broken fibula rehab...

by Eric

I play college football and I fractured my fibula via impact midshaft 6 weeks ago. I wore a boot for about 3 weeks and after that I could walk around on it fine, I was told to "let pain be my guide".

I had my 3rd follow up xray today and It showed a nice fat callus formed and the Doc said that it has healed up very nice. I run track in the spring, I am aware that I will be away for the indoor season but I would like to be ready for outdooer season. The doc also said that I am cleared to start running on it, so, I ran a few laps today but I felt discomfort in my calf muscle.

I have been doing band exercises to strengthen my calf muscle. Again, the doc told me to let "pain be my guide". I want to know if you have any idea how long it will take for me to be back sprinting.

Is there any other exercises I can do to strengthen/stretch out my calf muscle? Also, what kind of weight training can I do? Can I squat or deadlift? I am trying to get all the help I can and I found your website, I would highly appreciate it! thanks!

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Aug 09, 2010
fib fracture
by: Anonymous

my 17yo son got hit on the side of the leg in basketball, went down in pain, put ice on it. stayed off of it for about a week, then playing bball again jumped up for a slam and felt incredible pain and could not walk on it. MRI showed a nondisplaced fib fracture about 4 inches below the knee and some minor muscle fiber tears. They recommended no activity for 2 weeks, we have been doing RICE and microstim on it. He begins Sr year of football in 1 week. He is not in a boot or brace, just a compression wrap and using crutches. He will probably be out for 3 weeks, he has a follow-up xray in a week to check healing; however, the doc said we may not even be able to see it on a plain film. Everything we've been told is, if it hurts stop. He is doing toe stretches for range of motion and continues to workout his upper body and abs.

Jul 27, 2010
High Break... about 3/4 the way up
by: Anonymous

I do have a high break, about 3/4 of the way up my leg due to an SUV v. Bike accident (I was the bike) They also did not cast this or put it in a boot because either one would be right about where the break is. The break is somewhat displaced but like your doc mine said is should heal just fine. I have been on crutches (partial weight only) and will be until the 5 week mark when they do follow up x-rays. If it is healing will probably come off crutches, if not they will need to put in a plate.

Have a bunch of other injuries that are also healing but the fib was doing great until last week when things really started to flair. My PT says that it is probably just normal healing going on but did say to stay off it as much as possible until the follow up x-rays. First two weeks I could actually feel the bone moving at times when I moved the wrong way or tightened the calf muscles too much. That has been gone for about a week and a half now but still feel pain if I use it too much. Of course my torn up knee (MCL definite, others not sure yet) makes doing too much unlikely.

Feb 02, 2010
mid high fibula break - no brace
by: Anonymous

I broke the fibula midway high on the shin from someone colliding with me. Limped in for Xrays a 2 days later and showed a non-displaced break halfway between ankle and knee. No ankle stability issues, no noticable swelling. My general doc talked with the radiologist and they concluded I didn't need a cast or brace. Treatment was to "not do things that make it hurt". As long as there is no pain, it's healing. When I asked how long to heal he said "a couple weeks". I think most of the pain was from soft tissue trauma and that is going away fast. As of day 4, I could walk without pain as long as I didn't extend and raise up on the calf muscle. Now at 12 days I can extend the calf and jump at 25% effort without pain. As soon as the pain is gone, I'll be playing basketball which feels like another week. Not alot of posts on web from folks with minor fib breaks. I think the ortho docs would probably put me in a brace for 6 weeks as they have liability issues and its no skin off their back if I'm unnecessarily inconvenienced. Anyone have a similiar experience?

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