Compound fracture of tibia & fibia - what exercise can help healing?

by Linda
(Ramsgate, Kent UK)

Nearly 3 months ago my son was involved in a car accident and suffered a compound fracture of both tibia and fibula. The consultant confirmed last week that there is no sign of healing at present and said to go back in 2 months time. I asked about rehab or physio as he has very bad blood circulation and the consultant simply said my son should do light excercise but he would not elaborate. My son is now going to the gym and using the cycles to exercise. What physio/exercise should he be doing?

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Jul 30, 2010
my nightmare
by: chris duncombe

I had a motor bike accident 18 months ago, and had the external fixacter but due to being too close to my ankle it could not be pinned.
I had the fixater taken off after a year and the bone has still not healed properly, since then i have seen two doctors, and one of the doctors said that i require an operation for the bone to be fully healed and the other doctor said wait six months and if it breaks on its own then i would need the operation. ( this i feel is very unexceptable ).
I am 36 years of age fairly fit and my occupation is a fully qualified eletrician (self employed).
Could i kindly ask if there is anyone out there that would possibly know if this kind of treatment is right and fair to myself and if not what treatment should i be recieving as i have been suffering constantly with a great deal of pain and i find it hard at times to walk even with my crutches. The pain is sometimes unbearable and i would greatly appreciate your comments on this matter.

May 29, 2008
Bone healing after compound fracture
by: Linda

Many thanks for your response.
Yes my son had 2 operations and now has a rod with plate and screws. The consultant did say that the xrays show the fractures appear well re-aligned. He did also mention that there was no sign of the bone healing.
In hospital after the accident Vincent was advised to get around on crutches as much as he could.
With reference to the poor blood flow, I asked the consultant if aspirin would help and he agreed that the low dose aspirin would be helpful but there was no other advice given.
I have ensured my son is taking calcium with vitamin D, vitamin B12 and plenty of natural yoghurt which I believe can all help the healing process.
Thank you for taking the time to help in this matter.

May 29, 2008
Did he have surgery?
by: Bart - SII

Just a few questions to get a better picture of what is going on with your son's injury...

What kind of treatment did your son receive after the accident?

Did he have a surgery to realign and stabilize the fractures? Plates, screws, etc.

Was he on crutches or immobilized for a period of time?

Was the consultant referring to bone healing or soft tissue healing?

All of these things will play a significant role in what type of exercises he should be doing. Bone healing 3 months after injury can be slow, especially if the fractures were very severe. Poor blood supply can definitely be a factor in slow healing.

If you can provide a little more information I may be able to give a few recommendations. I would also suggest trying to get more clarification from your consultant about what is appropriate for your son's recovery.

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