3rd degree ankle sprain

by Melissa Smith

How long does it take for a 3rd degree ankle sprain to heal. I sprained it almost 3 years ago and i went through therapy and mri and everything and everyone says its fine but it still hurts constantly

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Dec 06, 2009
3rd degree sprain!
by: elliott county cheerleader

ok.. i was at gymnastics when i was doing a roundoff back handspring! well when i was getting the bounce i needed for the back handspring i jumped up like 2 feet in the air then i fell and my anckel twisted it started to swell instantly! so my mom and i rushed to the ER and took x-rays they said it was a 3rd degree sprain but i am now out of cheerleading until january 4,2010! and it really sucks... i go to a specialist and he said the words phisical therapy! i felt horrible but now i am out of cheerleading,and dont have total control over my anckel! should i wear a souport brace when january come through??? comment back and let me know what you think! thanks

Oct 09, 2009
3rd degree spain
by: Anonymous

I had a 3rd degree sprain on my ankle and I did not allow it to heal all the way then about 10 months later I broke that same ankle. When I spoke to my dr about this he said that becasue my ankle was not fully healed and it was still weak from the sprain and when I twisted it again it broke. I am still suffering from the pain from the break. My dr said that it can take a long time to heal.

Mar 17, 2009
Constant pain.
by: Anonymous

About a four weeks I sprained my ankle in a soccer game. I was on crutches for about three days and stayed off of it for about ten days with no soccer or running. Ever since then I still have constant pain more on the outside of my ankle. I play on my school soccer team right now. Should I go to the doctors? I have sprained the same ankle about a year ago.

Nov 01, 2008
3rd degree sprain
by: Bart - SII

3rd degree ankle sprains take a long time to heal. From a tissue standpoint, often several months. In the ankle, the ligaments often become lax after a severe sprain, and even with therapy they result in instability in the ankle.

If you are still having pain this far out from your sprain, you likely have looseness in your ankle that is resulting in instability and causing irritation of the ankle.

You may benefit from a strengthening and balance program to help improve your muscle function, reducing the instability. That would be the first option. The second is to explore an ankle reconstruction where they go in and tighten the ligaments to make your ankle stable again.


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