get back to exercise (swimming and some tentative Yoga) but I can feel the calf muscle in the affected leg is still relatively weak, and the leg also seems to hurt on its upper side ie on the top of the shin.

My questions are : with this sort of injury, by when should I expect to walk normally, and run??

And, should I take physiotherapy and if so what kind? At the hospital here (in Thailand) they used ultrasound and electricity etc. Is that proven to help??

Thank you and regards,


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