Hip and Core Strengthening Exercises

by Suzanne
(Lakewood, CA)

Do you have any good recommendations on hip/core strengthening exercises? My daughter is in physical therapy now and they are working on strengthening. After reading your website on ACL injuries, I would like to incorporate hip/core exercises into her program. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I wish we would have found this site prior to her surgery as she really enjoys reading and is glad to see so many recovery stories (she is Arianne).

Thanks again for this site and any help you can provide.

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Aug 30, 2008
by: Bart - SII

I am working on putting together some good hip and core exercises for the site - hopefully in the next few weeks.

Your daughter has done very well with her recovery - and her story was a great addition to the site. Best of luck with you and her continued recovery.


Sep 04, 2008
Looking Forward to It
by: Suzanne

Thank you, Bart. I will check back often to see if it's been added. This site has been very encouraging for her and she reads often. I only wish we would have found it prior to her surgery, as I think it would have eased her mind. Thank you again.

Oct 08, 2008
Any word?
by: Suzanne

I was just checking to see if this had been added yet. I don't see it on the site, but could be looking in the wrong place. Any direction and/or information is greatly appreciated.

Oct 08, 2008
by: Bart - SII

I have just uploaded the newest ebook for the site, Patella Femoral Solutions - While it is tailored to those suffering from patella femoral syndrome, it is a comprehensive hip and core strengthening program that works on balance, muscle control, and strength.

The ebook is ready to go, and I will be announcing it officially in The Athletic Trainer's Corner in a couple days. I hope to have a few of the exercises up on the site under the PFS rehab section over the weekend.

I know Arianne is recovering from ACL reconstruction, but the exercises in the Patella Femoral Solutions book would be of benefit to her, especially to strengthen her hips.

I am hoping to have an ACL specific ebook and program ready to go by December 1st, but that may be a little ambitious. Let me know if you have any questions, and I will post back here when I get the pages up this weekend.


Oct 12, 2008
Elastic Band Walks
by: Bart - SII

I added a page on hip strengthening, showing how to do Elastic Band Walks. This is my favorite exercise for strengtheing the hips in a functional way - I use it with all of my patients, even my shoulder patients.


Feb 10, 2015
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Hip Strengthening Exercises NEW
by: Anonymous

You can try top 5 Hip Strengthening Exercises. Here they are:
1.Clamshell exercise with band
2.Single leg glute bridge
3.Quadruped hip extension with knee extension
4.Quadruped hip extension with knee bent

Aug 10, 2015
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