Shawanda's ACL Surgery

by Shawanda
(Lithia Springs, GA)

Hi my name is Shawanda I'am a 36yr female; I completely tore my ACL left knee on 09/11/10 in a dancing contest. My first ACL reconstruction/repair surgery was on 10/14/10. A graft was taken from my patella and my quadceps. Since the surgery I have not been able to re-gain full range of motion. In mid November of 2010, my surgeon just decided to order the CPM machine and a Kneehab Sleeve for my left knee. Still no progress my knee would not been above 80-85 degrees; and that is me bending own my own. The Physical Therapist can bend it at about 94 degrees {painful} I might add, that is if I can keep my left hip down on the table. The extension is above 10 degrees. On Dec 16, 2010 I had my second surgery it was {manipulation of knee joint - knee Arthroscopy:with lysis of adhesions}. Some bleeding occurred then I was intubate during the surgery. Therefore, I was in a great deal of pain during the first initial surgery, now it is 2 times worst after the second surgery. I can't take any of the prescription meds because I have to drive to work everyday. Aleve only works for about 2-3 hours if that. I hate Physical Therapy even though I know they are just doing their job but, it should not hurt as much for you to cry of severe pain during therapy. Honestly, I don't know what else to do, I'm tired, stressed, depressed and irritable all the time. And the sadest thing is that, I know it is coming from the pain and discomfort of my knee. I would like to know if there is a better way to cope with the pain and how to re-gain full range of moton in my left knee!!!!

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