first walking post ankle fracture with air cast

I am 8 weeks post distal tibia(ankle) fracture and also in an air cast.
I just start putting pressure on my foot to walk (with walker and air cast)and began experiencing swelling and discomfort over mid shin area. I just returned from clinic so I walked to car and around the clinic, again to and from car. (Some rests in between walking) When I got home I really noticed the swelling so I elevated leg and applied ice. Is this a normal occurrence when beginning to have mobility?

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Feb 10, 2016
To Roller Derby NEW
by: Anonymous

I had my ORIF surgery on Dec. 31 (happy new years eave, huh?) and I have had the same burning on the outside ridge of my foot from below fib to toe. I am almost certain this is due to the swelling and fluid settling in that area. I feel it most when I'm driving and have my right foot resting on the edge of my walking cast. Does the burning get better when elevated?

I was instructed to start sleeping without the boot at 3 weeks. I would simply wrap the ankle in an ace wrap in the upwards support position. I slept with it on a pillow to support the sideways twisting my foot wanted to do.

Feb 02, 2016
Fractured ankle NEW
by: Jimbo Slice

Hopefully this will help some people.
Had surgery for a fractured ankle mid December 2015 to remove 2 floating bones and ALR (lateral ankle ligament reconstruction). Was a day surgery.

I was expecting my foot to be pretty swollen but a week later for check up cast was removed to see healing process, and foot was barely swollen! was very surprised. Was put in another fibre glass cast for 3 week, then placed into an air cast, and even though my foot is swollen, it is minimal. BTW I am 24 years old. Obviously I asked my surgeon many questions about recovery (in my case 6 months - 1 year) and he told me time and time again that every person heals differently. Some people heal faster than others, and that's ok! it is now Feb,2/2016 and I can put quite some weight on my foot. but elevating is crucial for the first few weeks/month, along with rest. Also, do the stretches you are told to do! I can still only stretch my foot back and forth, but wow have I noticed the amount my Range of motion coming back. Pretty gnarly scabbing and dead skin but that will heal with time. Will now be trying bio oil/aloe vera to help reduce scarring. good luck to all!


Jan 19, 2016
Bimalleolar ankle fracture after roller derby NEW
by: Gypsy


I have a bimalleolar ankle fracture from an awesome hip check at roller derby practice December 14, 2015. I had ORIF on December 28, 2015 and now have two plates and 5 screws. At my first follow-up after the surgery (2 weeks later) I was put in an air cast. I can take it off to bathe and do gentle exercises, but have to sleep in it.

My problem is a terrible burning sensation just below the incision and along the outside of my foot...almost up to my last two toes but not quite. It's quite numb as well...but I feel the burning. It usually happens at night, which sucks because it hinders my sleep! I'm worried that it's some kind of nerve damage. At night the air cast makes it feel worse and to be honest...I slept with it off one night.

Has anyone experienced this? Also...would sleeping without the air cast on create a huge problem? I'm technically 4 weeks out from surgery. I plan on asking my doc tomorrow, but wanted to know if anyone else experienced the same issues.

I'm 43 and plan to start skating again by late April or May...the doc said May sounded possible. Ahhhhh...the burning.

Jan 08, 2016
6 weeks post fx fib NEW
by: Anonymous

I couldn't wait to get my cast off and walk again
I have been using a scooter that you put your injured leg/ankle and scoot along. This is my 2nd day in a big grey boot with air cast to pump up and I too am still scared to put my full weight on my ankle. I have a cane in one hand and hold onto the scooter with my other hand. Most of the time I am scooting my good foot along so not all my weight is on my injured foot. I hear everyone saying it takes time to get over this fear but I want to get up and walk again even if it is in the air cast boot. At least I know there are others that feel the same way and don't feel as stupid. It's Friday and I would like to get back to work on Monday and The latest wednesday. Do you think this is possible? Good luck to others.

Jan 06, 2016
Reconstruction foot surgery ,flat foot. Ankle fusion, tendon transfer . NEW
by: Nikky

Been in cast for 6 weeks and came out yesterday.
Had a lot of pain for the first 12 hrs.
Was put in a boot and told I need to sleep with it on:(
Not had a bath yet either. Cant wait to soak my leg
Swelling is pretty bad too. Got sore butt n tired of being stuck in bed. Got to keep elebated so can't do much. I just want to sleep without the boot on

Dec 27, 2015
Tib and fib NEW
by: Barbara

Hi I have been in plaster for 6 weeks and air cast for 6 brok tib and fib been since October this year so by time I go back 21 1 2016 it will be 12 weeks Al I can do at the moment is put my heal to the floor

Dec 10, 2015
Walking NEW
by: Steve Powell

So following on from my earlier comment of October 23rd, I am now walking normally. I am able to descend stairs properly and walk for an hour in my local forest without problems. I can even walk on tiptoes without any problem.

I have to credit the specialist Physio I had that was a combination of traditional Physio, acupuncture and laser therapy - 4 weeks of this has helped hugely.

I wish you all well and a speedy recovery.


Dec 08, 2015
Jay Dub again NEW
by: Anonymous

Forgot to mention to continuously exercise your ankle when given the approval . I constantly did dorsal and plantar stretching, leg raises, bicyling and writing the alphabet with your big toe. I started doing this as soon as My splint was removed after 4 weeks. I believe this helped me alot. I would exercise while lying in bed, the couch, wherever. Just do it. Exercising your ankle will keep your ligaments, joints and muscles loose and flexible. Of course, get your Dr's ok first. There are plenty of websites and youtubes for reference.

Good luck to all!!

Dec 08, 2015
Pilon fracture - broke tib/fib/bi malleolar NEW
by: Jay DubAnonymous

My injury occurred on 9/20/15. I couldn't have surgery for 10 days because of the swelling. I broke my tib, fib and comminated bi malleolar. My impact crushed my ankle joint into fragments plus broke my tib and fib. Dr said it was a very serious fracture. I had surgery on 10/1. Three plates and 16 screws. Spent one night in the hospital. The worst pain was my first night home. After my block wore off. Please take your pain meds before the pain starts. Believe me, the pain will start. Six weeks non weight bearing. I took plenty of vitamins, ate well and took extra calcium and protein. Drank Ensure if I didn't have an appetite. You must provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to heal. Otherwise, you will take longer to heal and you may heal less than 100%. Get plenty of sleep and don't do anything risky. Like trying to hop to the kitchen.

After 6 weeks, Xrays were good, so I was 50% weight bearing and put in a walking boot. Very exciting but also scary when weight bearing. At 50%, I continued to use both crutches and took it very easy. I was nervous so I started at 10% until I was comfortable and went up from there.

After 8 weeks, xrays were good so now I was at 100% weight bearing. Still in my walking boot. I would experience soreness and some aching in my ankle. But after sitting and resting. It would go away. Just don't try to do to much. I was only using 1 crutch by now.

Now, I am off the boot and walking on my foot. Strange feeling. Walking on my foot after almost 3 months. But, I got used to it in a few minutes. Use your cructhes at first. Until you feel comfortable walking. Still get soreness and aching on my ankle. This is normal as long as it goes away after sitting down and resting. I start PT in a couple of weeks. I still have a long way to go. I want to return to the gym and normal activity. But, must be patient. With this type of injury could be up to a year until you feel normal. Plus, my Dr says I will never be 100%.

Just stay strong, be positive and help your body to heal. Eat well, take supplements and get plenty of rest. You will be OK. Remember, these are serious injuries. I never thought I would get to this point myself. I am so thankful that I am finally walking again! It takes a lot of time so be patient. Even if you have complications just remember that there are plenty of people worse off. Plus, be thankful because your injury could have been alot worse. Like me, I am so thankful because when I fell I could have easily hit my head instead of my ankle.

Nov 02, 2015
Able orif NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm in my 12th week after breaking my left ankle, just started weight bearing and my heel hurts way too much. How long will I take to start walking normally without pain ?

Oct 23, 2015
Methodical approach NEW
by: Steve Powell

Sept 7 broke fibula. Oct 21 out of cast. Oct 22nd weight bearing...barely feel like I need AirCast.

Note, you need to approach this whole ordeal like a sportsman would. So there are certain things you need to do. Eat a lot of protein, I was eating about 150g of protein a day. Also Boron aids good non brittle bone growth. Take a bone tablet, like Osteocare - it will have key ingredients in it your body will be using to repair the bone. While you are less mobile, L-Glutamine will keep muscle wastage to a minimum, so will toe clenches. For ten minutes every hour of the day you are awake you need to be doing your exercise movements to loosen up the joint. Long socks will keep the leg warm. Don't wear the AirCast all day, it's really only for walking any long distance that I used it. The sole of your foot might feel weird when you weight bear, that's normal, just practice and it will eventually go.

This is a big insight into the future - ie getting old. It's a lesson to all of us who sit on the couch to get up and move and make the most of what we have while we have it.

Good luck to you all.

Oct 22, 2015
Broken Ankle (Bimalleolar Fracture) NEW
by: Ms. T

Hello...I broke my ankle Aug. 10 roller skating with my kid and I took a fall. I went to the ER by ambulance and was treated (splint and crutches)and sent home. I was scheduled for surgery on the 12th of August. When I woke up from surgery I had on a cast. I was released on the 14th with a walker and a prescription for pain meds. I went home and for two weeks remained in my cast. After feelings of discomfort I complained to my Doc who removed the cast. I saw all the grossness that was under the cast and the pain and discomfort that I felt went away. It may have been the padding on the inside of the cast bunching up but it hurt like crazy. After the cast was off it was relief. My scars were still healing ofcourse and looked ugly to me.
At any rate I was put in a cam boot. I was able to take it on and off and this was great...still I was none weight bearing. I was ok with that because at least I was able to wash up in the tub...clean my wounds and take care of my skin before it had the chance to completely break down and get dried n ugly. I lost a lot of muscle mass in the calf and my leg looked like it belonged to a whole nother (is that a word) person. It was skinny and I am not no where near skinny so uh yeah. LOL. Anyways.. at 4 weeks post surgery I had an x-ray done...would have had it when he removed the cast but the x-ray machine was down. The doc said x-rays looked good and said he wanted me to do only partial weight bearing. At 4 weeks post op I was also given a prescription for therapy. By 6 weeks I was already trying to walk putting most weight on my other leg and foot and only minimal on the operated on ankle. I was doing this without my walker. I am now 10 weeks post surgery and am doing great. Range of motion is still coming along but progressing each day that passes. Today ten weeks and 1 day my doc has given me the all clear for full weight bearing but to use a cane...wear my regular shoes and get back to work. I was so ready for this! Yay me!! I still limp but this is expected. Im just about ready to bring my sexy back!! Still a while to go until I am back in my heels and boots so UGGs it will be. I just wanted to share my story so that you will have an idea on how the process will go. If you want to ask me any questions please feel free to as I do not mind. This was my first and hopefully last break. I am almost 40 and have no more room in my life for things like broken bones. Thankfully I had help. will need help. I am sure you can do things on your own if you have to but if you can get help please do. I needed help bathing.. I had full body wash ups in bed with chucks up under me to keep the bed from getting wet. The experience all in all was just experience I will never forget. If you have any questions send them to Welp... happy will be over soon. Hang in there and you will know when you are ready. I was afraid to put any weight on it initially after I was told to partial weigh bear but day after day I felt more and more strong and when I tried it I never looked back. If I forgot to mention anything or you want to ask me email me.. again its

Be Blessed.

Oct 08, 2015
To scared to walk NEW
by: Anonymous

Scared to walk:
You need to gin confidence back and work your calf muscles, ligaments and tendons.
What I did was start walking a lot, I warn you after exercising you will be sore and it will be painful at first but that' will gradually get better. Stay strong and motivated

Oct 05, 2015
scared to walk NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 18 years old. I fell down a stair case while I was on vacation the weekend after graduation. I fractured my tib and fib. I had surgery on July 1 2015 where they put a outer fix on my ankle 2 weeks later on July 14 2015 I had another surgery where the outer fix was taken off and 1 plate and 9 screws where put in. I went to the doctor 2 weeks later where they put a fiberglass cast on. I have been on bed rest for the whole summer. Finally on September 1 2015 the cast was taken off and the a air brace was put on I was partial weight bearing and the PT was to progress my waking. My ankle has been really stiff so it is very hard to walk. I am trying so hard to walk but I for some reason am afraid to walk without an aide to help. Was anybody else afraid of putting that initial weight on and start walking. How do you come over the fear.

Sep 23, 2015
5 weeks after surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Aug 11, 2015 I was going down the basement stairs with a laundry baskets and slipped on a dustpan that fell off a hook that was hanging above the stairs. After the x-rays I had broken my left Fibula, torn some ligaments and dislocated the ankle joint. The doctor tried setting my ankle, 3X to be exact, but it would not stay in place so off to surgery the same day. I have 1 plate and 7 screws now in my ankle. I was non weight bearing for 5 weeks total. Just saw the doctor yesterday and was told I can now put weight on it with a cam walker air cast. I am walking around the house with no crutches and minimal pain. Hoping to be back to work in 2.5 weeks.

Sep 07, 2015
Bi maelleor fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

7-10-15 broke ankle skating
7-23-15 go in for surgery, took a while due to "finding the right doc" I got one plate 8 screws
7-28-15 cast comes off, doc is impresse on healing and no to little swelling.
I was put on a boot but it star causing swelling,, feels better to walk on tennis shoes. Docs okay me to start light exercises. I been stretching my tendons and muscles building my calf muscle.
After surgery
I also took pure Aloe Vera juice (helped with swelling)
Vitamin C (helped heal )
I take 2 HGC pills a day
And lots of water... I am 42
Doc said I be walking on my own shoes by 8-25-15
Hope it helps!
Oh I did have pain here and there but bearable,

Aug 04, 2015
Medial Malleolus Oblique Fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

8 weeks post fracture. Boot the whole time non weight bearing (six weeks). Walking now with just the boot. Thought that would never happen. Two more days till I get rid of it. Scary to think and yet exciting to know. I did walk from the bathroom to bedroom today boot free, with a rollator. But you know what - everything is scary with an ankle break. I looked up this post because I could not envision walking even with the boot on. It does happen. It is patience and letting pain be your guide. In two days I will be walking barefoot. Scary, but I know I can do it - slowly. A week ago I was convinced I would not be able to walk for a very long time. I was wrong. No physio by the way. Just walking.

Jul 25, 2015
Numbness in toes NEW
by: Anonymous

On July 21 I "sprained my ankle" (still going to get it checked for a break) and I've been walking on it for 4 days now with the air cast. I've lost all feeling in my toe (on said sprained ankle) and we don't know why. First thoughts was that it was the air cast rubbing against the nerves. But now I don't think so. I stopped wearing the cast for two days and the numbness remained. I'm going to the doctor still, but I don't know....

Jul 06, 2015
Aircast NEW
by: Anonymous

4-25-15 -Bimaelleor Fracture with di location
4-26-15 - ORIF- 2 screws inside ankle, plate and 7 screws outside ankle

2 weeks in splint only allowed toe touch balance

After 2 weeks, 7 weeks in fiberglass cast with boot. When cast was put on they told me I could weight bear as tolerated.

6-29-15 Fiberglass Cast removed - given aircast - was told to wear 4 weeks - IF my ankle hurt wear it, if it didn't hurt don't have to wear

7-6-15 - drove to work today, brought boot with me, but it doesn't hurt..

Should I keep wearing even if it doesn't hurt? I have walked halls at work with cane and up and downstairs.

Strange how everyone is different. At first cast ortho told me I could weight bear. Said with all the hardware I was fine.

Jun 24, 2015
Super Confused NEW
by: Gambitsgrl

Broke my tibia and ankle on April 19, 2015 falling down my stairs. Surgery the next day. Its been the roughest road I've ever traveled and I have 4 kids for &*%^ sake! :( Anyway, I am 9 1/2 weeks post op and starting to bear weight with a walking boot but still no PT started yet b/c of damn insurance issues.. Extra :(... I have these 2 white spots on both sides of my ankle at the incision lines where the sutures/staples didn't close all the way. The doctor said 2 weeks ago as the cast came off that they are "normal" but there has been little to no change in them since then.... They aren't infected. They just look like new white skin that the pink skin hasn't covered all the way... I can't seem to ever get ahold of my doctor b/c his office staff is a bunch of idiots who really don't care about the patients... Any one have any advice for me or experienced the same thing??

May 25, 2015
post orif 8 weeks walking NEW
by: dolores

I just hit my 8 weeks post orif and began weight bearing. The first two days i walked with my crutches and day three no crutches but i am in my air cast boot!!! It's scary to let go of the crutches but my physical therapist said let pain be my guide. I did that and it felt great to walk. No pain today but we shall see tomorrow. I'm taking it easy

May 02, 2015
Lerning to walk right NEW
by: Journey

Hi I broke my Toe the 5th of Feb and have been in a Airboot in April My Back started to Spasom went to a Chiropractor he said it was from walking in a Airboot now My Hip/glute are Messed up 4 disks are Jamed together and Everyday Trying to Walk Right so it Heals but because my foot was so confined I get Shooting pains when I step off you would think they should tell you that before you wear one Ortho didn't help at all they just want to get you for a office call..Thank God The Chiro studied Soft tissue Damage and slowly getting Better..

Apr 15, 2015
Trimalleloar week 11 rt ankle NEW
by: Darla

Slipped on ice 1/19/15. Non weight bearing for 8 weeks post surgery, 8 pins and one metal plate. I have been doing PT exercises I found online at home daily. At week 8 given walking boot. Week 10 I have started walking with regular shoe daily but foot gets swollen and I go back to boot for the next day. Did practice drive in car over weekend it really hurts not to be able to drive. When does swelling go down???? Walking like a zombie. This is such a slow process.

Apr 02, 2015
Air boot NEW
by: Dawnie

Just got my air boot after being in a cast for four weeks, after breaking my fibula. I got told two weeks ago I would be driving soon, just got told by my doctor, won't be driving for another three weeks. Really fed up as I end to get back to work. Doc did tell me to walk on it with my crutches as it will heal quicker, could I not use just one crutch, forgot to ask.

Mar 28, 2015
Trimalleloar and exhausted NEW
by: Maggie

Slipped on ice 1-16-15. ORIF 1-17-15. Still in so much pain. Finally released to PT this week. Swelling a major issue. Sharp shooting pain and burning. Just went to breakfast with my wife and 3 year old daughter and I am back in bed for the day. Weight bearing with crutches. I want my life back. Just wanted to say that out loud to some people that understand.

Mar 18, 2015
Right Open Trimalleolar fracture/ankle dislocation NEW
by: Advice Please

I fell down concrete stairs December 15th, I had surgery/ORIF on the 25th, delay due to severe swelling. 1 Plate and 11 screws with posterior fracture/fragment left non-repaired. I am 13 weeks post injury with assisted weight bearing with crutches or walker. Fibula is only partial healed in the center around screws with non-union on the outside of the bone. My foot turns deep red / purplish when down and burns, this resolves when I put it up. electrical shocks across top of foot when top of the ankle is touched goes out my last 3 toes(nerve) and of course swelling but I guess this is normal. Doctor still will not release me to drive…
I am healthy and active with no health problems. Very discouraged and frustrated with the longevity of the injury… I go to therapy 3 days a week and receive positive feedback. The therapist and the doctor have not been able to answer the question, when will I be able to walk again????? The only answer I can get, this is a very traumatic injury and you are doing good :( I would like some kind of positive feed back and hope of normalcy again.

Feb 25, 2015
Post bimalleor ORIF NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 7 weeks post ORIF. For bi malleolar fracture. I have one plate and 9 screws. I spent the first two weeks in a a splint after surgery and then 2 weeks in aircast with no weight bearing. At my 1 month appt my ortho gave me the go ahead to start weight bearing as tolerated in the aircast boot. Within one day I was using one crutch and about a week later was sometimes walking without a crutch. At 6 weeks I was walking in a aircast without crutches completely. I am 7 weeks post op and see the ortho next week for my 2 month post op and will begin physical therapy. When I first started weight bearing I was freaked out. I was afraid to put to much weight on my ankle. The aircast pretty much protects you from doing anything though. I got through that part and there was a little pain and some moderate swelling involved for the first week. Really the pain was minimal. More nerve pain and numbness and a couple little electric shock feelings. But nothing bad at all. I was really worried that it was to soon, but my Ortho said the X-ray looked great at 1 month and let me go to weight bearing. Really the only pain I have is from the dislocated portion of the ankle not the fracture itself. I know it's a long road to recovery but I am trying to keep a positive attitude and remember that this is only temporary ! Good luck everyone.

Feb 05, 2015
Fibula Fracture Walking Week 5 NEW
by: Jessie

I fractured my lower fibula 5 weeks ago. At my latest Dr.'s appintment he told me that I would be able to begin walking without the airboot in a week following physio. As eager as I am to start exercising again and resume normal function of my leg I am wary that this is too soon. My latest X-Ray showed that the fracture is most definitely still there, although I have been walking in the boot fine for the past week and most sweling has gone now.

Jan 17, 2015
Ouch!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Nerve damage causes a burning feeling and it's normal 😊

Jan 17, 2015
walking in air boot after 8 weeks NEW
by: Anonymous

I fractured my fibula 8 weeks ago. I'm now wearing a walking boot, the first day my doctor said now start weight bearing and walking. I had alot of pain. I'm walking with 1 crutch now and this is my second day in walking boot. Now I'm feeling stinging and burning sensations is this normal?

Dec 27, 2014
Anxious NEW
by: Bored Brunette

I'm 8 weeks post op tib and fib fracture, 2 plates 9 screws. I started pt last week and I am weight bearing as tolerated in my boot, I use a walker and I'm finding it so frightening to wean myself off!!! How hard is it to do????😠

Nov 21, 2014
Learning to walk again NEW
by: Megan

Im looking for some advice.
I shattered both my tib & fib and have metal plates and pins. I am now 9 weeks post op and have had my air cast for 2 weeks.
Learning to walk again is proving difficult as I was non weight bearing for 7 week.
When trying to walk in my air cast without crutches I am having major balance issues.
What I need is some advice on regaining my balance when walking and taking a fluid step rather than a rather short sort of hop.
Anyone got any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Oct 10, 2014
Putting weight on though overweight NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke my ankle two weeks ago yesterday and had surgery two weeks ago from tomorrow. Followed up with the surgeon yesterday and after almost 2 weeks non weight bearing - he says I can walk on my boot with crutches or walker. I am overweight and was concerned my extra weight might slow my ability to put weight on my foot. He gave me the ok yesterday and I've been boot walking with a walker all day today. It swells and I elevate frequently. Any idea how long the swelling after walking will continue. My hats off to the orthopedic trauma team at Mass General. Cutting edge care will get me back to my life and work in amazing time!

Sep 29, 2014
10 weeks post broken tibula surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

I am 10 weeks post surgery for an open fracture of my tib/fib with a nail and 4 screws. My orthopedics said I can walk in an aircast with no other assistance but I am having pain in my hips and ankle. Does anyone else have hip pain? I just don't feel like I am walking correctly in the boot.

Aug 16, 2014
So quick? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a fractured lateral malleolus with separation of the bone about 1/8" - but that xray was when the soft tissues were swollen right after the break.

I was one week in a splint NO weight-bearing and straight to a walking boot, told to expect to be walking without crutches in ten days. I am using a zimmerframe as it is much easier for me than crutches for putting weight on the ankle.

Sometimes there is a lot of pain, sometime I can walk with little pain. I know the swelling is normal after the walking, so I am taking great care about icing and elevation after my little excursions.

Jun 24, 2014
Learning a new way to do things NEW
by: Kaleigh

I have a trimalleolar fracture in my right ankle. Fell down steps on Memorial Day. That was May 26. Surgery on. 27th. Home on 28th. Used a walker for 3 wks but I had it rigged up with a shelf like on it with a cushion for my knee so I could scoot rather than hop. It wasn't cute but way more efficient for me... On June 16 I had cast/splint removed and got an aircast. The medical supply store hooked me up with a knee scooter which made life so much easier!!!! I teach Sunday School and my kiddies love it too. But my issue is that I stumbled once and just for a split second had weight on that ankle and then today my boxer jumped off the bed behind me and sorta came down on my foot. Neither felt too good but the pain subsided fairly quickly and not a lot of additional swelling or discoloration. How dangerous are these things, stumbles and bumps bc I get really freaked out. Any help would be much appreciated

Jun 11, 2014
trimalleolar fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

I had surgery on april 5th for a trimalleolar fracture. I have nine screws total and a plate. I am WB with the cam boot on and i can put almost my full weight on it now. The last few days my ankle is soooo sore ! I feel like i can`t even walk. Not sure if im walking too much or if the crappy weather has something to do with it. Any ideas or suggestions ?

Jun 07, 2014
8 weeks post ankle surgery NEW
by: Lynda

I broke my ankle in three places on April 16, had surgery the next day. Plate and 9 pins on right exterior ankle. Went from cast to boot in 3 weeks. I have been walking without crutches for 2 weeks now. My ankle and foot still swell but I just elevate and ice it when I am home. I only wear my air cast when I go outside. The ortho said the swelling will be around for 6 months or so. I started driving a couple of days ago but use my left foot to brake and I don't drive far or for to long. Just glad to be getting some independence back.

Jun 04, 2014
6 weeks off, now walking NEW
by: Anonymous

I just started walking again last week after 6 weeks off my foot with a fractured ankle.

Once the doctor said I was okay to bear weight on it, I wasn't able to walk at all by myself. What I could do was walk with crutches to help, and it took only 2 days until I didn't need them. I still am using a scooter to get around when I need to walk for long periods of time, but I'm walking quite a bit too.

Apr 15, 2013
Broken fibula NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm on week 5 of a broken fibula and just started being weight walking. I'm supposed to only be putting a small amount if weight on it with my walking boot but it doesn't hurt with all my weight, just noticed some that normal for it to swell?

Apr 12, 2013
by: Juan

I had ankle surgery on 3/11/13 in two weeks I went from cast to Aircast doc says NWB...Eager to get back on my foot. Im wondering how long will the swelling take and the foot to be active? Lots of tinkling and throbbing....

Apr 01, 2013
10 weeks post ankle fracture surgery NEW
by: stir crazy

I broke my ankle Jan. 22, 2013 Surgery on Jan. 31st
Same as everyone else-splint then cast now boot
I am STILL not back at work! I do not like the boot AT ALL I only wear it outside the house otherwise I just keep a sock on that foot
I am concerned about swelling-it is now April 1st and I still can't put a shoe on. Does anyone know how long it will be before I can put a shoe on? Thanks

Feb 26, 2013
When to start weight bearing after bimalleolar fracture NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a textbook bimalleolar ankle fracture on Jan 10, 2013 and ORIF (one plate and 6 screws) on Jan 15. I was in a cast for two weeks after the surgery, and was in a boot since. Right after the surgery, my doctor told me NWB for 10 weeks. Isn't it too conservative for a healthy and active 57 year old female. Most people start walking 6 to 8 weeks after their surgeries. I am concerned that prolonged NWB will exacerbate muscle atrophy which will make it more difficult to regain strength and balance later. In addition,I need to get back to work! Should I seek another opinion?

Feb 26, 2013
Broken ankle NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke my ankle in two places and displaced the bone so i was in a cast for 6 weeks then went into a aircast boot which straight away made life easier,i am still in the boot i go back to the hospital this week i've had the boot on for 4 weeks and i agree at first you are afraid to put your full body weight on to your foot once you lose that fear it becomes so much easier i now whizz round the house without any help just wearing the boot but that took me about 2.5 weeks in the boot to do that so bear with it because it gets esier

Aug 13, 2012
8 weeks after broken ankle nd surgery NEW
by: Amanda

it is 8 weeks past break and surgery both sides of ankle with screws and plate. pen between sides of ankle ill be removed next week but orto said screws and plate stays. should i wiait until the pen is removed before i start try uing some weight on? i still in aircast except when i lying in bed i take it off. sometimes i still have pain and little swelling. is it normal after 8 weeks!?

Jul 31, 2012
Trimalleolar Fx L ankle NEW
by: Lisa

Very difficult to be totally weight bearing after removal of third cast and into an air cast. Using a walker, at times crutches. The pain shoots right up heel to buttock. Was told to take "baby steps" and that's what I am going to do. This type of injury can take a very long time to heal properly. Be patient, and don't rush it. Only you can determine how much weight you can tolerate...

Nov 15, 2011
Walking with a boot NEW
by: Anonymous

I just started putting weight on my ankle about 2 months after I broke my ankle and had surgery. I have a plate and a total of 9 pins. It is painful and I did notice more swelling. I am so eager to start walking again I'm afraid I will overdo it. I try to do he exercises whenever I'm not walking. Can't wait to walk normally again!!!!!

Jan 11, 2011
Fractured Fibula, no surgery needed
by: GP

I have a fibula fracture which is aligned, I was put into a walking boot and was told at this point I would not need surgery. I'm not walking on it and have to return in 2 weeks to confirm that the break is healing correctly. My Orthopedist said if all goes well I'll be able to walk in boot after two weeks. Anyone experience this type of break and/or received similar information? And if so, will I really be "walking" or is 4-6 weeks more realistic?

Nov 03, 2009
ankle injury
by: Anonymous

I shattered my ankle and had an 8in plate and 12 screws in it. i had surgery about 5 weeks ago and i am allowed to start putting weight on it a little at a time now. i have no discomfort or pain. everything feels just fine so far.

Sep 25, 2009
Keep looking up
by: Ankle Fracture

I was told the ankle sprain or fracture takes the longest to heal. I just fractured ankle 8 days ago and I am a cyclist. I was told I cannot get back on for 8 to 10 weeks.

Aug 20, 2009
8 weeks post broken ankle
by: Jay

I had multiple fractures including a complete brake of the fibula and ankle dislocation. I had my cast removed 2 days ago. I have a brace and I'm using crutches. When I'm home on the couch I remove the brace place my ankle in warm water and move my foot around as much as I can (twice a day). Each time I find I have less swelling and a little more range of motion. I will start PT next week

Jun 08, 2009
bear weight after surgery
by: Anonymous

I am in the same situation, im 7 weeks now after surgery n even though the doc says start walking , am so scared to bear weight on it.I'm using a walker now n put all my wight on the walker still.I'm still waiting on myself to make the 1st step iI cant wait to do that. And yes I'm noticing a bit of a swelling too.

Oct 22, 2008
by: Bart - SII

It is normal to have some swelling after first getting back to weight bearing. This is quite a shock to your ankle joints and muscles after 8 weeks off.

The swelling should subside and you should notice less and less as time goes by and your body adjusts. Just make sure to take it slow and don't do too much. ice and elevation are good after you have been up on it for awhile too.


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