Knee Pain When Kicking a Football

by Ash
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Well I used to do a lot of weights on my legs in the gym and one day got a bit stupid and was encouraged to see if I could do 300kg on the leg press as people were amazed how much I could do.

I was able to do 200kgs+with ease

Ever since then I have had pain mainly in my right knee when I kick a footy (Aussie rules), which is my main sport.

I had the injury for at least 8 weeks now and haven’t been able to go to a physio because of time.

Closer to doing the weights I used to twist my knee while working and standing and get a pain but that has slowly gone away but since then hasn’t improved
another problem is I cant exactly locate the injury because when I feel for it I cant find it as it doesn’t hurt when pushing (only when kicking) Although when I tense and twist I can feel a bit of pain just below the knee cap

I’m reading a lot of info on the net but can’t find anything that can really inform me

Just wondering what your thoughts would be on that

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Apr 22, 2008
It could be anything
by: Bart - SII

From your description the first things that come to mind are possible damage to the meniscus, or a strain of the patellar tendon. The fact that it hurts most when kicking suggests some invovlement of the quadriceps/patellar tendon. But not being able to push on a tender spot leans more toward meniscus.

Since you have been dealing with this for 8 weeks now, I would recommend seeing a doctor for an evaluation. It doesn't appear to be getting better on its own, and you need to figure out what is wrong before you can try to fix it.

In the meantime, R.I.C.E. may help when you are sore and painful.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

Apr 05, 2011
Similar problem
by: Les

Hey Ash,

I think I may have a similar problem to you.
I went to footy (Aussie Rules) training last night and we were doing goal kicking drills.
I really hammered a kick, but it was more of a punchy spear than a big follow through, which really whipped my knee as my leg straightened so quickly.
After some initial discomfort, I got through the rest of the training easily.
Once home, I sat down for a while, but when I stood up, my knee straightened and there was a sharp pain in the tendon behind my knee.
Funny thing is, it seems to come and go, I can walk sometimes without an issue, other times, my knee is really sensitive to straightening or slight twisting.
Haven't tried running again as yet.

Jul 23, 2012
Same thing - football keeper NEW
by: Tom

Ash, what did you end up with? I had the same thing recently over the past 5 weeks.

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