Talus break / cartilage removal

by Angie

the aftermath

the aftermath


Two weeks ago, I was hiking and the rock path gave out from under me and I fell 30 feet landing on coral and other fauna. I was fortunate enough to land on my feet, which was the reason I broke my talus.

I had surgery a week after the initial accident because of swelling. When I woke up the Doc told me that they had to remove all the cartilage and add a screw. But, what does this all mean for recovery? I was also told that I might need another surgery to fuse the bones together. I have another appointment this coming Tuesday to find out if he can take out the stitches and give me a boot, (with no weight bearing)

Am I ever going to be 100%? I wasn’t a big runner, I enjoy it, but Id rather be out scuba diving. Any information on this would help. Now that Im in bed “ankle elevated above your heart 95% of the time” I have a lot of nothing to do.

Thanks Angie

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