Better than EVER

I am 58 years old. Years ago, I must have torn my ACL, and have lived with a "trick knee" which would go out at any time.

My surgeon reviewed my MRI and showed me that the ACL was gone.
He said " I can fix this, no problem"
After an ACL reconstruction with an Allograft(dead guy parts)
I went into a Passive motion device which moves the knee for you.
I was in this for 6 days. 24 hours a day with a CryoCuff(ice pack) going as well.(get a pee bottle)
10 days after surgery, I had complete knee extension and 100 degrees of flex in the knee.
It has now been 6 weeks and the brace and crutches are going to be retired.
Don't be worried, it won't hurt forever.
I already feel better than I have for the last 15 years!
MUST things to do:
Passive motion device and cryocuff.
Keep your brace on and stay on the crutches! Don't be a wise guy.
Professional physical therapy!!
Follow the exercises...the rest is up to you.
Good luck.
Oh, did I mention that my doctor takes care of the New England Patriots, the Bruins and the Red Sox.

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Aug 08, 2015
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Aug 20, 2014
Help for GMR NEW
by: Anonymous

I have not posted to this site in a long time.
As the post surgery time goes on, i don't even think about the knee. Isuppose that great advances have been made in 25 years. In my case, i still contend that the end results were following the post op rehab to the letter. My surgeon gave me the same book that he gives to an NFL tight end
I would do it Again...if i had to
Good luck

Aug 17, 2014
58 and considering another acl repair job NEW
by: GMR

Hmm, this is interesting. I had an acl reconstruction and meniscus repair 25 years ago.
It was pretty successful for the most part allowing me to return to a full range of recreational sports and activities. But I'm now 58 and in the past couple months have begun experiencing an unusual degree of pain and instability. I don't recall blowing the knee out again in any specific incident, but it has suddenly become annoyingly dis-functional. Can acl rebuilds simply wear out over time and if so can they be re-done successfully?

Jan 19, 2012
Not always that easy NEW
by: Eunice

Just wanted to leave my experience for those of you over 50 that decide to have your ACL repaired. My recovery from my first ACL repair in 1984 at age 26 was complete in a year. This time I was 49 and now almost 4 years later I feel that I'm back to 90%. Reoccurring sharp knee pain kept me from progressing and no one could explain it. As a nurse and avid tennis player, this was not only discouraging, but also made it difficult for me to do my job and keep any sort of fitness level. The knee pain now is very rare and short-lived and I enjoy great knee stability with ever improving quadricep strength. I still think the surgery was worth it, even though it's been a much more tedious recovery than I ever imagined.

Jun 15, 2011
ACL info for older active adults
by: Marty

So glad to hear you did well-I'm a 59 yr old retired teacher who is very active and was initially advised NOT to do the ACL surgery. After a 2nd opinion I am gung-ho to get it done! After seeing all these stories from young, young people I was glad to see your age and that your recovery was worth it.

Feb 10, 2011
I'm so jealous
by: Donna Faye

I'm so jealous. It's been exactly a month since my surgery and I still can't fully bend my knee. Therapy is a torture. I scream and cry in pain whenever my therapist would try to bend my knee. I am feeling very depressed now.:(

Jan 23, 2011
Dr. Gill the best
by: Anonymous

Dr. Gill, he is also doing my acl surgery. i tried for 5 months to strenghten and rehab, to no other dr. recommended that i just push it with my knee and if it blows out he would reconstruct's when i decided dr. gill is my best option... good luck!

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