Elaine's ACL Surgery

by Elaine
(Falkirk, Scotland )

I injured my leg last October during a rugby game. At first I didn't realize how serious the injury was. I thought I had simply sprained some of the ligaments in my knee so I continued training and tried to play again. After 3 minutes on the pitch my knee gave way and I had to be carried to the sidelines. Still, I didn't admit defeat and continued training. I finally gave in and went to the doctor after I had to stop suddenly one day and my knee just buckled. The pain was excruciating!!

I had an MRI scan which confirmed I had ruptured my ACL and sprained my medial ligaments. I had surgery 2 weeks ago today (10th October) and I am now managing with 1 crutch and doing my exercises daily though I still only have about 90 degree movement in my leg.

I'm finding it difficult to cope with the pain and the awkwardness of having to use a crutch and not being as active as usual. But, I am glad I had the surgery and just hope I can work hard enough to get my leg back to normal and get back on the rugby pitch again!!

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Jul 09, 2009
9 months out!
by: Elaine

Hi Sheila,

I'm now 9 months out and I have to say everything is going fine. I have an appointment with my physio next week where I will hopefully get the all clear to resume full contact rugby (fingers crossed).

Its been a long 9 months and a painful time too. I have no regrets in having the surgery but it has been hard going and there have been times when I've just wanted to scream.

But, my only advice would be to stick with the exercises as much as possible but do not overdo it. Everyone is different and you will know your own body. If you feel you've had enough and need a rest take it. You're knee won't thank you if you push it too hard. There have been many occasions where I've done too much and spent the following 2 days in agony!!

Long term though its worth it and I'm so pleased with the way things have gone. I just need to get back on the rugby pitch and get my confidence back!

I wish you all the best in your recovery. You'll be fine, just take it at your own pace.


Jul 01, 2009
Sheila's ACL surgery
by: Anonymous

It is good to hear that you are making good recovery steps. How are you doing now. It has been 6 weeks since my acl surgery and it is good to read other people's post to have an idea where I am supposed to be. Just ditched the crutches and I am now using a cane when I go out as I find I am still unstable. I am still experiencing a lot of pain but am doing my exercises religiously! I went to a new physio last week and she really forced my knee, since then the swelling and pain has been worse. Just started driving again and it sure feels good to be independent once more! I must admit I am getting impatient as I want to get back into hiking etc but I understand it will take time.

Dec 31, 2008
12 weeks after ACL surgery
by: Elaine

Hi there,

Well my surgery was 12 weeks ago on Friday and I am pleased to say I have made good progress. Normal day to day activities are absolutely fine. I can drive and even go up and down stairs with no problems.

I am able to swim (no breast stroke though) and use a step machine or bike. I see the Physio next week and will hopefully get the all clear to begin gentle training again.

I still have aches and pains in the knee daily, mainly if I have been standing for any length of time or if I have been walking for a while but its nothing I can't manage. My scar looks great (well as good as a scar can look haha)and overall I'm really pleased.

I just want to get back to normal now!!

My advice is to stick with it. It takes a while but you will soon find things easier and the pain will lessen. Just make sure you take regular painkillers as they help and do some exercise. My physio told me leg raises were a good thing to do but I guess each one is different. She also gave me a good booklet that takes you step by step through your rehab programme. If you can't get something like this from your own physio then I can try and send it to you?

My home email is loveclairefraser@yahoo.co.uk.

Take care and good luck!


PS - I have given birth twice and I agree!!

Dec 30, 2008
I know what you are going through!!!
by: Jo Galloway

Hi Elaine I had my ACL repair on 21 November 08 and besides childbirth (3 times) it is the most painful experience I have ever had to go through! I tore mine in a step aerobics class. I had a patella tendon graft and as you said the bending of the knee is so difficult. What I have also found is that my quads have just withered even with doing the exercises. I have had such differing views from the physios it has been confusing. I have really struggled to do leg raises which one physio said was important, whilst another said not to worry about that exercise as it wasnt important! Nearly 6 weeks on from my op I still think I am nowhere near to being able to drive and get back to work. How are you doing now? Are you back driving yet and leading a fairly normal life? After 6 weeks I am going stir crazy......

Nov 11, 2008
1 month out?
by: Bart - SII

You're a month out from your surgery - just wondered how you were doing and if you had been able to ditch that last crutch...


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