Samantha's ACL, Meniscus surgery

by Samantha
(Los Angeles, CA)

Had ACL surgery (cadaver allograft) on Wednesday the 24th(Feb). Medial Meniscus was repaired as was some shaggy looking cartilage. The first day was ok as the locals were still working. It's been downhill from there.

I cannot take any pain medication due to elevated liver enzymes and a narcotic allergy. So, I've just finished 2 days of toradol and am now beginning relafen 2x a day. My pain is pretty bad. I use the ice compressor and that helps a bit. I find the exercises almost impossible without having pain meds. I'm starting to regret that I ever did this to myself...

My bones ache intensely and just moving positions in bed is excrutiating. Please, someone, tell me this is going to get better... I feel like I'm in hell right now.


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