Question - Reverse bankart lesion

by john
(jacksonville, nc)

My MRI report says I have a SLAP tear and tear of the posterior inferior labrum. Does this mean that I have a SLAP tear and a reverse bankart lesion at the same time? Supposed to have surgery on monday the 15th, will they fix all of that at the same time or will it require multiple surgeries? Any ideas anyone has would certainly help my curiousity,


Dec 14, 2008
by: Bart - SII

A tear of the posterior inferior labrum is often referred to as a reverse bankart lesion. Along with the SLAP tear, they will likely repair everything at once. This means that it will likely involve 3-5 anchors used to repair the labrum. Recovery should be similar to other labral repairs.


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Son About to have reverse bankart repair

by Faye
(Franklin, Ohio USA)

My 16 year old son had an injury during early season football practice. It was determined that he had "Shoulder posterior labral tear" and would need an arthroscopic reverse bankart repair.

I was wondering what is going to the be the best way for him to sleep in the immediate days following the surgery. My husband thought perhaps the recliner would be better.

His surgeon has given him the "wedge" thing to be worn at all times and I am just wanting to know if the recliner would be better or his bed.

Thank you so much for your help!

Oct 11, 2008
by: Bart - SII

Definitely the recliner. That is going to give him the most comfortable position, especially with the abduction pillow sling.

This should be good for the first 1-2 weeks, then he should be able to move to his bed with extra pillows to prop himself and his arm up.


Oct 12, 2008
by: Faye

Dear Bart,

Thank you so much for your confirmation of what will be best for him. His surgery is this Tuesday the 14th of October. We went and purchased a new recliner this evening for him. I sincerely apprecaite you taking the time to give us your recommendation!!!

Warm Regards,


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Bankart repair 4 years ago

by Becky
(St. Louis, MO)

I had an arthrotomy for capsular shift and a Bankart repair done in 2004 due to a gymnastic injury.

My question is: Is it possible to damage the repair? and has there been any cases regarding problems with this kind of surgery on patients years later?

I fell two days ago, landed my weight on the wrist of the injured shoulder, and now experiencing the same pain as I did before the surgery.

Nov 06, 2008
by: Bart - SII

After 4 years, it is likely that you could have re-injured the shoulder rather than damaged the repair. By this time, the repair has healed as well as it will and (hopefully) your shoulder had returned to somewhat normal status.

The most common problems long term after a bankart repair and capsular shift are loss of motion, arthritic changes, and recurrent dislocation.

I would recommend seeing your doctor to evaluate your shoulder. You could have a sprain that just needs to be treated - an evaluation will give you the information you need to start the recovery.


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