Second Operation on Left Shoulder.

I play rugby and have had a lot of dislocating shoulder trouble as a result. I had Arthroscopy to stabalize my left shoulder in 2003 and the same on my right shoulder in 2004. My left shoulder was very badly damaged, my bicep snapped in the op and a lot of bone had to be removed and there was also a SLAP repair. The surgeon checked how stable my left shoulder was as he operated on my right one and informed me that it was lax again, most likley as a result of how badly dammaged it was.

So A few months ago my left shoulder dislocated in a rugby game again, but I managed to relocate before I got to A & E. But the following week it came out while I was watching telly and I had to have it put back in at hospital.

I have an appointment to see the consultant who did my previous two operations, and am hoping he will be able to sort it out again so that I can carry on playing..

Any ideas as to whether or not it is possible to have a second operation and carry on with such high impact sports or not?

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