what's next?

by Sharon
(Indiana )

I took a fall last Oct. 2007.


Here is Sharon's original post and comments *Bart @ SII*

To date, I’ve been to my own PCP, had PT, then was seen by an Ortho doctor, then had MRI, got the results for more PT, if that didn’t work, then possibly surgery, which more than likey wouldn’t work.

I’ve talked to my employer, who sent me to get a second opinion, I’ve now got the
Results from the 2nd doctor. They wanted me to do more PT, for 4 weeks, then evaluated again. I was told there were 2 tendon tears, that COULD NOT be repaired by surgery.

One they felt could be an old tear, where the muscles etc. had atrophied to much. They did think that it was very possible that the old tear was made worse or at least made symptomatic by my fall.
The 2nd tear also, couldn’t be repaired.

My employer refused to pay for any more PT, so I’ve been trying to do things at home.

I’ve done research on my local states website and I'm still lost.


Translate this into everyday English!

What the doctor wrote is this.

Exam: ROM is 170/60/T12

Strength is normal to resisted flexion with mild discomfort and is a 4 to resisted external rotation with minimal pain.

Assessment/plan she's been told at this stage her only good option is to continue a home exercise program on a chronic basis.

She will likely have to accept some symptoms of residual pain and mild dysfunction as a result of her condition.

Once again, I think there is a example of an acute on chronic type of injury where she may have had a chronic rotator cuff tear that was exacerbated by her work related injury.
At this point she has reached MMI.

She has residual permanent partial impairment equivalent to 5% of the upper extremity. /size

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