Running pain free again

by Cathy

I had to stop running because of severe pain in my right knee due to patellofemoral syndrome (runner's knee) and because of a chance meeting at a business lunch I am now running 5 miles a day again pain free.

While attending a business lunch in Michigan I met Alice Brown the founder and inventor of a rehabilitative knee orthosis/brace that actually works. The knee brace realigns the upper and lower leg so the patella (knee cap) rides in the femoral groove correctly, relieves pain and strengthens and retrains the muscles of the knee. I wear the knee orthosis/brace when I run and physically active and have not had any pain or swelling. The longer I use the brace the less I need it. The brace is call In the Groove and I ordered it on the website: The In the Groove brace stopped my pain and I wanted to pass this information on so others can continue to run pain free.

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