Kate's ACL Surgery Nightmare

by Kate

My name is Kate I am a Fitness Instructor and I tore my ACL Sept 2010 in a soccer gf.

I had my ACL Recon in December of that same year,everything went well as far as the Doctor said. I had a standard hamstring graft. 1 week after the op, the doc removed the brace/crutches and i booked in for physio the following week.

Here is a timeline of what happened next:

WK 2:
Physio could not bend my knee(flexion)only 60deg and extension was about -20deg. He commented I had Arthrofibrosis as my knee was solid.

I continued to go to physio every week hereafter + being in the fitness industry worked at my knee 24/7 at home and in the gym.
(even in the shower).

MAY 2011:
Knee flexion at 80deg / extension -5.
Went to "another" (as i felt my original OS was spinning me total rubbish) OS who performed a MUA.
Extension then went to -10 / flexion went to 90-100 deg.

JULY 2011:
Knee still stiff as a board not bending or extending, went back to OS who performed MUA, he removed the original graft. YeeeHA. NO MORE LIMPING!!I can walk normally 7mths later.

OCT 2011:
Full ACL Recon(second OS)taking the hamstring graft from the other leg. Off crutches 2 wks/cycling at 2 wks.

DEC 2011:
Wk 5 of second ACL Recon the knee feels great flex:110/ext:-5(working hard on that). Walking with slightest of limp.

I have so much atrophy on my leg it looks almost malformed. Big job ahead... So the verdict from the OS who performed my 2nd ACL Recon was "mal-positioning of the original graft". Lovely.

Lesson learnt:
"never have small town OS perform any type of surgery".
I will be paying the original OS a friendly visit in the near future.

Well that's my nightmare... i haven't played soccer for over a year and will now be having another year away...or am I too scared to go back, because if i ever tore another ACL/MCL/PCL/ or whatever..i think i would die :>

Kate xx

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Nov 13, 2015
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Apr 15, 2015
Nightmare NEW
by: Michelle Melissa

Dont ever rely on one doctor's advice of surgery. It is the big mistake people used to do. Always take second and third specialist doctor's advice. It would not happened if you try some other OS before surgery. Anyways you have to go for second option and see another doctor first. I had an assignment problem and it was solved professionally by bestessay au.

Feb 05, 2015
hey there NEW
by: Anonymous

Medical billing and coding companies That is perfectly bull****. I mean they are just playing with you I guess. There is no way your knee could be always 60 degrees. All you need to do is rest and do the stretching exercise. I am a sports physio and trust me you do not have to do anything like those. Once an ACL is cured then all you need is rest and some massaging and stretching.

Dec 10, 2011
Thanks Bart and SII NEW
by: Kate

Thanks to you Bart! This website has helped me SO much. I have been on quite a few and this site is very user friedly. I have been telling everyone(clients,staff,soccer team mates)to check it out.
Doctors can inform you what knee surgery will be like;the operation,post op pain,recovery and rehab,etc etc, but I think reading other people's experience is by far more informative and educational. Cheers Bart.

Nov 30, 2011
Glad you are better
by: Bart - Sports Injury Info

Kate, it is unfortunate to hear about an unsuccessful surgery. Misplacement of the graft is one of those things that no matter how hard you try with physio or manipulations, you just can't overcome...as you found out.

It sounds like you are doing great now, and are on the road to recovery. Most important point, which you hit on the head - find a surgeon who has lots of experiences, AND good outcomes with ACL reconstructions.

Best of Luck!


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