What causes severe cramping in the toes?

by Karen
(Merritt Island, FL)

Hi Bart!

Thanks for your kind comments about my rotator cuff tear story. I really am doing well.

I had something happen to me yesterday that was very odd, but quite painful too. I was sitting in a chair with my feet up on a stool and all of a sudden the middle toe of my right foot cramped up, pushing the "knuckle" down instead of it being curved over and also sideways to the right. It had a mind of its own going under my second toe from the right. It felt like a "charley horse" in my toe, so I pulled all my toes up then pushed them all down, then massaged my toes and foot all over.

It felt a little better but once I let go, it went back to as bad as it started. Finally, after about 10-15 minutes it went away.

Then a few minutes later, the same thing happened on my left side. I proceeded for the next hour or so with the cramping and pain switching from one foot to the other. I could walk, but only with limping.

It was mysteriously gone in a few hours and hasn't come back. What causes such an odd thing? Should I run this by my orthopedic doctor?

Thanks much....this is a great site!


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