Rehab Exercise Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Below you will find select rehab exercise videos for some of the many rehabilitation activities on Sports Injury Info. These videos are meant to supplement the information in the 'Solutions' Ebook Series, specifically Patella Femoral Solutions, ACL Injury Solutions, and Hip Flexor Solutions.

These exercises are just a few examples of the lower body strengthening, mobility, and balance activities included in each of the Solutions programs.

Core Engaged Leg Lift (CELL)

The core engaged leg lift (CELL) is featured in many of the Solutions ebooks because of its versatility and abiltiy to improve core stability and activation. It is a great lower body and core exercise, and one I have used with just about every single patient I have treated, from PFS to ACL reconstruction.

Resisted Knee Wiggles

Resisted Knee Wiggles are an advanced form of the the Knee Wiggle. This exercise looks simple and sounds funny, but it is a great way to improve control of the hips and lower body. It is especially helpful for retraining neuromuscular control in treatment of patella femoral syndrome, helping to improve hip and core control and stability.

Elastic Band Walks

Elastic Band Walks are a great exercise for any lower body injury. I use them with almost all of my patients to improve hip strength and control. You can put the band above or below the knee, or if you are really hardcore, around the ankles for maximum resistance. This rehab exercise video is featured in all of the Solutions Series ebooks.

Box Step Ups

Step ups, either forward, sideways, or backwards, are a staple of any lower extremity exercise program. I use them with all of my patients, and they are featured in most of the Solution Series Ebooks. This version is a forward step up with leg lift at the end. You can remove the leg lift for a simpler exercise.

Lateral Lunge with Overhead Reach

Lunges are excellent exercises for building eccentric hamstring strenth, muscle control, and core stability. The lateral lunge with overhead reach is an advanced version of the lateral lunge featured in Patella Femoral Solutions, Hip Flexor Solutions, and others. You can leave out the overhead reach if you need an easier lateral lunge exercise.

Reverse Lunge with Overhead Reach

The reverse lunge with overhead reach is an advanced form of the inline lunge or posterior lunge. Featured in the Hip Flexor Solutions ebook. You can remove the overhead reach and knee lift for a simpler exercise.

Half Kneeling Chops

Chops are a core stability exercise that also works on improving shoulder strength and function. Because of the core strength needed to perform correctly, I use them with just about all of my patients. Featured in the Hip Flexor Solutions ebook.