Torn ACL & broken kneecap

by Tricia
(Springfield, PA)

My boyfriend torn his ACL and 6 weeks after ACL repair with his own ligament, he broke his kneecap. The doctor had put the screw in backwords we found out later, and after he broke his kneecap, the doctor didn't set it, he put it in an immobilzer cast. The kneecap healed wrong, and doesn't slide in and out correctly because of this. He had surgery to repair the ACL correctly, and also another surgery to remove excess scar tissue and cartilidge. After all that, he was still in pain, so a new doctor did a complete knee replacement. He was still in pain, mostly on the side of his knee, and the kneecap itself. They did another surgery to scrape the kneecap underneath, to try to flatten it out and make it move normally. But he still is in severe pain all the time, and it is constantly swollen. Now his other knee is sore, probably from taking up the slack from his bad leg.

Any suggestions or thoughts on how this can be fixed? He can't sleep at nite more than a couple of hours at a time, pain pills don't take away the severe pain, and he can only walk a few steps without sharp pains and almost falling over.

Please help.

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