Sara's Story

by Sara
(Pueblo, CO, USA)

I completely tore my ACL. I tore my LCL and biceps tendon. I also have damage to my peroneal nerve; all in one injury.

I was playing soccer. I don't remember what exactly happened, but I had surgery done to fix my ligaments and the nerve is gradually coming back. The day I got hurt was April 21, 2007. I got surgery done on November 14, 2007.

No one in Colorado wanted to touch my knee so I went to Houston to have everything checked out and the surgery done.

The emergency room just took x-rays and couldn't find anything wrong. An MRI was done and the torn ligaments were seen. The nerve damage wasn't noticed until I saw an orthopedist who noticed I couldn't lift my foot up.

Physical therapy prior to surgery didn't help the nerve damage. At six months after the surgery my nerve still isn't 100 percent.

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