tib/fib fracture recovery

by Debbie


My 13 yr old son broke his ti/fib of his R leg clean through in a soccer game (Sept 30 2008).It took 4 reductions over a month to get it to hold in place where it needed to be. He finally got a walking boot last week (Mid January 2009) after months of different cast sizes. The Dr said he could gradually begin to put weight on it, and he has just started physical therapy. He does swell a lot with movement and weight bearing like I see from some of the other questions. Specifically, his air boot seems to aggravate his injury. He has a short one that comes up right about to the exact spot where his break was. It is also heavy to lift when he needs to pick it up in order to move quickly at school with his crutches and pulls on the injured area. Is there an alternative to that heavy boot(something that may offer some support and protection at school without the negative effects)? He does much better around the house when it is off. He can do his exercises, put partial weight, etc. Thanks for any suggestions.

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