Duke's ACL tear

by Duke Neatrour
(Altoona, Pa)

I tore my right ACL playing in a men's league baseball game. I am 34 years old and a former college and pro ball player. I was playing first base and jumped to try and catch a high throw from 3rd and when I landed, my right leg was planted and at full extension. At the same moment the runner collided with me and I felt a strong pull and my knee hyper-extended. I ended up tearing the ACL and LCL. I knew immediately as my knee gave way entering the dugout.

I also have a torn ACL in my left knee from playing basketball and skiing that I have been dealing with for a year. I was putting it off to get fixed until the fall. I wore a brace and had few issues.

I had my surgery on my right knee October 21st and am a week post-op. I am off crutches and am at 95 flexion. The surgery went smoothly but after day 6 post-op the pain has increased. I am working hard at the therapy exercises and am feeling stronger but sleeping is when the pain is the worst. I also get a rush of pain when I get up on my feet.

My doctor said I could get my other surgery 3 months post-op for my other knee. My ultimate goal is to be back on the diamond in July. I would like to hear similar stories so I can be more optimistic about being recovered from 2 ACL surgeries by July 1.

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Jan 16, 2009
Hang in there
by: Jason

Hi my name is Jason (33 y/o), I live in Greece.
I tore my ACL and damaged major part of the cartilage in the right knee and was scheduled for three ops. I've already had two and undergoing the third in March. I am 8 and 3 days post op respectively. I am working on the motion exercises like crazy and working on all the muscles surrounding the knee. Extension is 0 degrees, while flexion is c.100 degrees. I can walk without crutches but was instructed by my doctor not to take it that fast.
By the way, I have also played college basketball in the U.S. and pro basketball in Greece and strongly believe recovery is much quicker for people with athletic backgrounds.
Hang in there, time is on your side!

Nov 19, 2008
by: Bart - SII

Duke, sounds like you are doing well! The swelling in your shin - pitting edema - is common after a surgery. You may try some massage to the area - think about milking the fluid towards the knee and closer to the heart - sometimes that will help move the fluid out of the area. It will continue to get better. This is something that your PT may be able to do, if you are still in therapy.


Nov 17, 2008
rehab update
by: Duke

I am just about 4 weeks post op. I have full extension and good flexion of knee. I am feeling stronger every day but my only real problem is swelling. I seem to have a lot of fluid in my shin from right below the kneecap down to the ankle. I can push my finger into it and make some nice divots. I also have some numbness going down my shin. Is it common to have swelling after 4 weeks?

Nov 11, 2008
thanks for sharing!
by: Bart - SII

Duke, thanks for sharing your story. How are you doing - should be about 3 weeks out now?


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