21 weeks AFTER initial MCL injury still in pain

by Stephanie

21 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a 2nd degree MCL sprain in my knee after an injury from hockey.

After months of rehab of building my muscles & stretching my sports doctor finally suggested I get a second opinion from her colleague because it was just not progressing.

I still have pain when the knee is twisted in and when I run it feels like either my knee cap is split in half OR there is pain beside the inside of my knee. I also get sharp pain when turning over in bed or movements like that.

The colleague who gave me the second opinion thinks that maybe the pain is due to the weak quad muscle. My only concern with this is that I have been doing rehab for months (tonnes of squats and other exercises) and my muscle has diffidently made LOTS of progress (from the naked eye both quads seem to be the same size, only when touched does the muscle seem a little less firm) but the pain has been consistent since January, no change.

My questions:
1)Can a weaker quad muscle really be the reason why my knee has been continuously hurting? Is there a name for this diagnosis?
2)Could playing sports and feeling this pain make my knee worse or can I play without worry?(which the 2nd Doctor thinks I can)
3)When is it time to say "This pain has gone on way to long, I need answers"? 4 months? 6 months? 1year?

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Jun 04, 2014
Checking to see if you had resolution NEW
by: Bettina

Since this thread is very old I'm assuming you're at 100% at this point (and hopefully still getting messages from this site). I am having very similar symptoms (less than 21 weeks but still extremely similar). I was diagnosed with 2 degree MCL tear early spring after ski injury and I still have pain in the area, I wake up when I turn over at night with pain, I can't sit criss cross (that actually hurts on the outside and back of knee vs. where mcl is) and I certainly can't squat. I've been doing PT exercises religiously, go to the gym every day for biking, use leg press every other day to strengthen quads, stretch hamstrings about 4 times a day, etc. PT guys thinks it's meniscus, Ortho doc does not. Just wanted to find out what your situation turned out to be.

Apr 08, 2010
by: Stephanie

I went to a different physio (at the same clinic I've been to from the start) and he suggested it could be from a torn meniscus as well. Does this sound right?

Apr 08, 2010
knee pain
by: Bart - SII

It shouldn't be the MCL this far out from injury. Which then leads to other knee pain causes. From just what you describe, and the second Dr's opinion, perhaps it is linked to abnormal movement patterns or muscle firing patterns. They didn't diagnose Patella femoral syndrome, but it could be a result of your injury. You can read more at Patella Femoral Syndrome


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