Shoulder Pain in Right Pitching Arm

I'm a pitcher in college and in the summer i was training probably harder than i should have been training. i was working out one day, and the next day i was throwing bullpens about 60-70 pitches. probably not the smartest thing to do. about mid july, i felt a extreme tightness in my upper back part of my arm/tricept area/ lower part of my back shoulder blade. when i felt it,i immediately stopped throwing and iced it down when i got home.

I took about 5 days off to get better. when i started throwing again, that part that hurt was completely fine, but i started having pain in my front right shoulder area, underneath where the end of my coller bone is. so i took another 4-5 days off for that.

I started throwing again and i was fine for about a week, but then i started getting some pain in another part of my shoulder, this time in the back part. so i took about another week off, and now im trying to go back to throwing but its starting to hurt again.

The only part where its consistently hurting through all of the pain spots is what seems like my rotation of my shoulder when i throw. when i make an L with my right shoulder as im going to throw the ball, i can feel pain, but when i get done throwing, the pain goes away. I can only feel my pain when i get to a certain position in my arm motion, and thats when i make an L with my arm, or i "turn over" on the ball.

I've never had this kind of problem with my shoulder before and i was wondering if this could be something that could fix via physical therapy? or could it be something serious that i might need a scope done. I'm trying really hard to not end up having a scope because i want to play this year in college, and i think if i get the scope ill be done for this year.

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