Will it ever get better?

by Tamara Kube

I was just wondering if you know if my knee pain will ever go away.

I have a few things wrong, I have something with the corninary joint ligment, mcl laxity, very small meniscual tare, and mostly patella femoral syndrome.

I don't know how or why it ever started, it just always has hurt ever since I was really small.

I have went to my family doctor, a sports doctor, and currently I go to physio, and am waiting on a pateller tracking brace.

I just can't stand it, I really don't want surgery, and as far as doctors say, I dont need it either.

But it hurts so bad all the time, from my hip down. I have been doing a taping technique that I learned by Dr. Michael Ross (my physio therapist) and that stops it from locking and giving away, but doesn't stop the pain.

My two favourite sports are soccer and rugby, I play rep soccer and rugby at school in grade 12.

I really want to play this year, but the pain is so bad, I don't know what to do.

At physio therapy I get acupuncture, electrical stem, ulter sound, and "friction." And it seems like it helps then, but i go home, and a day or two after the pain is back again.

Please can you provide me with some advice?
Everytime I go back to physio, he askes me how it has been. And i'm scared that if I keep saying it's not any better that I wont be able to play soccer, or mainly rugby in the spring.

PLEASE help!

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