A non-union of my Jones fracture

by Marie
(Gore, Southland, New Zealand)

I have had a Jones fracture since September 14, 2008 which is not healing. I was under treatment with an orthopedic foot spsecialist who took x-rays and I stayed off my foot for 4 months but he finally cut me loose as I was scheduled to move to New Zealand.

Now I am in New Zealand and wanted to resume my walking regime and my foot, at the break site burns. It burns at night, I sleep with a shoe to relieve pressure from the weight of the blankets and burns in the day. Is my walking aggravating it? There is lots of scar tissue in my ankle as it was severely sprained (3 star, if that means anything) at the time of the break. I would like to be more active but am hesitant with the pain, not that it is intolerable but I don't want to make matters worse.

I used an "ultrasound" strap-on-the-foot bone stimulator but stopped when the bone was growing but felt that it was growing to the outside of my foot, not creating a union. What is your experience with the bone simulators? And should I continue that?

Thanks for your advice.

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Jul 20, 2008
Follow Up X-ray?
by: Bart - SII

It sounds like you could still have some healing left to do in the metatarsal. The burning type of pain can sometimes indicate bone injury. I would recommend a follow-up X-ray to see how the bone is healing.

If you still have the bone stimulator, that may also be good to continue - they are very beneficial for helping with fracture healing, especially a Jones fracture which has a tendency to go non-union. Bone heals by forming a callous, so it will feel like there is a large bump at the break site - then, once the healing is complete, it will remodel itself to regain a normal shape.

The scar tissue around your ankle and fracture site could be causing some of the pain - massage can sometimes help with this.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Feb 25, 2009
Jones fracture or Avulsion fracture
by: Anonymous

I still have soreness and aggravtes me feels very stiff and this fracture happened in oct and now its feb going on march its nerve raking i feel it sometimes when im not even walking and its everyday..

Apr 23, 2009
Jones/Avulsion Fracture
by: Lisa

My advice would be to go ahead & get the surgery if it's not healing. I had a screw put in place, was on crutches for 2 weeks, then back in the walking (cast) boot. I am 5 weeks post-op, & am having some soreness in my muscles around the foot, but the fracture is finally showing signs of healing with xray. I had used a bone-growth stimulator, with some healing but not total. I continue to use it post-op, and it seems to be encouraging new growth in the area where the screw was put in. The surgery was fairly easy - the hardest part getting back on the crutches again. I one day hope to walk
pain-free (am not there yet). But at least I'm healing after 5 months of dealing with this injury.

Jun 03, 2009
Jones fracture
by: Becci

It all started in Oct 2008, I had an accident and I had many non severe injuries, one being a break of my 4th met in my left foot. I healed from all of those injuries and was 5 days short of returning to work and I broke my 5th met. on my left foot Feb 10th and it was a Jones fracture. My doctor wanted me to heal without surgery, so we started that route, which I had done with the first injury, and everything healed nicely. I was 10 weeks on crutches (:( learning that was almost as bad as the break) after no sign of healing none my doctor referred me to a surgeon, after waiting 3 weeks for surgery I am now 3 weeks out. I was on crutches after surgery but saw the doctor yesterday and I'm now in a walking boot. He took xrays and their was NO sign of healing. None is it to early ?should I have more patience? Im so sick of this. I've lost my job and have no income and I feel realy stuck. In seeing my xray the bone looks the same non-union state only now I have a huge screw in the bone. I see the doctor again in 6 weeks. So something should be show healing by them I'm so afraid this is going to never end. What does happen if the bone doesn't heal. My doctor said we would do bone simulator next if it doesn't start to heal. At least now I off crutches. I'm a very active person and this has been really hard. Any words of encouragement towards anybodys simular healing experience would be greatly appreciated. What happens next?

Aug 19, 2009
jones fracture
by: Anne in Mass

I was diagnosed about three weeks ago with a Jone fracture. I was told the pain would subsode in a couple of weeks. It has been over three weeks and it hurts almost as much as the day I fractured it. Does the continued pain mean that it s healing? My doctor just says that these things take time but I am wondering if the fracute is non union and where I go from here. I can not afford to be out of work long term any help or answers would be helpfull.

Sep 05, 2009
Jones Fracture
by: Anonymous

I hurt my foot about a year ago had a jones fracture and my doctor decided to do surgery cause I am a basketball player and wanted to get back as soon as I could so I had a screw inserted and went back after 8 weeks and still had pain and its been about a year and I still have pain sometimes and soreness. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? I finally told my doc it felt fine cause I was so tired of going back he told me the same stuff.

Oct 21, 2009
Jones Fracture 101
by: Todd from TX

I first injured my right foot playing basketball 2 years ago and was misdianosed for the first 6 weeks to wear a walking boot as having a slight sprain. As the pain never went away an MRI was ordered to find I had a Jones fracture. After several weeks of non weight bearing the pain went away.

I now have a severe Jones Fracture on the same foot and needless to say I had to shop around for a better foot specialist. This time I was perscribed an intense surgury that required a bone graph, 6 little screws and a tiny titanium plate. Post operation requires non weight bearing for 6 weeks, daily bone graph stimulation and Lyrica for the nerve pain.

My advice for anyone that still has pain after a Jones Fracture: Ask your doctor for an MRI of your 5th medatorsal. It's posible you will need more doctors care. You also may want to try a bone graph stimulator for bone growth.

Apr 21, 2010
Non union after 11 months
by: Debi


I fell over at work and broke my foot which turned out to be a jones fracture. The hospital missed it and said it was a sprain, even though they xrayed it. Gave me crutches and off I went. 5 Weeks later, I knew it was not right, so I went back for xrays and they had missed the jones fracture but said it looked like it had healed!!! I have a lump on the side of my foot and still in bad pain. My new employer sacked me (I am suing them and they have already admitted liability) so went to see a specialised 2 weeks ago for xray and mri scan and low and behold it is still broken!! I have now got to have a metal plate inserted to fix it and probably 8-9 weeks in plaster again, never mind physio, doctors at the ER really anoy me sometimes. Now I have a nice boss and luckily I can work from home through me being in a cast. This is in England aswell!!!

Jun 14, 2010
Non union Jones
by: Gary

After a freak accident at the beach, I was diagnosed with a Jones fracture. After 10 weeks on crutches, and another 4 in a special shoe, my specialist sent me on my way with best wishes, knowing it was not healed. 18 months later, it still aches at the break. I refuse surgery though, so I live with it. I lead a fairly normal life with the exception of wearing 8" high work boots most of the time, to avoid rolling the foot over again. Sometimes they just won't heal, but with proper care you can live pain free most of the time. Any one considering surgery would be advised to do a lot of research first, as it doesnt guarantee your fracture will heal.

Jun 25, 2010
I am feeling like it's never going to heal :(
by: Anonymous

Broke my foot at the 5th metatarsal (Jones Fracture) on February 3rd. Doctor gave me a boot. Three weeks later, a second orthopedic surgeon put me on crutches for four weeks. Since then, I have been walking. The pain has not subsided. When I get up after sitting for awhile, it hurts. If I flex my foot, it hurts. Many shoes do not fit. It hurts to go barefoot. The CT scan reports that the foot is healed.... but the pain has yet to go away. On some days, I just get tired of limping :(

Jun 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Go back to the doctor and get them to Xray, if not MRI scan. As I said, mine was xrayed and missed and I had a broken foot for a year. It was only because I had to see a specialised, due to insurance reasons, that they picked it up. 6 weeks now since surgery and screws inserted and I have two weeks until I go back to the specialised.
Still on crutches and air boot, and I havent put my foot down for 6 weeks!! It`s all about not putting your weight on it until it is fixed.

Aug 30, 2010
Recommending surgery
by: Bull

I had a fractured 5th metatarsal for up to 4 years without knowing it - I also assumed it was ligament or tendon damage. I had a screw and bone graft inserted in 2005. It took about 14 months for bone to heal to the point where I could run other than in straight lines (i.e. indoor soccer, squash) but I eventually got there. No it gives me absolutely zero bother. I would highly recommend the surgery for longterm benefit.

Aug 31, 2010
After surgery
by: Debi

I have been back to the hospital today as I have been out of the air boot for 8 weeks and now I`m having pyhsio as the swelling is still really bad. This is after 18 months of the break and the operation was on the 17th May aswell. Doctors have assurred me it will be fine on approx 4 more months.

Sep 10, 2010
doc says i need bone graft
by: christine

Jones fracture on 5th metatarsel happened at work: a heavy student accidentally stepped on my foot Apr.12th -- 5 months ago. Did the hard cast, then soft. Still not healed as CT scan shows. I think partially I just didn't sit on my butt as I should have, and also I never got much advice from the doc as to how to take care of it. Bone graft surgery is advised and I'm on my way to get a 2nd opinion. My co-worker recommended taking cod liver oil. Went to the store and could only find Fish Oil w/ Vitamin D. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but after taking these vitamins, I feel as though my non-union is starting to heal!! Not totally sure, but it's just this gut feeing. I guess we'll see... But I highly recommend taking Fish Oil w/ Vitamin D!!!

Sep 22, 2010
five months and counting
by: Reekie

I broke the 4th and 5th metatarsil in April '10... in the boot for 9 weeks. Just walking after several weeks of being "healed" and the 5th broke again with a loud snap! Surgery to insert a large screw, in cast w/ a hole for the bone stimulator. can you say Frankenstein? I go back tomorrow for my five week exrays...worried. It still burns and aches all the time. The only good thing is that I discovered this awesome "knee walker". SO much better than crutches.. has a little handlebar, brakes and a pad for your bad leg.. four wheels..very sturdy and narrow. I can really speed though a store!
SO will this thing EVER heal??

Sep 23, 2010
2nd doc: "no surgery!"
by: Anonymous

i'm so relieved to hear a doctor say i don't need surgery. i was dx'ed w/ a non union jones and was told to get a bone graft. went for a 2nd opinion and this doc says there are signs of healing as it can take up to 9 months. so, i'm switching doctors and using the bone stimulator.
we'll see how things go!

Nov 26, 2010
by: Patricia

Oh dear I was under the impression that my jones fracture would heal and that it was only sometimes that surgery was needed. I have my cast removed in two weeks and family already planned to cme for Christmas as usual but reading this I do not see how I will be able to cook for everyone

Nov 27, 2010
Jones fracture
by: Anonymous

I have a jones fracture and have been in a boot for three weeks. Went to dr. And was told I needed another 3 weeks on crutches. (nonweight bearing ).she says it is healing nicely and to keep it up and keep on icing it every other hour for 15 min. In the last 3 days the swelling has gotten worse.
Reading all of these stories is discouraging. Is there anyone out there that has had this injury and healed within the 8 to 10 week time period?? Also, if so are you pain free and able to go back to your daily exercising without any pain??

Nov 30, 2010
Get a good surgeon
by: Debbie

In a word - no.

Jones fractures are buggers and you can expect to be off your feet for a long time. If you rush it and walk too soon, it will only get worse.

Trust me - I know. After 18 months (mine was missed for 1 whole year) it has now been fixed with a screw and I have normal motion and no pain in the foot - surgery was definately worth it.

Dec 18, 2010
Possible Jones Fracture - Part 1
by: Lori

Seems it's quite common for a Jones fracture to be missed initially.

I rolled over very hard on my left foot, heard a POP!, instant pain. Go to ER, and doctor says I broke it in "a few" places. There is concern I may need a pin as the break goes very close to the joint, but the ortho consult they did said no. (Ortho in another town). I am put in a snug cast, told not to put weight on it for a week, have an x-ray at the one-week mark, which I do. Then told I can put weight on it "as tolerated", but I can't tolerate any. Also the position of my foot in the cast is toes pointed down (not 90o) so couldn't put my foot down if I wanted to.

At 2 weeks, I go in for the new cast, my doctor shows me a better shot of the x-ray, which shows a big "splinter" of bone, with a 4 mm gap, going up the bulb/base, and another fracture line going across the bulb into the space where the 4th and 5th met bones meet. He says it is not an avulsion fracture, not a Jones fracture (he didn't look at the radiology report, just glanced at the x-ray when I asked). Tells me I don't even need a cast, but can have one if I'd feel more comfortable with it on. I elect to have one. Also tells me to put as much weight as I can on it. X-ray in 2 more weeks. Left feeling like I was being a wimp, that this was a minor fracture according to the doctor, but uneasy because his demeanor regarding it was vastly different from the first doctor (who is also in the same clinic, but not my doctor, just the doctor working emergency when I went in).

Dec 18, 2010
Possible Jones Fracture - Part 2
by: Lori

Go for 4 week x-ray. THe clinic has a policy of "we don't call, your results are good" and I get no call about my x-ray, so assume all is progressing as it should. I am putting more and more weight on it, even though it burns and gets very very sore at the fracture site, thinking that I will be out of a cast shortly (esp if he thought I didn't need one anyway). The cast is very loose after a week as the swelling has gone down again, but I don't go back b/c he said I didn't need a cast and quite frankly I'm afraid he'll take it off altogether and it hurts too much.

Go for the 6 week x-ray, and then in to another doctor for what I think is a cast removal as mine said it would heal no problem (my doc is booked up for weeks). This doctor is very surprised that I am thinking I'll get the cast off as the 4 week x-ray said NO EVIDENCE OF HEALING! And here I was, putting tons of weight on it despite pain, b/c I'm thinking it was healing and the soreness was part of the healing process. (never had a broken bone before). She is also very very surprised that I am putting weight on it, and says this fracture is often slow to heal.

This leads me to believe I have a Jones fracture, and looking at the x-ray again at the doctor, I'm 90% sure.

Very frustrated. In an air cast now, but foot is sore at the fracture site, very bruised still at 7 weeks now. I am on crutches, putting some weight on the foot, but on the heel, mostly because my shoulder is killing me with crutches (my mild rotator cuff symptoms have flared up since having to be on crutches).

This doctor is consulting with an ortho, and waiting for the final radiologist report, so I should hear this week. I am going to ask for a referral to an ortho if it's the same.

Very frustrated after 7 weeks of doing NOTHING, esp. thinking that perhaps I set any healing back by trying to put weight on it because I didn't know about the lack of healing.

Lesson here: If you feel it's not right, or not healing, push the issue. Don't take a GP's word for it esp if he/she is kind of dismissive or cavalier about it.

Dec 26, 2010
Jones Fracture
by: Anonymous

Here is my story & why I 100% recommend surgery ASAP:

broke it Fri. night 3/12 (?) thought just twisted it or something; by Sat. evening still in immense pain, went to Urgent Care they diagnosed me right away with Jones Fracture, told me to see a podiatrist/surgeon ASAP. Saw the podiatrist Mon. AM; told hard cast 8 weeks NO WEIGHT (wheelchair). Every time I went back for my "check up"/x-ray there was "some healing".
To sum up, this went on until finally in late JUNE (early July?) I asked my regular Dr. what else I could do, I had started using a bone stimulator but couldn't face the fact of going back to work AGAIN in a wheelchair. She said to get a 2nd opinion. I went to an Orthopedic surgeon, it was the best decision I made. He put a screw in the end of July, I was able to wear sandles I think about a week later, a month later I was able to start walking in the pool. 4 months later I am able to do everything, still have pain a lot but not enough to stop me from doing things. The last x-ray showed complete healing, this is even though I ended up tripping over a student and landing on it. The screw is 100% worth it!

Dec 26, 2010
No Jones Fracture, 8 weeks in a cast ...
by: Lori

Well, turns out it isn't a Jones fracture, but was close to that area. Either way, it's slow to start healing. At 4 weeks, no healing. 6 weeks = "slight" healing. Going for an x-ray on the 28th of Dec, and hopefully when I see my doctor on the 29th there will be enough healing for me to lose the cast. I am planning to take it slow though when that finally happens -- walking around the house without the cast, using crtuches, then with no crutches. Will do the same outside (snowy and icy) -- after I can walk inside OK with crutches and trust my foot a bit, then will move to outside (if I can get a shoe on).

This has been a really long 8 weeks, and I sure hope I get the cast off ... Have been doing ankle rotations (gentle as doctor wants to be sure of healing b/f I do any real exercises with my ankle) and though my up and down motion is getting better, can't do much from side to side...

Hope everyone else is doing OK.

Dec 27, 2010
Time will tell
by: Anonymous

I broke my 5th metatarsal and diagnosed with a Jones fracture on nov. 3rd, 2010. I was on crutches with a boot
( non weight bearing) for 5 1/2 weeks. I then was given the green light to walk on boot. At 6 1/2 weeks I was told to walk 50 / 50 in boot and tennis shoes. I was surprised to find out when I started to walk with tennis shoes that I would have a limp! At 7 1/2 weeks I was told to walk 100% in tennis shoes for the next month. It hurts but every day is getting better. My flexibility has come back in my foot almost 100% :)
At 5 weeks the top of the bone was completely healed and the bottom had a little "pack man" shape that needed to fill in. At 6 weeks the break had become significantly smaller. At 7 weeks there is just a tiny bit where the bone needs to fill in. My dr. Said walking on it would help the healing. Also because I hadn't walked on it for 5 1/2 weeks the bones had started to become osteoporotic. Anyone just sitting there with a jones fracture, start lifting you boot as directed by you dr. So you don't loose much muscle and bone loss. I am told the bone loss will get better and I have been given the ok to start swimming again!!

Jan 04, 2011
Jones Fracture
by: Anonymous

Jones fracture Nov 17 2010,,,in cast....had xray at 5 weeks..no sign of healing at all. Very dicouraged. I have not choice but to work. Trying to get rides back and forth with a 45 minute commute is costing me about and extra $500 a month. I can't keep doing this. I go back the first week of February and will really press for surgery. I know I am 57 and not an athlete so i am not high priority for it ...but i need to get back to being independent!! At least to be able to drive again!!

Jan 04, 2011
I wish that was me!
by: Lori

Wow, I wish my fracture was like yours as far as progression. 9 weeks in and it still isn't really got much healing. Going today to ask to be referred to an ortho. He may just tell me to be patient and that it will heal, but then I'll feel better. I'm sick of this cast. It still hurts at the fracture site (deep aching) and at a spot just behind there (under the cuboid bone).

Jan 17, 2011
Not everyone is lucky but some are. .
by: Jeff

I was just noticing all these comments and thought I'd add my 2 cents. I fractured my 5th metatarsal in August of last year, had a walking cast and a fairly lengthy recovery time but remained active throughout. I just went back for repeat x-rays last week (not really remembering which foot I had fractured, due to lack of pain). It ends up that the Jones fracture never joined. This doesn't mean I'm out of the woods because I may need surgery in the future if the pain appears again. In the mean time I'm quite active - a runner - and my doctor told me I can continue to run.

Basically the message I received was not to call unless the pain becomes problematic again.

I have to admit that I'm hoping that I don't break any more bones since I have a triquetral bone fracture in my hand that never heals and the unjoined Jones fracture.

Ahh, but no pain. Wishing you all luck with yours.

Jan 17, 2011
Jones Fracture, no surgery
by: Anonymous

Got this fracture in April. By Sept., my doc told me to get surgery since it's a non-union. Went for a second opinion and 2nd doc told me, don't get surgery - it's on it's way to healing. Yesterday was my (hopefully) last x-ray, as my 2nd doc told me I'm good to go. I've been exercising and wearing heels, etc. No pain. Sometimes a little pressure, but not painful. The fractured site is still visible on x-ray, but it looks like it's being "scribbled" in which means it's pretty much healed.

Yay, no surgery! Glad i went for a 2nd opinion!

Jan 26, 2011
My Jones Fracture
by: Anonymous

Found this site interesting, so I thought I'd share my experience. I broke my foot on 11/10/10 and after 8 weeks in a cast/cruches and several xrays, they finally cast it with a bone stimulator. In fact, my fracture is worse then it was originally. I still experience a lot of pain and no healing so far. I'm 48 and a diabetic so healing is a problem. I imagine I'll end up with the surgery. At this point it's been 10 weeks, still having pain and can't work, can't walk etc. I have 3 kids and I'm an AA member and have to make daily meetings if I can. I can drive (broke my left foot) however the swelling can be really bad. So I'm stuck at home a lot. All of this is driving me crazy and I just want resolution. Even if its, there's nothing else to be done. I'm told I can't take ibuprofen for pain because it impedes healing, however the extra strength Tylenol doesn't help at all. I'm hoping for better days!

Jan 26, 2011
by: Debi

Just keep off it mate, thats the best bit of advice I can give, having had it for over a year before they found it hadnt fixed and then having surgery - but all fixed now after 18 months - good luck.

Feb 01, 2011
6 mo. in
by: Anonymous

I had my injury July 27 when I stepped in a hole under water. I was was put in a non bearing cast after the md diagnosed me with a regular fracture. He wanted a walking boot but I talked him out of it. At 5 wks I was diagnosed with a jones fracture and spent a total of 3 mo in a cast and found the knee walker very helpful. At 3 mo. they let me into a walking boot for 5 wks but I made no progress so back to a cast and crutches with this non union. I was sent home with a bone stimulator to use 1x a day. I got a 2nd opinion and they agreed I was not a surgery candidate. Jan after 6 mo. I was re-xrayed and the MD felt I was making progress so back to the walking boot and bone stim. 2-3x a day. My job has been patient but I cannot do this forever. I had burning pain 2 wks ago but that subsided and now my foot feels good. THis could be deceiving. I have to wait till Feb 28 to be re-xrayed again. Hopefully this non union will be reunited then!

Feb 22, 2011
my jones fx's
by: jones x 2

I'll share mine double jones fracture story.

Left foot surgery in june 2010 with bone graft. Walking @ 3 weeks post op in walking shoe. My left foot showed some healing with the screw @ 12 weeks. Almost complete union @ 20 weeks on x-ray but then I had a problem! A JONES FRACTURE ON MY RIGHT FOOT!

I'm now @ 16 weeks post op on my RIGHT foot jones fracture with NO signs of healing. I have been using a bone stimulator for about 2 weeks. Hopefully it will start to heal before I bend or break the screw.

I recommend the sugery for anyone because you'll be walking in 2-4 weeks post op. The pain sucks but is severe for only about a week. If you have a grade II or III jones fx dont waste your time with a cast only to have surgery later.

Feb 23, 2011
Bone stimulators?
by: Linnea

I am now at 4 mos with a Jones. It was missed in X-rays in October and January, finally showed in an MRI in February, with no evidence of healing going on. Now on crutches with boot, and podiatrist recommends bone stimulation. I'm wondering what people's experience has been with different types of stimulators, or if a particular kind is typically used. I am diabetic and concerned about skin integrity on the foot as well. Also, using the boot and crutches sometimes aggravates hip and back pain. Any suggestions for non-weight-bearing exercises to help?

Feb 23, 2011
Which stimulator?
by: Linnea

I am now at 4 months with a Jones, missed in X-rays in October and January. Showed up in MRI in February with - of course - no signs of healing. Now in boot with crutches. My podiatrist is recommending bone stimulation therapy. What is people's experience with different types of stimulators? Is one better than another, or one recommended more for this type of fracture? I am also diabetic so have concerns about skin integrity on the foot. I do get some aggravation of hip/back pain from using the crutches. Any suggestions on non-weight-bearing exercise for this? Not sure if this went through the first time, so I'm trying posting again.

Feb 24, 2011
Recovered Jones Fracture - Missed for a year!
by: Debi

I had bad back and hip pain - but your body will adjust and get used to it with time, the main point is to not put weight on your foot. If you can crawl or go upstairs on your bum - even better.

Feb 27, 2011
Two years 4 and half months after injury 3 surgery's later still not healing
by: ny

In November of 2008 I felt pain and a snap, that was diagnosed as a jones fracture, I did a cam walker went into work boots in Feb 09, only to have to have surgery in March of 2009 with a screw put in a bone stimulator and crutches. I did ok until Dec of 2009 when the pain started up. Altho i admit it was never completely healed but i functioned. I couldn't possibly break that screw could I? In January 2010 I was diagnosed with having a broken screw and a non union, back to surgery I went. The bone was cleaned a compund packed in there and a striker plate and four small screws were placed. With this in place i set out again to heal, 5 weeks later my doctor had me in a cam walker and i was allowed to walk minimally. I went to therapy did everything I was told to do , I even went for another opinion even tho I had two. Once July rolled around I was still having issues and went for a Ct which showed I wasn't healed,( big surprise) but the doctors assured me it would heal.The second opinion said it would heal or break ( how reassuring). Come October I went away for three weeks and even tho it bothered me I functioned. I walked a couple miles a day as I could and tried to find a comfortable medium. In November of 2010 the pain got worse, the doctor thought maybe it was the hardware irritating the tissue and on the x-ray it looked as tho it was partially healed along the top. Plan was to take out the hardware come 2011 and if needed we would rough up the edges. to stimulate bone growth. I thought maybe a light at the end of the tunnel?
One month later I could hardly walk and despite no known injury the hardware was broke and back to the drawing board. I opted to have the surgery redone because , I need to be able to lift my special needs daughter and didn't think living with scar tissue over my bone was a good idea.
So here I am eight weeks out with a bigger plate, donor bone graft, a putty compound, new bone stimulator and no bone growth yet. Can you say I've had it! I am in a hard cast, on crutches and hoping that sooner or later this will give me a break! And not another fracture.

Feb 27, 2011
by: Lori

I think the biggest mistake that's been made so far is that you are weightbearing too early. No matter what the doctor says (since they've gotten it wrong this many times already), don't put a smidge of weight on that foot for at least 3-4 months. Maybe then it can actually heal. If I was you, I'd go to online and search for "Jones Fracture Treatment Protocol" and see what the majority of treatment plans state. It's your foot -- the doctors can mess around all they want, but they can still walk home in the end. If you keep messing around, you won't be able to.

Feb 28, 2011
Regarding Lori
by: Broken In Ny

Hi Lori,

This time i am in a hard cast on non weight bearing, I am also doing research and looking at a forth opinion. Is just getting really old after all this time.

Feb 28, 2011
by: Lori

But keep it NWB for a good long while so this can be the LAST time. Let us know how it's going.

Mar 16, 2011
Jones fracture increasing pain after 7 months
by: Anonymous

I am on my feet at least 32 hours a week (concrete floors)
I always have more and more pain as the day progresses,especially within the last month. I can feel pain even when in bed. Sick of this. I don't know what to do.

Mar 17, 2011
mobility options
by: Linnea

Hi, 32 hours a week and hurting. Are you in a cast or immobilizer? Even so, being on your feet that long is definitely going to create more pain, and not help healing. Before being diagnosed, I had bad pain as well, but within a few days of having an immobilizer and crutches, and cancelling non-necessary activities so I could be off my feet, the pain improved. I wear it 24/7 except to shower. I work in a hospital, and using crutches up and down the halls all day was just too hard. So I decided to use my rolling desk chair as a wheelchair, and now I push myself around. My supervisor wanted me to try a wheelchair for better safety, so I am trying it too, but don't like it as well. Someone referred to a KNEE WALKER? What is it? I've never heard of it.

Jul 14, 2011
Jones Fracture screw break
by: Gimpy in Ohio

I was diagnosed with a Jones Fracture in 2004 and had a screw put in right foot. 8 weeks of crutches NWB, 8 weeks of CAM boot and I was walking again. A few weeks later it started hurting again. Went back to Dr. and screw was slightly bent. Back in the CAM boot for 3-4 weeks and was fine for 2 yrs. Then in 2006 my left foot started hurting and Dr. said he couldn't believe it but I had an identical Jones Fracture in left foot! Another screw, 8 wks. crutches, 8 wks. CAM boot, and all was well. For each break I used an Electro-Magnetic bone stimulator. Last Friday, July 8th, right foot was hurting. X-ray showed my screw completely broken in HALF! Haven't seen Foot/Ankle Orthapedic surgeon yet, but wondering if any one has heard of a broken screw besides NY. What treatment options are out there??

Jul 16, 2011
No more pain!!
by: Jersey girl

What has helped significantly is changing lifestyle-- choosing to eat healthfully and exercising. After losing some weight and becoming overall more fit I have much less pain. Good food heals! Stay away from sugar. This not just for JF's but everyone of all ages and injuries. If you're on your feet a lot get good sneaks such as Asics which provide extra cushion. If you tips on healthful eating and fitness please write to this site. Good luck!

Jul 30, 2011
Jones Fracture
by: MN Deb

Hello there, I recently was diagnosed with a jones fracture it's only been 2 weeks but I must say reading all of this is scary!! I came on here just to see what everyones healing time was & I am so shocked to see most people take up to a year!! So here's my story, I slipped on wet grass & my right foot ended up kicking my van door which broke my 5th Met on July 17. I went to the ER on July 18th because I still couldn't put any weight on it they did xrays & put me in a splint & referred me to an ortho doc. I went to the foot doc 5 days later he did xrays & decided I could heal without surgery because the bone wasn't moved ect, but had to go back in splint because my foot was still very swollen. I had my 2nd appt yesterday they took splint off & put the hard cast on I was told to come back in 3 weeks so he can take that cast off & do xrays. If it is healed I get the boot & off I go if not I get another cast. Here's my thing I had horrible pain when it happened & a little that week, I have no pain I don't get all these aches that everyone is talking about.. I have been moving my toes around & I keep moving my leg so it doesn't get stiff! I will NOT put any weight on it because I was told by my doc I will wreck any healing. I'm so freaked by reading all these comments that I'm not healing cause I have no pain. It would be great to hear some feed back, is it bad I'm moving my let around ( while sitting I'm not putting any weight on that foot) I will keep posting to update my progress, but as of reading this I'm so terrified it will never heal..

Aug 01, 2011
Healed now
by: Linnea

To MN Deb, I was freaked out at first by the comments, too. So I decided to take things seriously, even though the pain subsided after I got the immobilizer on my leg. My fracture was non-displaced also(bone was still perfectly alligned). I used crutches and a rolling office chair to stay off my foot as much as possible, and gave up some activities temporarily for the same reason. I saw my podiatrist every 3 weeks for new X-rays, which did show gradually more healing each time. I wore a bone stimulator cuff on my foot while I slept at night, and I think that was an important part of healing. It took about 3 to 4 months to get out of the boot, but there was steady progress the whole time, and the last few weeks I was able to go without the crutches. I had to get used to walking again, that took a couple weeks. After a month or so, I am walking normally and trying to increase my distance and endurance. My aim was to avoid surgery, and I did! Best wishes to you!

Oct 05, 2011
5 months of going crazy.
by: Going crazy

I am going crazy waitting for my Jones Fracture to heal. I was walking to my Dr. Appointment and got my foot caught in a crack in the sidewalk. That was May 10. It is now 5 months later and my foot is a non union facture. I really don't know what to do now. The surgeon said I should try a bone stimulator for 6 weeks and physical therapy, and then we should meet to talk about surgery if it isn't healling. Or I could just do Surgery now. HELP ! ! ! What is the best way to go ? ? ?

Oct 05, 2011
To going crazy
by: Anonymous

Going crazy: it took mine 8 mnths to heal. First doc said surgery after 6 months and second doc said wait it out so I went w/ 2nd opinion doc. It's now 18 mos. And I run and stuff. Once in awhile I feel clicking but no pain. I'm 34. I'm thinking maybe in my 50's I'll prob start developing arthritis or something. I say if you're young wait.

Nov 07, 2011
Surgery Recommended!
by: Anonymous

I sustained a Jones fracture on 9/17/11 in my left foot after stepping the wrong way off a curb. I could put absolutely no weight on it without tremendous pain. I saw my GP doctor the morning of 9/19 who took an X-ray. I was thinking it would just be a sprain but my GP called me back that afternoon and informed me that the fracture was serious and that she would recommend me consulting with a foot surgeon that afternoon! I met with the surgeon who showed me the X-ray and confirmed that this was a 5th metatarsal fracture that would require surgery. There was no mention of going without surgery, she indicated that according to the latest research, internal screw fixation was the best option. I am on my feet all day at work and do at times need to move quickly from place to place in responding to emergencies, so getting back to work and walking safely was a priority.

They had me scheduled for surgery as soon as 9/22, the same week I was diagnosed. I underwent ORIF, but I also have read that the newest procedures don't even involve the open reduction method which lessens nerve and tissue damage from the surgery:


My initial pain was controlled with oxycodone for a day or two and then I transferred to tylenol. I took vitamin supplements, calcium, vitamin d, fish oil and ate lots of protein. I was four weeks no weight bearing using crutches and a wheelchair in a cast. I then continued no weight bearing with a CAM boot for two weeks. Today, my surgeon reviewed my X-rays at seven weeks post op and said my fracture was completely healed. I took my first steps in my CAM boot with absolutley no pain! I begin physical therapy tomorrow morning and am really enthusiastic.

I highly recommend surgery after reviewing some of the literature online, published journal studies have been showing that non-unions and complications are more common when the fracture is not fixed with a screw. The other vital element in healing is of course non-weight bearing.
Best Luck to All. :)

Jan 03, 2012
How long for fractured 5th metatarsal to heal completely NEW
by: Kelvin

I've fractured my right foot 5th metatarsal fractured on 21 Aug 2011 while playing badminton game. Though the Orthopaedic Drs had certified my right foot to be healed after 12 weeks of immobility as according to the X-rayed result, apart from inabillity to brisk walk and run, I'm still experiencing mild swelling and limping with strain on my right heel even after 4 and half months after that injury. Could someone help to answer my query and what I should be doing next to aid the healing process. Thanks.

Jan 21, 2012
5th metatarsal surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a fractured 5th metatarsal fracture. They did surgery and inserted a screw in the bone.This is a permanent screw and is supposed to stabilize the bone. I have been non weight bearing since it happened 5 weeks ago.My question is: Can this screw move and how would I know? Would I have a lot of pain, or what? Has anyone ever had this happen? I have no problems yet, but thought I would ask about this.

Jan 25, 2012
17 months and still in pain NEW
by: Anonymous

well now I am discouraged. I too,broke my foot aug 2010, yes the Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal. After 9 months I was told I was completely healed. Here I am at 17 months and still in pain with the bump at the side of my foot. Is it too late for surgery? I have a appointment with a podiatrist in a month, had previously seen an orthopedic doctor.

Feb 04, 2012
41 year old Jones fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a crack in the 5th metatarsal and a definate break in the 4th. It happened at school and back then ( 1971) the nurse just said it was sprained. I didn't get it x-rayed for about a week and by then it was pretty much a non-union fracture. Back then a cast was put on and when taken off seemed ok but I have had pain in that foot for 41 years. In 1983 they tried bone graft. Now I also have "skew foot" and arthritis in the tarsal cuboid cuniaform bones and obviously more pain. i know I cna have surgery but Pediatrist said at this point, it would be about 4-6 months recovery. So until then, I have my foot supported by inserts that "cup the foot.

Don't let this problem go on too long or you'll end up with "S" shaped metatarsals like I have. Considering the surgery even though I'll probably lose my job after 5-6 months.

Feb 08, 2012
still hurting after 4months NEW
by: Anonymous

I twisted my foot and fell over in October 2011,and after x-rays was told it was a Jones fracture. I have previously broken my 5th metatarsal (far as I know not a Jones fracture) and also cuboid bone and all in right foot. I was in a airboot for 12weeks and non-weight bearing for 6 of them. I had x-rays taken after 6weeks and after 10weeks which showed non-union, these were weight-bearing x-rays to see how the bones were when I was standing up. They showed non-union still, I then had another x-ray at at 12 weeks which I had with my foot on a bench and was sitting down and the consultant said all healed and sent me on my way. I have been back at work on my feet constantly for 4 days and the pain is terrible it aches all the time and has a constant burning pain and I am sure people think I am moaning about nothing, I want to go back to my doctor but do not think he will do anthing but tell me to put up with it I just want to knowif this is normal ?

Feb 08, 2012
to still hurting NEW
by: Anonymous

Not sure if 1st comment went thru. Summary - don't trust a non-weight-bearing X-ray. Go back to the doc, or a podiatrist if the first doc wasn't. Ask about a bone stimulator cuff for the foot or other treatment options. Your continued pain sounds much like my pain while the foot was still fractured.

Feb 28, 2012
Fifth metatarsal fracture NEW
by: Mike

I have a rare disease that causes the bones in my right foot and ankle to become porous and week. I've had numerous surgeries and bone grafts. I was launching a Kayak just before Christmas and banged my foot on something sticking out of the side of the concrete pier. It hurt bad but I didn't think too much of it since my foot hurts all the time. Most of the pain went away after a few weeks but it was still sore. I saw a new doctor who is working on further treatments for me and he had an MRI taken and discovered that my fifth metatarsal is broken. After discovering that it became kinda obvious that I have a non-union fracture since my little toe can be flopped around and rotated with little resistance. The pain is minimal. I'm trying to get in to see my regular orthopedic doctor but I'm worried at this point that surgery may be the only option. Anyone know of any downsides of NOT treating this?

Feb 28, 2012
Get it treated NEW
by: Lori

From what I read, the 5th metatarsal is important to balance. I would get it treated.

Feb 28, 2012
Not too late NEW
by: Linnea

My Jones fracture was missed for three months because X-rays didn't pick it up. My podiatrist still was able to treat it successfully with a combination of an immobilizer, strict non-weight-bearing, and a bone stimulator cuff I wore at night. Check your options with your orthopod or perhaps a podiatrist recommended by your regular MD. Best wishes!

Feb 28, 2012
Fifth metatarsal fracture NEW
by: Mike

Thanks for the feedback. I guess no one else has entertained not getting it treated. I'm trying to get in and see my doc and we'll go from there. I have a hard time recovering from mobilization and surgery has a lot of risks as well.

Interestingly enough, I'm feeling almost no effects from it at all. Minimal pain and no issues walking. I already walk with a pronounced limp and can't really put weight on my toes so that probably has something to do with it. I wear 8" boots with arch supports all the time.

Between when I hurt it and when I found out it was broken I went on two exploring trips that involved walking for more than eight hours at a stretch (one day was 16 hours) and climbed more than 1,400' of ladders (combined). I can't believe it was all with a busted foot!

Mar 13, 2012
4 1/2 months later NEW
by: Anonymous

Back in November of 2011 I suffered a Jones fracture playing basketball. Two days after went and had x-rays done and sure enough I had a Jones fracture. The doctor put me in an air cast for 6-8 weeks. 6 of those weeks I was on crutches. Finally after week 8 it felt really good and I had a follow up x-ray the doc cleared me (not to play sports) to take off the air boot. I wasn't having problems at all with it. One day at work 4 weeks later I injured it again. But haven't gone back to see the doctor yet. I'm hoping that maybe if I have it re-broken or have surgery it will fully heal and my foot won't be in chronic pain for years to come.

Mar 27, 2012
unhealed NEW
by: Anonymous

I had bed bugs a year ago, I was afraid to have them crawl up me, so when I was there I wore 3" leather heels.
I wore them to move furniture and wasn't off my feet for 3 days. when I tried to walk flat after all this I was in excruciating pain ( a 70 year old had to help me walk)
Ever since when i spend a lot of time on my feet, the side by my pinkie toe gets warm swollen and very painful. Also numbness that wont go away and a lump

Apr 06, 2012
by: Brendan

Is it possible to just live, play soccer and be pain free with a non-union. I'm on my way back to recovery and I'm walking with no pain at all and the doctor says its a non-union as I'm waiting for a CT scan to see exactly how close it is to healing.

Apr 27, 2012
Neverending fracture NEW
by: Boss

I fractured my foot February 10th 2010, tried from non-weight bearing, walking boot, cast, bone stimulators, and it didn't work. On June 30th i got a screw in there and was told I'd be 100% within 3-6 months. 6 months passed and I was still in crutches. So he told me to gradually weight bear when I walk until it doesn't hurt. A year passed and switched doctors. Next doctor in december 2011 told me the screw may be bothering my nerves/tendons and that may be part of the problem so he took out the screw late january of this year. Now here I am 3 months later and feel the exact same way pre surgery. What should I do? I've been depressed for most of these last couple of months. Its been almost 2 1/2 years with this stupid fracture.



May 07, 2012
A week and half before I went back to work from ACDF NEW
by: Anonymous

So I had Neck fushion surgery on my C4-C6 cervical Spine on Jan 4th of this year. I was due to go back to work on the 30th of April. On April 15th I slipped off last step on stairs and broke my 5th metatarsal on right foot. I went to urgent care and was dx with jones fracture of right foot. he told me I would most likely need to have surgery to repair. I went to ortho the next day and he put a walking boot on me and told me I could take the boot off to drive and to bear weight as tolerated. Well I couldn't tolerate much, but thought it was necessary. I changed doctors before my next apointment and the new doctor took x-ray's after 1 1/2 weeks and said there was no sign of healing. He put me in a cast and told me to use crutches. He didn't say not to put any weight on my foot. I am unable to support myself totally on the crutches because it causes pain in my shoulders and neck. My neck has not fused yet. So now I am wondering if I should have stayed off my foot completly. Healing is hard for me because I am also a thyroid cancer survivor. The radiation I received in 2011 causes softening of the bone. I just don't know what to do about all of this. I feel like a clutz and it is so hard to go to work now. I have to have my husband bring me to work and then I'm still walking on my cast (with a crutch). Should I just ask about the surgery? I just had surgery. I have had three in a year and a half.

May 07, 2012
Limited weight bearing NEW
by: Linnea

I had a hard time on crutches due to being overweight, so I had to do some weight-bearing with the crutches. Really tried to stay off my feet in other ways. My first signs of healing didn't show for several weeks. My doc prescribed a bone stimulator to aide in healing.

May 08, 2012
For Boss NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow, that is frustrating! Has an X-ray or MRI shown the bone is healed? If there is nerve involvement, a neurologist or pain specialist may be able to help. Medications such as Neurontin can help control nerve pain. And chronic pain and depression can be a vicious circle, so don't hesitate to see someone for depression, too. I know, probably the last thing you want is to see more doctors, but sometimes it takes a lot of looking to find the right doc or combination of treatments. I wish you the best!

May 16, 2012
Going out of my mind NEW
by: Mandy

I had a major car accident on the 2nd April 2012 where I sustained a Jones Fracture but the hospital did not examine the xrays properly at the time of admission so I walked around on my foot thinking that it was just bad bruising. Only 2 and 1/2 weeks later when I physically went to the trauma unit to collect the xrays for insurance purposes did they now suddenly find the Jones fracture and advise me of the break. 6 weeks into the 'recovery process' and four weeks of wearing a sports moon boot, I still feel as if the bone is pulling apart at the site of the fracture..
I am so frustrated that I am seriously considering just having the surgery if the Orthopaed suggests it at my appointment tomorrow because I need this thing to start healing NOW! I do not like being out of limb.. Bleh!

Jun 26, 2012
Jones FX NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had a Jones Fx since Jan-6 mo. ago. No signs of healing yet. Was in a hard cast for 8 wks. Have used a bone stim for 8 wks & will cont with it. Non wt. bearing 8 wks. Today I had cast removed & was told to only "heel touch" otherwise still non wt. bearing for another 4 wks & then another Xray. I have been using a knee walker, a shop stool on wheels, & crutches if going to doc's.. When cast came off I had open sores in many places from the cast. It's very hard to get around since I was already disabled. I have no idea what will be next for me. I'm going to increase my calcium intake & also fish oil intake. I'm also going to take everyone's advice & stay NON-wt. bearing until next Xray. This is the most depressing of all my injuries because of the slow healing even though it is "minor" compared to the other injuries.I have no advice for anyone!! Good luck to you all!

Jul 28, 2012
Bone stimulator ?? NEW
by: shiney

Broke 5 met end April taekwondo tourney. Air cast and back to work for 3 weeks, swelling and pain bad! Doc took 2 x-ray said healing, stay home and off your feet for 2 more weeks (now 5 wks). New x-ray not healing so casted and told to stay off. Back 3 weeks later, x-ray not healing, now it's 8 weeks! Now get referal to o/s, he x-rays and removes cast and says it is healing but these breaks take 16 weeks to heal (now at 10.5 wks)! O/s says Jones fracture, come back in another 6 weeks, and get a bone stimulator! I'm at 13 weeks, pain and bad swelling still! Insurance won"t cover machine, talked to GP asked if they work he said he wasn't sure? So it's $3000 will this speed or promote healing? If it speeds up healing or prevents surgery I will buy. Do they work??

Jul 30, 2012
to Shiney NEW
by: Linnea

They do take a long time to heal, and different people seem to be helped by different things. For me, it was non-weight-bearing, a bone stimulator which I wore at night while a slept, and nutritional shakes for bone-building. If you decide to go with the bone stimulator, I have one I'm no longer using. If the doc says it's okay for you to use, I would be willing to send it your way. I used it on my left foot, and it was calibrated for a specific level of stimulation, so it might have to be re-calibrated, and I'm not sure if there are "left foot vs. right foot" models or if you can use on either foot the same. Get back to me if your doc says it's okay.

Jul 30, 2012
finally found out why NEW
by: Broken in new york

after having a non union since November 2008 and three surgeries I found a Dr that could tell me why. Have the alignment of your heal checked. My heal was not alligned correct and it kept pulling the bone apart.

Sep 02, 2012
5 months of jones fracture hell NEW
by: Matt

Broke foot march 17, 2012. Went to emergency room, where i was told it had broken and had some fragments floating around. They put me in a boot, i went on my way on crutches for 6 weeks. Worst mistake of my life. Came out of boot and off crutches, pain in foot was almost like it had just happened. Im a triathelete and this was killing me. I finally decided to see a podiartist, took xrays and found out that im a dumbass and had a complete nonunion, wasted 6 weeks. Have used smith and nephew exogen 4000 for about 10 weeks now, have been back for xrays twice with promising results. Foot still burns at breaksite, which is worrying me, but i go back to podiatry in 5 days, so hopefully he will cortiozone it or something. I will post follow up results on thursday. Bottom line, dont jack around with a jones fracture, do it the right way the first time and save yourself the depression (serious) that i have been in for months. Im starting to come out of it now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Oct 21, 2012
jones fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

Feel like crying when i read the comments. Have a Jones fracture and am in cast. At four weeks weeks there was no sign of healing.Dr. said said he would see if insurance would cover bone stimulator. Just don't know when i should push for surgery or if i should. Just don't see a lit of immediate hope out there. Trying to be patient but it is tough.

Oct 21, 2012
follow up from sept 2nd comment NEW
by: Matt (again)

Got the ok on sept 7th from doc to start light running again. Its oct 20th now and I can now handle 10 mile runs again. Jumping is kind of an issue and I am getting some crucial Achilles pain, but atleast I can train. It doesnt hurt when I run though, just the inflammation after. To the person who posted right above this one, 4 weeks is nothing when it comes to a jones. It took me 5 months, and that was with the bone stimulator. Just don't come out of that cast early like I did, I was a moron and I paid for it. Definitely get a bone stimulator if you can. Some people will sell them on craigslist/ebay ect. But look out for those. The rep from my doctors ofdice said its only good for about 250-300 uses and then its done. If you do buy one off somebody, check the uses by pressing the power button. The number displayed is the number of times its been used

Oct 21, 2012
Don't stress... NEW
by: Anonymous

My jones fracture did not heal til 8 months later! My 1st doc said do surgery n second doc said don't. I went w/ 2nd doc. Now doing fine after 1.5yrs later. Hang in there!

Oct 23, 2012
Stick with it! NEW
by: Anonymous

My first Jones didn't show healing at 4 weeks either, but then I got my bone stimulator and the next checkup did show healing starting to happen. It took three months of stimulator treatment, non-weight-bearing as much as possible, and a lot of patience and ingenuity, but it did finally heal and is doing well. Be cautious about ramping up exercise afterward. I wound up with another Jones (other foot) from increasing walking for exercise. It actually is easier the second time around because I already know how to adapt to get things done, and I know the bone stimulator will help again. Mine is rechargeable.

Nov 09, 2012
Bone stimulator NEW
by: Anonymous

Re the Exogen 4000. My used purchase lasted 188 treatments. But the battery is replaceable. You can find them online for around $50- or even assemble your own if you are handy. Removes the label on the back of the Exogen. Remove 2 Phillips screws and open case. The 18V Li-ion battery assy has a quick connect for easy exchange. (Don't remove the small button cell on the circuit board.)
Having said that, I'm now at 10 weeks non union and considering surgical fixation. Have used the stimulator 2X per day for 7 weeks. I probably have not been as careful regarding NWB as I should have been.

Jan 21, 2013
should I have bone graft NEW
by: Anonymous

I fractured my 5th metartarsal in Sept after a harrowing year watching my brother dying of a barain tumour. (did injury 1 week after funeral) I was in a cast for 7 weeks then almost dismissed by the Dr until he channged his mind and said come back in 5 weeks. When I went back I was told that it is not healing as well as expected and was referred to a specialist. Last week he told me that an option now is a bone graft.I want to be fit again and do all the things we had planned to do before it is too late like it was for my brother. Just so worried that the surgery will not work.My heart says go ahead and get it done but on the other hand will it work.

Mar 01, 2014
2 years non union NEW
by: Anonymous

My case is different. I got Jones 2 1/2 years ago, didn't do much with non-weigh-bearing or boot because I thought it's a strain in 1st month, then X-ray show Jones, I had no more pain if took care while walking with a good runner.
Things seem all fine, as I am a full-time working with school kid, in my U40. Even dancing in company party, no pain. However I am not do gym or exercise, and no high-heel shoes anymore.

Last week felt over again in the same way, pain again and X-ray obviously shows non union. Seems like as the crack goes longer (refracture?)

Good side is not pain much, and I will advoid surgery if I can, as bones still aligns. Hope this time with NWB and Moon Boot, no pain after few more weeks is good enough.

Just another angle of view.

Apr 05, 2014
by: Anonymous


Mar 02, 2015
Jones fracture surgery non union NEW
by: Anonymous

Jones fx 9/1/14 surgery 2 weeks later. Released 12/22/14, lot of pain in January. Dr said he made a mistake, released too early 1/5/15, 6 more weeks in boot. Went back 2/25/15 said non union can try exogen for 3 months out another surgery with bigger screw and bone grafting, said not a guarantee though. Currently using exogen 20 minutes a day. Very depressed. Dr released me to go back to work, but my life depends on it. Cop. I am not back on the road yet and don't know if they will let me since its not healed. Jones fractures suck, reading all the comments makes me worry even more. Good luck to all with this injury. Still trying to break.

Mar 02, 2015
Jones fracture surgery non union NEW
by: Anonymous

Jones fx 9/1/14 surgery 2 weeks later. Released 12/22/14, lot of pain in January. Dr said he made a mistake, released too early 1/5/15, 6 more weeks in boot. Went back 2/25/15 said non union can try exogen for 3 months out another surgery with bigger screw and bone grafting, said not a guarantee though. Currently using exogen 20 minutes a day. Very depressed. Dr released me to go back to work, but my life depends on it. Cop. I am not back on the road yet and don't know if they will let me since its not healed. Jones fractures suck, reading all the comments makes me worry even more. Good luck to all with this injury. Still trying to break.

Mar 03, 2015
don't give up NEW
by: Anonymous

keep wearing the boot for awhile. I had mine on for 4 months each time, even wore it while sleeping. First broke left foot, then right. both healed with help of boot and stimulator, but took time. have not been able to bet back to excercise walking, but get around fine for daily needs. I wish you the best

Mar 12, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Jade

Well, upon reading the issue that you have noted, I think there would be still time needed to heal the injury completely. There would have been some small portions were healing wasn't complete and this would have gone bad. Beverly Diamonds

Jun 06, 2015
Fracture NEW
by: RichardT

It is very sad situation. Bone healing is a complex process. Massage is definitely works for it. You have to satisfy yourself before going through any other treatment option. Type my essay services are very useful for students and you can handle all kind of assignments.

Jul 12, 2015
diagnosed of JF on 6/29/15 NEW
by: bobby U

I have been on NWB booth since 6/30/15 having been diagnosed of JF in the 4th and 5th MTs. I have no pains and I had only minimal swelling after standing on my heals for 45 minutes at my job. the swelling went down after overnight rest. I find it very difficult to use the crutches at all times. Therefore, for short distances I walk on my heals.I drive short distances to work and I keep off the legs as much as I can.. i have not taken any pain medication. please can anyone tell me any signs of not healing before I go back to my doctor on August 10th, 2015 for my first six weeks check up.

Jul 13, 2015
check x-rays NEW
by: Anonymous

bobby U, you doctor should be able to show you on X-rays how the bone is healing. at first, it looks like nothing is happening, but as time progresses, you can see how the bone is knitting together. it is hard using crutches all the time. some people have used a scooter-type device that you can rest your knee on and move around. hope your next check-up goes well.

Sep 01, 2015
Avery NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 27, 2015
jones fracture nighmare NEW
by: Anonymous

So in July 2015 I was walking my dog with high flip flops on I stepped on a rock or something completely rolled my right foot and that moment I heard a snap and it made me sick to my stomach, so the next morning went to ortho Dr. find out I had a jones facture. At that point I was put into a cast for 4wks,went back to Drs.only to learn there has been no healing at all, so now I was put into a walking boot for me however it made it easy for me to not wear it and walk on my injured foot without any support. Four wks later went back and again no healing at all, so a hard cast went back on. Next visit to the Drs. office made me make a decision that the holidays were approaching I was showing no signs of healing at all so surgery is what I opted to do. Of course I was very nerves of the choice but how much longer could I go on. I'm 6 days post op I can't lie the pain is pretty intense but I'm hoping that the healing is going to be much quicker then what I've experienced pre surgery. I wish the best of luck to all that is going though something similar to my experience.

Nov 04, 2015
Long stressful situation NEW
by: Anonymous

I caught my flip flop going out my backdoor on June 7th 2015. To ortho the next day. He said the fracture has a name and that's not good. Mine is a true non displaced Jones fracture. 6 weeksNWB with a cam boot. Thank God for the knee scooter! Then I had a good bit of healing and started Partial wb. It is so scary to start walking again. 2 weeks of that and then started full wright bearing. Then I spent 4 weeks with that. I had healef even more but not totally so at that point MD said to spend 2 weeks weening myself to walking with a
Regular shoes. Did that so back to work. Image nurse so on my feet. Swelling and pain but after a while no pain. Life was going great until I quit my job and got a new one. Getting ready to move across the country and pow PAIN is back. Great predicament to be in right. I can not sleep and stressed to the max. Going to different MD tomorrow. Praying it has not refractured and maybe a bone stimulator will help. With no insurance and expensive cobra maybe I can afford one. It just feels good to tell someone who understands,

Nov 05, 2015
Hang in there NEW
by: Anonymous

Frustrating that the pain is back. New weight-bearing X-ray might be in order. Hope it's not refractured. You may have put extra strain on it getting everything ready to move. A bone stimulator did help me. Hope the MD has good news for you.

Dec 05, 2015
How easy is a rebreak post fixation surgery of successful Union NEW
by: andylynn

I suffered a jones fracture in July and I was immediately diagnosed, restricted from weight bearing activities and underwent surgery as soon as the swelling went down- about 2weeks later. Everything has gone smoothly in the following months and when the doctor told me the bone Union was successful and gave me the "ok", I eased back into action. I went to PT and since have been wearing supportive tennis shoes. Unfortunately, since returning to work the break site has begun to hurt and I often feel burning sensation in that area. There hasn't been any traumatic slips or trips, however I am on my feet for about 6.5 hours a day an walk about 4-5 miles while at work(iI tracked it one day).
Could this pain be caused from the screw or perhaps re-injury from over use? Should I make a stink about it and contact the doctor?

Mar 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

I was working out, doing double jump, jump ropes. Then i fell right on the side of the 5th metatarsal and heard a snap. I went on a cast for 4 weeks and forced a walking boot on the 4th week because i got tired of the cast.... I began to weight bear with out docs orders.. but it doesn't hurt.... unless i step on the fracture site... Now 7 weeks later and i have had no healing results... Doc said surgery but honestly I'm tired of this and just want to walk again.. I don't know what to do.. I'm always anxious to walk and don't like feeling stuck. Any suggestions? I know i shouldn't be weight bearing but it doesn't hurt when i do so...

Mar 08, 2016
Help? NEW
by: Anonymous

I was working out, doing double jump, jump ropes. Then i fell right on the side of the 5th metatarsal and heard a snap. I went on a cast for 4 weeks and forced a walking boot on the 4th week because i got tired of the cast.... I began to weight bear with out docs orders.. but it doesn't hurt.... unless i step on the fracture site... Now 7 weeks later and i have had no healing results... Doc said surgery but honestly I'm tired of this and just want to walk again.. I don't know what to do.. I'm always anxious to walk and don't like feeling stuck. Any suggestions? I know i shouldn't be weight bearing but it doesn't hurt when i do so...

Jul 08, 2016
Bone stimulator seems to have worked for my break... NEW
by: Anonymous

I rolled my ankle and ended up with a clean through non-displaced fracture (avulsion fraction in the tuberousity of the base of my 5th Metatarsal). Apparently, these type of fractures are not as bad as a Jones fracture because there's more blood supply there for healing. My insurance would only cover half of the cost of the Exogen bone stim which is now $5,000, so I just bought a used unit with 31 uses on it from Ebay for $225.

Started using it 2 weeks after the fracture, and saw my Ortho for my 4th week checkup. He said whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it perfectly right because there's already soft callus formation. He originally told me I'd be needing the CAM boot for 6 weeks, but then says based on the recent xray, I can get off the crutches immediately and off the boot after one week. Then, a carbon fiber shoe insert in my normal shoe for another 3 weeks, and I should be back to normal hopefully. Not really sure how long I should continue to use the bone stimulater, as I'm already healing, but I'm still using the Exogen now in my 6th week, and my foot feels about 95 percent back to normal.

I would def recommend getting the Exogen, as I think it helped a lot. I am a bit overweight 47 year old that doesn't exercise much and also has borderline high blood sugar levels, so not exactly the best candidate for best bone healing, so either I'm just lucky or this bone stim works really well.

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