David's fractured ankle

I am 54 years old. I broke my distal fibula and tibia while cleaning my pool May 24th.

What makes this difficult to accept is that I have been so active for the past 30 years, I am (or was) a runner and never got hurt. Being immobile is a huge challenge. I always knew my upper body needed work, but I had not anticipated it would be with the aid of crutches, which while necessary, gets old.

Yesterday was 4 weeks post-op ankle ORIF. They let me look at my X-Rays. I have a “Plate” in my left fibula with 19 screws and one long screw in my distal tibia. When I saw my left ankle it was humbling. For a few minutes they let me dangle my ankle and it felt like a piece of meat just hanging by gravity.

I was told the X-Rays look good. They have me from a splint to a “Bledsoe Boot” that I can take off for bathing. “Toe touch” only for the next 2 weeks, then a physical therapy assessment with gradual weight bearing.

I will never forget this experience. It is the first time I have ever had a fracture, been dependent on others. I know I have a hard rehab ahead of me. My attitude, today, is to just start focusing on getting my mobility back, simply walking on my own. Running would be nice, but I can cross train to something else if I have to.

I have asked myself what I learned from this experience. One is that I can be careful and not take risks, use common sense, yet invariably anything can happen. The world and environment is filled with unexpected changes.

The other is I will never feel annoyed at handicapped parking places again. I will never feel exasperated at those electric carts in the market. My health, mobility, is something I had taken for granted. It has been painful watching people come and go as they please while at times, I have felt like a slug sitting on a slab of hot concrete.


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Oct 17, 2015
Nicely Written NEW
by: Rachelle Scott

A broken or fractured ankle is a relatively common injury, often caused by twisting the ankle, a fall, or a sporting accident.

It may be treated with a cast or surgery and usually takes between six and 12 weeks to heal. get essay urgently

Sep 17, 2015
Truly Great Words NEW
by: James

David, I must appreciate you for this wonderful piece of experience sharing. Truly I felt it so deep in heart, because you are given a desire attached pattern for this writing. Two points I have noticed that you stress to make us understand from your this experience story; firstly we need to be prepared for everything that may happen unexpectedly and secondly do not wait to understand the situation of others only by having in similar kind of situation by ourselves. Thanks a lot and I really felt so good reading this story of you.

Great and Thanks :)

Essay Writer

Oct 30, 2012
Post surgery problems a year later NEW
by: Mark

Hi everyone I've been here before just to give you an update and seeing if anyone can help me.
I snapped my fib ,damaged the ankle joint cartlidge and had a partial displacement with two more fractures all at once to my right ankle.ive had a bone graft took from my heel and put into my fib with a metal plate and 6screws also at the same time I had ankle debridement with ankle micro fracture so it was quite a big operation really as at the beginning of this in march2011 I was missed diagnosed to cut a long story short I was walking on a snapped fib for approximately 2-3mths.
Anyway I had the surgery done in nov 2011 to which I'm still in chronic pain I can't squat down and I'm in pain when I walk ,my surgeon is going by the last MRI I had which was in July this year and says he can't see anything wrong even though I'm in constant pain I've had no other tests I'm now getting pain on the inside bone of my ankle can anyone help me or advise me on what I should do as this all doesn't seem right

Jul 29, 2009
appreciate your insite
by: Linda

I too fractured lower tib/fib July 3th with
associated surgery July 7th. Now in 3rd week
non-weight bearing. Luckily never had cast just
ace w/spint then boot so can shower and now go in pool now incisions mostly healed. Wondering
how soon good walking comes? My work is mostly on feet in health care for 30 years (I'm 52).
I need to be back to work in 3 weeks. I bought a used knee walker and great to have this mobility
but causes some back pain.

Jul 13, 2009
Great insight!
by: Bart - SII

David, your story has some great insights. Our mobility and freedom is something we all take for granted, and unfortunately, we don't realize it until we lose that freedom ourselves.

You do have a long road ahead of you, as this is a humbling and significant injury. There are a lot of stories on the site detailing the good and bad of ankle fractures. They may provide you with some insight into the process you have ahead of you.

Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your recovery!


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