Soccer Player's worst nightmare.

My name is Charles, and 10 days ago I had ACL reconstruction, they replaced what was left of mine with one from a cadaver (however you spell it), and I highly recommend that type of surgery, do not use your own hamstring to replace the ACL, it will never be the same.

I tore my ACL playing soccer in Chicago. I planted my left foot and my knee just kept going...right passed my shin bone. I'm sure all of you know the feeling after; the pop, the sting, hollow feeling in the middle of your knee and finally the immediate swelling. If you even have the feeling that you tore something in your knee, you should get an MRI because it is the only way to truly find out. And when you do find out what the problem is, make sure you choose to do surgery with a surgeon who knows what they are doing!!!!!!
Back to 10 days after a surgery, with a surgeon who knew his shit I am at 115 degrees on my cpm almost no swelling and my strength is slowly, but surely coming back. One thing is for sure, the first 2-6 weeks after surgery are the most crucial, if you are lazy and choose not to do your daily rehab exercises, flexion machine, icing and elevation your done for. With ACL reconstruction, you will only get out the effort you put in. This isn't just a little operation, there is a reason why it is called the Anterior CRUCIAL Ligament, without it you can say goodbye to sports.
I won't lie, the operation, it is not fun, it does not feel good, but you have to look at the big picture. The idea of rehab is to push your knee to the extent of its comfort and no more, or else you will find yourself back in the operating room. 10 days out, and I am going to make a full recovery to play again, I have no doubt in my mind about what I want to do and the work that I have to put in.

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