Clicking in the knee (after lateral release)

by Steven
(Allentown, PA)

Hello I have had the lateral release surgery done. And I had my knee cap cleaned out. I had crunching sound when I used to bend my knee. I wanted to know when I work out I hear a clicking sound from from knee cap when I do leg exercises - leg press etc., but only when I start then it stops.

They say it from the hole under my knee cap were they cleaned it out. They say it is the air from the hole were they cleaned out the knee cap.

I get no pain when I do the exercise or pain the next day - I can beat it pretty good. Just my thighs get tight then I hear it click but when I get my thighs loose the clicking calms down.

So should I be worried about it? They say no pain is a good thing - it just makes that clicking sound and it drives me nuts every time I hear it.
I always think I am hurting it.

What do you think?


Steven from PA

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Jun 22, 2008
No pain? No worries...
by: Bart - SII

The clicking, although very annoying at times, is not anything to worry about as long as it isn't painful. In fact, it is very common to have this after a lateral release, especially when they had to debride (clean out) the patella. The clicking is probably from small areas of roughness or small adhesions on the under surface of the patella.

So, as long as you aren't having pain, you shouldn't have any worries. Over time, the clicking may lessen.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Jun 23, 2008
Thanks for the feed back
by: Steven Heimbach

The clicking I hear comes when I do leg exerices like leg press or squat. But during the exercises it cicks then stops after the second rep or so. I feel some dicomfort on top of the knee at thigh is this normal also. I had this for about two years or so. Thanks for the help.

Aug 30, 2009
very similar problem
by: Paul


Funnily enough Steven I have exactly the same issue as you following my lateral release. There is a very pronounced clicking when I do the first couple of squats or lunges then it clears. The clicking is not particularly painful, though it is unnerving and it does deter me from using that leg from taking a big step up (e.g climbing a 'deep' stair/step. As a result of shying away from using this leg (to avoid the click) the musculature is noticeably smaller on this side. I also have considerable tightness around the knee which means the depth of a legged squat is much shallower compared to the other side. Furthermore the knee feels stiff throughout the day, the one exception to this being when I get up from having been sat in a bent-legged position when the knee feels almost normal for a minute or two then tightens up again.

Currently thinking of trying different knee braces to see if I can eradicate the click (but these braces ain't cheap)

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