What can I do about my shoulder? -Dislocation- Can't have surgery.

by Mandy

I dislocated back in January playing basketball, three times in one game. It wasn't good. The first time it happened I had no idea what was wrong, then it went back in pretty quick...I jumped up to get a rebound..it happened again, and then I knew something was wrong..I ran down the court, one of my friends threw me the ball before I could get out, and it came out and wouldn't go back in.

I got taken to the hospital and got it in..and then I was in a sling..the doctor had me in it for a week and said I could play. That was a bad idea on his part. It came out again..so I was back in a sling for a month. It came out while I was sleeping because I didn't have a lot of support..then it came out when I fell down the stairs..I haven't been too lucky. Then recently..after not having problems with it..it came out while playing basketball with my friends.

I had it in an immobilizer, and then once I could use it without pain I took it out. I am the Drum Major for my marching band and having to lift my arms for a long period of time doesn't bother me at all. The thing is, I want to play basketball this year; and i've been looking up different options of maybe something to wear on my shoulder while playing since we cannot afford to have surgery at the moment.

I was wondering if there is anything to wear on the shoulder to keep it in it's place, but be able to move the arm as a whole. Maybe taping it? I don't know for sure. But I really want to play this season, I only have 2 years left in high school and not playing would kill me, and I know I need surgery, but right now I can't do that.

So is there any options for things to wear on the shoulder? or should I just lay off of it?..I do have exercises I do regularly to try and keep my shoulder stronger, but I am sure it will continue to come out if I don't have anything protecting it.

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