52 years old /ACL and Meniscus repair

by Sally

First off good site. It's very motivating

I'm a 52 year old female. I had an arthroscopy 8 years ago and had a partial tear of the ACL on my right leg . Recently the Partial tear decided to give way to a full tear. I had reconstruction surgery on Oct 7th 2011. I opted for the allograft. I recieved the nerve block. So for the first day after the surgery I couldn't feel my leg, which was a freaky feeling but ultimately I never went through the pain that others have mentioned. I started on Vicodin before the nerve block wore off per my doctors suggestion. As soon as I could feel my leg I started using the CPM machine to achieve better range of motion.
I started therapy 4 days after surgery Oh and I did do "Pre hab for 6 sessions before my surgery.

I go to PT 3 days a week. By day 7 after surgery I was able to ride the stationery bike slowly with full rotation

Day 12 I started stair training
Day 14 I was back to work . I was ok to drive.(half an hour each way) Lucky for me I can get by with little walking at my job.

I am currently on week 4 after surgery . I wear the brace to work and when I am out of the house. I just started working on the treadmill. My PT is very happy with my ROM, But I will say that I constantly stretch at home. And yes the stretching hurts. There are time when my PT stretches me and when I stretch myself that it feels like my leg may break but if you can push past that point in your stretching and hold it a bit, your leg will ultimately feel better.

This definitely is a slow process but I feel hopeful.

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Oct 13, 2015
52 years old /ACL and Meniscus repair NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dec 23, 2014
Allografts worked for me
by: Anonymous

I am currently at the one month mark of my acl/meniscus tear surgery and am in my second week of PT. I feel lucky, I used the allograft and do no regret it a bit. The day after surgery i put the crutches down and never picked them back up. Stopped the vicodin three days after as I never really had the pain come but i did continue on the 800 mg ibuprofen. I prehabed for three weeks prior to surgery with a lot of biking. I do feel that the knee is a little loose which ive read is pretty common. I am a 39 yr old police officer and most of my buddies all had allografts and had great sucess as my doctor seems to specialize in police and fire and used to be the AZ diamondback surgeon. i take my Glucosamine/chondrotin and vitamins, drink a ton of water, stretch hourly. Extension to a straight leg is most important so start it early. just my story and two cents

Feb 20, 2012
by: Kelli

What made you decide to repair your ACL? I tore my meniscus and ACL and have been trying to decide if I should have the ACL repaired. My surgeon says I don't have to have my ACL since my main activity is running. I did have my knee scoped and a meniscectomy, but I am almost 6 months out and still have not been able to run more than a mile. Currently back in PT.

Nov 22, 2011
by: Bart - Sports Injury Info

Thanks for sharing your experience, and for the kind words about the site. I’m glad you find it motivating. You are completely right about the stretching and range of motion. The more you do at home, the easier it will come back. It is hard to do things that don’t feel good, but my experience with patients who stretch regularly at home has proven that they get their motion back faster than those that don’t.

Sounds like you are doing great for 4 weeks out of surgery. Keep it up and you will do great!

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