Runner with a partial PCL tear

by LaRae
(Sioux Falls, SD)

I recently was in a motorcycle accident where my knee came down on my tank as we both hit the ground from a high fall. Luckily after my MRI, my doctor told me that it was a partial PCL tear and I would heal just as well with physical therapy as I would with surgery...(in my case.)

I recently have undergone about a week and a half of pyhsical therapy and I feel very good. I have had no instability, (steps, walking and stretching are painless so far.) I do have a little bit of swelling still in my knee cap but have been icing as much as I can. I guess my question is this....will I be able to run again???

I am 28 and a casual runner. I don't do marathons or iron man competitions, but I competed in HS and College track and I LOVE to run still. I also do a some lifting...I guess I am very "active."

But my therapist, depsite my doctors opinion, has been so very negative about everything. Although I feel very good for being only 2 weeks out from the motorcycle accident. I have met with her 3 times and have impressed her each time with my improvement....but she insists I may not ever be able to run again. I have to admit it crushed my spirit last time we met.

I am a fighter though....I keep working and icing despite her negative remarks. But I would really appreciate your opinion on this. I plan on talking with my doctor soon too. Oh...another reason I would like to get better is because a dream of mine is to go into the military and pursue becoming an Officer. It was something I was planning on doing this coming fall. I know I will not be able to jump out of planes and such....but will I be able to run and do some rigorous exercise?

I cant wait to hear what you have to say.
Thank you!!!


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