Fell hard on Knee

by Jack

I fell hard on concrete on my right Knee about 8 weeks ago. It feels a generally painful but its a dull type pain and not sharp. I can feel a crescent shaped area where it feels as if a piece of the bone was chipped but there is no pain from touch and I cannot feel anything loose. I am hoping its just a bone bruise or could it be a "dent" as there is nothing lose and no sharp pain to touch. The pain is not very acute and its just a dull/warm ache type pain that runs from my Knee and down/up leg. I suppose I am looking for reassurance that I can allow it to recover without seeing a Doctor as I am travelling away from Home & its difficult for me to see Doctor...How long doe a Bruise take to heal and does it sound likely it is a Bruise that I can allow to heal with rest or..?


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Jan 21, 2009
fall on knee
by: Bart - SII

best advice is to see a doctor and have an X-ray. If it was fractured, you need to have it looked at. Bruises can take a long time to heal, but fractures of the patella, even if nothing seems out of place, need to be evaluated and treated correctly for a good recovery.


Jul 14, 2009
Question about patella
by: Anonymous

QUESTION: My 10 yo son also fell very hard on his patella a week ago(sharp edge...made a temporary "dent" after he fell). It still hurts especially after lots of walking/activity.
Could he develope Chondromalacia?
If we do take him to the doctor and they find a fracture or signs of chondromalacia or something, what would they do about it as a 10 year old?

Sep 17, 2011
I also fell hard on my knee cap
by: Anonymous

It has been 2 months and i still can't kneel on it. Movement doesn't hurt it as I ride my bike every day. Finally going for an x-ray next week to rule out a hairline fracture or just a chip in the bone. Does this heal and how long?

Oct 30, 2011
lots of pain
by: eileen

I fell at work 3weeks algo on my knee cap and i have lots of pain so what do i do do i do now

Jan 09, 2012
knee NEW
by: shay

I fell hard on my knee on rock sidewalk about a mo. ago. When i looked at the cut on my knee, I seen something blue inside cut. I put ice on knee, and elevated it for a day and then went in and used soap and toilet paper to clean cut, then next day put hydrogen peroxide on cut and bandaid back on it , then put first aid creme and antibiotic ointment on it. the cut is healed but has a bump under it(whats that?) also i have a dent in my knee where the cut is(whats that)? I am now using warm compresses of black and green tea and epson salt on it(this feels good), having hard time sleeping though,painful. After it happened put ace bandage on it to feel more protected and secure. What else needs to be done? No dr.,no insurance. just using prayer and herbs and spices to heal it.

May 04, 2012
knee injury NEW
by: Anonymous

about 5 weeks ago i was dirtbiking and i fell and my knee went straight into the handle bars as the bike fell and the impact made like a dent type deal where i can feel a little gash. and if i rub my knee it kinda like cracks or moves, and i can feel like 2 tubes going through my knee, but it doesnt hurt anymore, just bugs me because when i touch it, it feels gross. anybody have any suggestioons? should i just let it heal by its self or should i go to the doctors?

Aug 08, 2014
knee injury NEW
by: coco

My knee was injured in an accident. Knee cap. It's been five days since the injury, outside of seeing a doctor, what kind of treatment should I undertake? The pain radiates up and down the back of my calf, and up into my thigh. Anyone with a similar story? Has your pain subsided? How long does it take to heal?

May 29, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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