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My 13 year old son tore his MCL playing catcher in a baseball game. He was seen at the emergency room and again by a sports medicine doctor. He has a stage 2 MCL tear. He has been in a leg immobilizer for 4 weeks, as of today.

He wears this immobilizer even when sleeping but takes it off to shower. He pretty well stayed off of the knee for 24 hours and iced it every couple of hours. He then iced it every night for a week during the first week of wearing the immoblizer. He has been on it, while wearing the immobilizer, a good bit after the first week. The plan is for him to move to a hinged brace this week. My questions are as follows.

How long would he typically need to wear the hinged brace and how much activity should he be allowed to do while wearing it?

How long do you think he should wait before resuming normal baseball activities and should he wear the brace for a while when he does resume these activities?

He has played catcher for about 4 years now. Obviously catching puts a lot of stress on the knees. Should he try out for another position or should he presumably heal well enough to continue catching?

Thank you for your advice and opinion.

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May 22, 2016
Grade 2 MCL sprain NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a grade 2 MCL sprain with tears. I wore an immobilizer for a week and then a hinged brace for 5 more weeks. I have been doing physical therapy 2-3 times a week since the injury. It has been 7 weeks now. The inside of my knee still hurts but I am able to do most of my normal activity. If I walk too much or do too much activity, it does hurt more and gets stiff. have been taking 600mg Ibuprofen in the morning to get my day going without so much pain. I hope that the pain stops soon.

Aug 24, 2015
hydrotherapy NEW
by: Anonymousmitch

I have been fortunate, and have not injured my knees permanently. Muscle pulls, sprains,and some bursitis, but nothing serious.
I have taken the advice of Dr. Schulz, (famed herbalist), and have used hydrotherapy successfully.
One the second day of injury I applied ice for about 5 minutes, and then hot water as long as I could stand it, (just a few minutes), then back to the cold, and so on. For about an hour. It causes the blood to rush in and out of the injury, taking new fresh blood with it. This puts the injury in the position to heal itself. You can't heal yourself, but your body will if you let it.
Check out "".
Good luck

Mar 12, 2015
Knee injury NEW
by: Waynenelson9@gmail.comnonymous

My grandson plays hockey for the Quad City Mallards. Tonight 3/11/2015 after scoring the first goal, he injured his knee and was taken to hospital ( we where watching the game on ECHLneulion TV ) the annowcer said logan suffered a sever knee sprain .and would not return to lineup (he was still in hospital 3 hrs later) would they possibly operate tonight I understand it might be mcl tear. How long would he be laid up? He' a rookie but has been lighting it up .

Dec 18, 2014
dislocated and tore mcl NEW
by: Zach Rios

I fell skateboarding on a 6 ft halfpipe. It went out to the side and dislocated and tore my MCL a little bit. The doc said 5 weeks and I'll be fully recovered. 5 weeks later started skating and dislocated and sprained it again. Now its been 3 months and still isn't stable. I recommend physical therapy and as eager as you are to start back at whatever sport wait longer and get an MRI

Jul 10, 2014
Mcl grade 2 NEW
by: Hasan Raza

Dear sir,
i have an accident on 15 may 2014, and i got knee injury, after MRI scan report said;

Grade II, severe sprain/partial tear of MCL with associated edema of meniscocapsular junction.
Subtle hyperintense signals noted in ACL, suggestive of edema.
Mild joint effusion and adjacent soft tissue swelling.
Needs clinical correlation and follow up.

Sir this is my report, i saw my knee 2 doctors and both have different opinion, 1st suggest surgery & 2nd refer to wear knee brace and take rest, so my knee rehab in 3 to 6 month itself.
I wearing knee brace last 32 days and feel reduce pain and swelling in my knee, but still pain inside my knee joint and little swelling.
Yesterday my doctor recommended physiotherapy and wearing knee brace during sleeping and walking. But i feel cut and pain in my knee,
So i am here for advise from you, what should i do more?
Please advise to me, what choice is better for my knee?
Continue with knee brace with rest?
Or gone to physiotherapy?
If wear knee brace, so when i gone to physiotherapy? And before gone to therapy 1 more MRI scan needed or not?
And i bend my knee at 90° while.sitting on chair? Or no?
Please reply me as soon as possible, i am waiting,
I grateful tobyou forever

Dec 17, 2012
Tear info NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a level 2 tear from skiing almost exactly one year ago. The specialist didn't make me wear an immobilizer that long but I did need crutches for some time. As far as the hinged brace, I wore it for at least 8 weeks and she recommended wearing it when I do activities on uneven ground for the foreseeable future. I'm 21 by the way, so not as young as 13 but not old enough to make a significant difference either. I also still have significant pain in my knee from time to time. I've been told a torn MCL will never heal entirely.

Nov 30, 2012
what to do for partially torn mcl NEW
by: mike mosley

hi my name is mike mosley i play semi pro football i hurt my knee real bad playing in a football game i went to make a cut back and my knee gave out i felt a little pop what i want to know is what can i do to make it stronger with out having surgery i did it way back in june and its nov and it is still given me problems

Nov 30, 2012
mcl time frame to heal NEW
by: Anonymous

my name is mike mosley i hurt my knee playn footall i hurt it way back in june and it is nov and it still is bothering me i dont know if i need surgery and i hope i dont it hurts most in the inside part of my knee what i want to know is how long does it take to heal if it is a mcl partially torn

Oct 13, 2012
injured mcl and acl. NEW
by: zubersabugar

I torn acl and mcl injured befor 2 months due to accident.
It not recovery compeletely.
How can i improved naturally?
Please give your response, its neccesary for me.

Aug 19, 2012
ACL & MCL Injury operated NEW
by: Amish Vyas

Dear Sir,

I am from India. I had injury of ligaments and i operated ACL,MCL injury on 28th July 2012, but still it is paining in my right knee while walking and even while wake up in the morning, and also when i movement up & down my leg the voice comes out from inside of my knee. Doctor says pain will remove by doing exercise, i do exercise everyday and also go for walk for 3 Kilo Meters but still it is paining, i am worried about my leg.. because in day routine it is very uncomfertable feel.

Anyone expert can pls suggest me what to do now?

Jul 13, 2012
by: cmoney

i tore my mcl playing basketball was off it for a while and with a knee brace i was about 80% it happened again andnow it hurts to bend at times. goingdownstairs is pretty difficult. ive been told surgery is not worth it.. i feel like i cant walk as good or do any activities that involve lot of motion

Apr 12, 2012
Grade 2 PCL tear NEW
by: Teen female athlete

I tore my PCL about 4 weeks ago during lacrosse practice, i landed wrong on my knee and then rolled like 4 times. I got right up an told coach I just screwed up my knee so I walked to the trainer. She than called the dr. They told me I can't play sports for 12 weeks, had me in a stabilizer for about 4 weeks and just got my hinge brace yesturday. I start physical therapy tomarrow. I have no pain when I walk (I'm suppose to be non- weight bearing) only pain I have is when I bend my knee past about 60 degrees. I was told that the operation is a big process and very complicated, and that it may make me unable to play any sports again. I'm not getting surgery but I'm told this is very serious and If it doesn't heal right that I will be done. My big question is will I be able to wakeboard or Kiteboard again? These are high impact sports and very hard on your knees. ( lots of bending!) I'm extremely active and it's hard for me to stay on crutches when I know I can walk with no pain. I had an mri and it is a definite tear. Any suggestions? Answers? Questions? Opinions?

Aug 19, 2011
football mcl injury
by: Anonymous

my son had acl mcl and miniscus surgery in 2009. Long recovery but after 1 year felt great! He now plays varisty highschool football as a sophmore and was hurt 2 weeks before the first game. He is devistated again. dr thinks it's a grade 1 mcl sprain but we are waiting for the mri results. hopefully his is a speedy recovery, but he just keeps seeing his football dreams being washed away. hope to post good news soon

Aug 19, 2011
football mcl injury
by: Anonymous

my son had acl mcl and miniscus surgery in 2009. Long recovery but after 1 year felt great! He now plays varisty highschool football as a sophmore and was hurt 2 weeks before the first game. He is devistated again. dr thinks it's a grade 1 mcl sprain but we are waiting for the mri results. hopefully his is a speedy recovery, but he just keeps seeing his football dreams being washed away. hope to post good news soon

Aug 19, 2011
football mcl injury
by: Anonymous

my son had acl mcl and miniscus surgery in 2009. Long recovery but after 1 year felt great! He now plays varisty highschool football as a sophmore and was hurt 2 weeks before the first game. He is devistated again. dr thinks it's a grade 1 mcl sprain but we are waiting for the mri results. hopefully his is a speedy recovery, but he just keeps seeing his football dreams being washed away. hope to post good news soon

Mar 31, 2011
MCL Injury
by: Anonymous

OH, it still hurts sometimes, still makes me cringe to think about or hear about a knee injury. I have been at full strength for over a year.

Mar 31, 2011
MCL Recovery
by: Anonymous

I had a grade 2 MCL tear from a wakeboarding fall.. It hurt like an em-ef, the initial injury happened in 2008. I proceeded to hurt it again performing a seemingly simple task snowmobiling after feeling full strength in 2009..and again sprained working shortly after, so the best advice I have is to take it easy even after you think its better. I now wear a brace I got through the internet with nice supports on both sides of the knee whenever I do anything that isn't walking, running, or biking. I'm really careful anytime without it on because I now know the MCL itself will never fully heal.

Mar 24, 2011
Grade 2 MCL Tear
by: J.Marin

On December 22nd 2010 I tore my MCL while snowboarding after a nasty fall. I immediately went to the ER and was given an immobilizer to wear until I was able to begin Physio Therapy.
My Physio Therapy lasted 3weeks (3-4 sessions per week) and my knee felt great strengthened towards the end of the prescribed therapy.
However, it has been just over 3months since the injury occured and I've been having pain (Pain Scale = 4 out of 10) recently. The pain typically occures early in the morning when I wake up and in the late afternoons/evenings during the day when I'm relaxing.
Is it normal for my knee to still be tender/painful at this point? If so, how long should it typically be before I lose the soreness/tenderness?

Mar 22, 2011
Full tear of the MCL
by: Anonymous

I was running through the house to answer the phone when I fell sending my right leg into a 90 degree angle. Needless to say it isn't supposed to bend that way. After a trip to Patient First I was given a knee immobilizer and told to follow up with orthopedic doctor. Went there and was sent for an MRI. Long story short... I was told I have a full tear of the MCL in my right knee. I was told there were mixed reviews on surgery and that I should continue to wear the knee brace for 6 to 8 weeks. After 1 week at home I was allowed to return to work with restrictions. (no walking around unless absolutely necessary) Doctor has told me to take Aleve and to ice my knee whenever possible. Keep it perfectly straight without bending it and to use crutches to keep weight off my leg. I don't have to tell you this is hard stuff but I am plugging along hoping for a positive outcome. Of course, I am only two weeks in; I still have six more to go. UGH!

Nov 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

i sprained my left MCL in my hockey game two days ago. i went to the doctor and he said it was a level 3 MCl sprain. how long will this take to heal?i can put pressure on it and not use crutches but it hurts to bend it

Nov 15, 2010
MCL won't completely heal.
by: Jerry G

Are you supposed to completely immobilize your knee after MCL injury? I jumped out of my lifted truck and could hardley walk for 3-4 days. Pain at MCL. Felt better after 3-4 days but it has not completely recoverd yet after 4 months. Only times I have pain is when I step wrong or pivot. Also every afternoon and evening when I try to relax. Any advice? I'm sure it's MCL. I've never had knee problems (54 yrs old).

Nov 07, 2010
by: Juana ramli

4 Months ago, i had a training session with my soccer team, i did'nt realise that i twisted my knee till i drop purposely bcause of the pain in the inner side of my knee. It did'nt really twist the knee, but it sounded like a pop sound. I Did'nt walk that much the first week , then after the first week, i thought it was healed so i continued playing soccer, i injured myself again, at the same spot. Since then, i stopped playing all sports game, and just go into the gym. It has been 4 months now, how much longer should i wait for it to fully heal?

Jul 19, 2010
MCL Grade III recovery REPSONSE
by: Anonymous

Yes MCL's can take a while to heal. I had a really bad grade 2 tear at the start of November 2009 from hockey and finally in June 2010 the pain and stiffness was almost gone. I was told in 6 weeks it would be healed but that is not that case.

The pain started to diminish after I got back into my regular active routine (roller hockey, running &etc). The more activity I did the less my knee hurt. So I would say after a 6 weeks you should start slowly in getting active. The less you move it the more stiff it will be.

Jul 14, 2010
MCL Grade III recovery
by: Anonymous

I rupture The MCL according to my OS closer to a grade III, it shreded. Acording to him it has almost an 85% chance to fully recover, of course it took 5 weeks to to get an app after injury. Prior to the OS.
1st visit urgent care given a flexible sleve
2nd visit 9 day later Fam doctor change to a hinged sleeve and refered to Orthopedic and order MIR.
3rd visit 21 days after injury Orthopedic Nurse, stiil intense pain can only flex about 15 degrees, she recommended to get a belt or towel and start flexing past 90 degrees and changed to one side brace two attachment point. Truly a mistake to start flexing the knee with out proper diagnostic needless to say I only did one flex and it set me be back to original intense pain for two weeks.

4th visit finally with OS five weeks after injury,with MRI confirming an almost grade III tear. Recommended very conservative exercise and light flexing given yet a diffrent type of brace full sleeve double hinged and ask to wear for three months. Also got referal for PT at 3 months attempted staionary bike it took about seven attempts to get the first full rotation. After that 1st session the next day I could about 15 minutes every other day.

4 month later doing lifting weights for guads and hams can lift abot 65% as compared to other leg.

4 1/2 months still difficult to walk and going down the stairs and hard to cross my leg not to mention stifness and moderate pain but not all the time. OS expect about 3 months for each month on brace (about 9 months) for almost a full recovery. He mentioned that even pro football player with a similar injury it took 9 months to return to field.

Jul 03, 2010
Baseball injury
by: Nate

I " twisted" my knee running bases the other day in a game. I've had pain since but not swelling. I've also been iceing and taking anti-inflamatories. What else should I be doing to help myself recover?

Apr 17, 2010
MCL tear
by: Anonymous

Sometimes I wonder if doctors know what they are talking about. I had a skiing accident 6 weeks ago today. I still do not have a solid diagnosis, but my MRI isn't for another year.

The doctors and orthopedic surgeon believe it was an MCL tear, with possible damage to ACL or other parts of the knee. I was on crutches for just over a week and then I ditched them for a cane. I ditched the cane after 4 weeks. I was never told to wear a brace, but I had a tensor bandage on for the first 4 weeks. Swelling has finally gone down, but it took about 5 weeks. I was RICEing the first 3 three weeks. My range of motion is improving daily. I completed a two hour hike this morning and I feel good. I still walk with a slight limp and I'm concerned about lateral moment. I have to watch that I don't pivot or twist. I haven't been able to start running again, but hope I can handle a jog sometime this week. I am 34 years old and I've never been seriously injured before. This was a humbling experience, but I hope to fully recover.

My best advice is move as much as you can, but listen to your body. If you are in pain, slow down.

Feb 24, 2010
Son's MCL II sprain
by: concerned mom

My 11yr old suffered a Grade II MCL Sprain. Was first told by primary MD it was a contusion, after he still couldn't bend it or bear wt without pain for 1 week we went to Ortho. He diagnosed the MCL sprain (without MRI). No brace or immobilizer, but crutches as needed, and RICE of course. We've even been doing ice massage w/ROM. He's limping w/out crutches but is still in a lot of pain. The injury is 5 weeks post injury. He still can only bend to about 45 degrees. The ortho Dr. did say that if he was an adult it would be 1 year before it was painfree for all activities, but with his age it would be 6mos -1yr. I had to bring him home from school on Monday as it was more swollen and too painful, even with ibuprofen. Should we go back to Ortho Dr., get opinion of pediatric ortho Dr, or just wait it out???

Feb 14, 2010
Ask a Doctor
by: Gill

Actually, my doctor turned back to me to make a decision about autograft (patella vs. hamstring) or allograft. Reading sites like this help me to see a range of responses--good and bad--from others who have experience with this. I am asking my doctor and I am trying to inform myself about what kinds of questions should be asked.

Feb 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Why don't all you people ask a doctor?! What kind of answers are you looking for on the Internet? More like looking for free advice and a dr. to commit malpractice.

Jan 11, 2010
9 weeks later and MCL still hurts?
by: Anonymous

On November 3, 2009 I injured my MCL while playing hockey.
I went to a sports Doctor the next day and they figured I had a 2nd degree Sprain of my MCL.
I was completely off my leg for 2 weeks and in a hinged rehab brace ever since. As the weeks went by they slowly allowed for more range of motion with my brace.
Its now been just over 9 weeks and they still have me wearing the brace b/c when asked of pain I told them when I twist I can feel pain and when I totally bend my knee (flexion).
I'm confused as this weekend someone asked me..well isn't that pain due from scar tissue and not the actual injury? Can the pain I feel be caused by scar tissue?

Jan 07, 2010
by: muffin

I tweaked my knee and lost lateral stability near the end of a long day of competition. The next day I limped a bit and iced. Stiffness in the morning and pain when twisting the knee. Iced, stretched, IBs, and light cardio for a couple of days made it feel reasonably secure. No pain w/ squats or dead lifts, but I fear some lateral wobbliness. Stability exercises? Quad/Hamstring strengthening? My calves are super tight and only slight swelling in the knee.. I'm thinking I can go on this guy? How do you fix a ligament strain as far as stability and explosive movements??

Jan 04, 2010
MCL strain..
by: mike

It happened on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2009, I had been running on the treadmill at ballys gym for about 25 minutes when I felt some pain on the inside of my left knee. I stopped running and tried to walk it off. It just kept getting worse so I stopped. After the 20 minute drive home I could hardly get out of my car as the pain was so bad.

The first 2 weeks were the worst. I could hardly walk the pain and stiffness was so bad. It is much better now although the pain has subsided it is still with me constantly day and night. On a 1-10 scale it is about a 5. And we are now almost 6 weeks on.

I am 56 and was in pretty good shape. Well this has completely shut me down... Not sure if it will ever heal completely after reading posts here and on other sites..

Anyone have any luck with ultrasound? or any other remedies?

Jan 01, 2010
by: MARK


i injuired my mcl during a karate take down. the force was suppose to be applied to the upper thigh, but went to me knee instead. i did not hear snap or pop, but i felt the knee hyper extend in the lateral direction. no pain per say at the time or even immediately afterwards.

i iced it and all, but the next day it hurt to bear weight and bend. i saw physio, she said the knee was suprisingly lax for how un-painful it was. but my un-injuired knee was also pretty lax. she said i may be naturally lax.

now its day 12 afterwards and i have full range of motion back in my knee. the feeling i get from my knee could be described as tender.

i am just really eager to get back into karate, tricking and parkour(holidays). my physio said my mcl should be fully repaired once the knee feels absulotly normal.

i am just concerned i may over do it on my first day back. so i was just wondering are there any none distructive test i could do to make sure my mcl are back up to strengh?

Nov 13, 2009
Sprained or torn MCL ?
by: Anonymous

I'm a 32 yr old karate practicionner. I got hit on my leg during kumite and i heard my knee pop and fell immediately to the ground.
Went to the hospital and now i've been referred to an orthopedist. I dont know if it's a sprain, the level of the sprain or if it's torn. It's not too painful but my leg is immobilized in a brace. There's no swelling but i feel my knee is 'loose'

I'm in pretty good shape and have never suffered a serious injury before. How long do you think i can resume my practice of karate ?

Oct 13, 2009
mcl rehab
by: Dev

Dear readers obviously management varies from case to case i'm seeing many similar injuries at the mo on my othopaedics of the effected limb is essential. one should wear a fixed hinge brace allowing movement from 30-90 deg for a while - 4 weeks. mcl is least stretched at 30 degs flexion so allows for a reliable healing process. if leg is in a leg brace allowing full extension u can get a mcl which is stretched and prone to further injury. at the same time do stretch to limits of pain a few times a day to avoid stiffness hope all works out with rehab


Sep 22, 2009
RICE it man!
by: james f

I would defo rice it! ASAP It has been 15 months since i strained/torn MCL. I had to push the docs in the uk because they kept saying it will heal on its own. I got a new referal and have had an operation where thry removed the problem with the inserstion of the MCL scaring.

When I first did it and for 8 months it was so sore. In US and CA they brace it for the first few weeks with some restiction. RICE it and massage the painful area.

Good luck.

Sep 22, 2009
what should i do
by: Anonymous

i was playing football when one of the players grabed me by the neck and pulled me back i put all my weight on my right knee and heard a popping sound. i got up fine just with a little limp but my knee felt loose like it wanted to buckle. Its the second day and i cant put any weight on it, i can move it up and down with little pain but when i move it left and right the pain is.....the worst pain i felt... i went to the emergency room and got x-rays, there is no bone fractures. Should i go to a ortho. or should i use the RICE method? (rest,ice,compression,elevation) i need advice fast are there any exercises i could do to help it get back to normal????

Jun 07, 2009
i injured my mcl and probably my lcl and patella has some discomfort..
by: wonderboy18

its been 86 days since i was injured while playing basketball..i hear a pop sound at the time of my injury and after landing through jump i saw my knee is dislocated sideway.then i take it back that time and hearing another pop sound it was hurt like hell..since that i didnt visit any doctor yet and not taking x rays..just resting,exersice and icing on knee is feeling well now but not the same long does it take to heal my mcl?..should i visit a doctor?..pls help me..thanks

May 31, 2009
knee injury
by: Anonymous

five weeks ago i hurt my knee skiing. I did not hear a pop or feel a sudden tear and was able to ski down the moutain immediatley after the injury but i did feel pain in my knee. The next day my knee got worse and i could hardly walk. I want to my student health center and the doctor felt my knee and tested it's mobility and without taking any mri's or X-rays she thoguht that it was a simple mcl sprain. She gave me a packet on mcl tear that had excercises for me to do to restrengthen the ligaments. I have been doing those exercises ever since my injury and it has slowly been getting better. My main concern is that after 5 weeks the inside of my knee where the MCL is located is still a little swollen and tender. I have no trouble walking and can ride a bike. the only thing that gives me a little bit of pain is bending my knee so that my heel touches my butt. Is this something that i should be concerned about? should i go and see a doctor and possibly get an MRI?

May 23, 2009
Grade III MCL tear
by: Anonymous

I completely tore my mcl @ the end of April. My doctor said he has only seen 1 mcl in 20 years that need surgery. While I can appreciate not having knee surgery since my other knee had acl and meniscus surgery 1and1/2 years ago. I need to return to work and am out until healed because of the nature of my work. I do not have any pain to speak of and really only had pain when I tore it while grappling. My leg feels strong just unstable. I want to speed my ability to get to running or have surgery and get to healing from that. Anyone else experience similar problem?

May 14, 2009
true it can take a long time.
by: james f uk

I had a snowboarding compression crash in jan 09. On relection the pain and symptoms were exactly the same as my recent mcl tear. had 3 mouth recovery with no medical help from the first injury above. Kashmir was a liitle short of nhs.

In june 09 I had a wakebord crash with exactly the same type of fall and forces on my right knee. (the same one)

I really started to kill in the evening of the second crash and got progressivly worse over the next 24hrs. walking up hill could not happen for 4 weeks, stairs i did on my butt for 2 weeks.

Had an MRI that showed grade II tear and high signal where the MCL joins the bone (Fantastic).

Currently it is 11.5 months since 2nd strike. I have seen 8 doctors in the uk over 10 months! its always 4/6 week to wait for the appointment. Also 3 of the docs recently recommended a hinged brace to try to give my unstable knees support during work and play, I went to get messured for one and the doc told me there are no braces for mcl injuries! I know incredble.

It is the twisting, walking, cycling,sleeping and amazingly doing nothing that makes it sore. alway worse after a rest. and the sore spot over the mcl, oh my word that was the killer for sleeping and has not gone away. My wifes bum was perfect however for resting my knee on while sleeping! thanks honey.

this is 12 months since the injry! I am getting a second opinion in a week or two.

Look after your knees take your time but remember u only live one so go for it.

If anyone has some advice iwould be very greatful

May 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hey, i play college football and sprained my MCL 4 weeks ago. My trainer said it was a grade 1 but here were my symptoms. The day after I wasn't able to walk well at all. Had to limp badly. It happend on a weds and by sat i could walk normally. In about a week i was able to feel no pain while walking around. I was able to ride a stationary bike with no pain at all that monday. I received rehab with ice and stim machine for the first week and a half, two weeks. Then had heat and ultra-sound done on it for two weeks. It has now been 4 weeks and i feel no pain while running. No pain when shuffling. The only time i feel pain is when i'm using the leg curl machine and still it isn't severe. The main concern i have now is i need to start training for the fall and no doctor can seem to give me a straight answer on whether or not i'm ready to start squating on this knee hard. They keep telling me to take it easy but i feel no pain when doing it and at some point i gotta stop taking it easy and take it up a notch go 100% with squats, hang cleans and deadlifts. What my real question is i guess is if i feel no pain while performing the excersise and it has been 4 weeks is that a sign that i'm healed and ready to go? Also they did the movement test on my knee and my injured knee showed only a 1 mm difference in movement then my uninjured knee. My school trainer said anything over 2 1/2 mm would be consider abnormal. So do you think i'm ready to start using this thing full blast??

Apr 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

Wow this site is just what I was looking for! I'm in week 7 of a Grade 1 sprain, after four weeks I was allowed off the hinged brace, and cleared to run (just no cutting or contact until pain free). I'm a bit worried though that running will just prolong the recovery. Bicycling goes really well though so I think I'll eventually heal.

Since my doc did NOT recommend any PT, are there any stretching and twisting regimens out there I can use?

Apr 18, 2009
i would totally wear the brace
by: pony person

i wrestle w/ horses ( im an equine vet technician.. so my job is to keep the vet from getting hurt by a silly 1200 # animal who gets needle shy for vaccines, etc.) on the april 26th i will be 12 months post injury. from my grade 1 i spoke of earlier..

I kid you not when i tell you that even now, occasionally if i plant my foot and twist/turn a certain way, to the max of my ROM i can still feel it.. it isnt painful, but It lets me know its there. Almost like a reminder not to push it any further.. ( as if i needed one!) ..

It wasnt until i would say 10 months post injury that i stopped 'hitting' it.( finding the tear accidentally) doing activitieds of daily living ( I would find it mostly getting out of the drivers side of the car( right leg).. oddly.)

I wore my brace for work and other aggresive activities taht I felt were risky( hiking, riding horses and working) for about 4 months post injury -- consistently then backed it off as i felt more confient.

Ive been w/o the brace on for risky stuff since about 6 months post injury. Riding was uncomfortable for a while but not unbearable.

Best of luck to you!!! Sounds like you've got the right idea! dont do anymore than your knee allows!

Apr 18, 2009
MCL - Grade II with avulsion fracture of femur
by: Anonymous

I feel everyone's pain on this page! I am at 7.5 weeks of recovery from a grade II MCL sprain that came with a small avulsion fracture (tearing away of the bone) of the femur where the MCL attaches. I'm walking great, but twisting when the leg is planted is out of the question. Leg still gets tired, sometimes aches, and there is still pain on palpatation directly over the avulsion site. My self-directed PT has been swimming, walking and doing weights -- as pain allows (forget the "no pain, no gain" mantra, in this case, if there's pain, I either slow down, stop, or reduce the weight). I am optimistic that I will be able to hike again by the 10 week point. Question -- is there any reason to NOT use a hinged knee brace while hiking this summer as a little extra protection?

Apr 10, 2009
tore MCL, can I try to bend after a week?
by: Anonymous


I slid while hiking and twisted my knee. Strangest thing is it did NOT hurt so much right away but after 1 hr it started to become stiff and i couldnt sleep all night.
Went to an Ortho next day.. he said give it 1 week, and then slowly try to increase the motion.
I have a knee cap on. Very stiff knee... can bend very little. it hurts to stand long or walk around. My next appt is after 3 weeks.

I still can't beleive it has become this serious.

I wonder how soon I can return to normal dancing and hiking.

What can I DO to make better it????

Exercise or NOT?

Is it okay to walk in the first week?

Please help!!

Apr 03, 2009
MCL tear
by: Anonymous

I tore my MCL playing rugby and the doctor said to keep it in a hinged brace for 3 weeks. After that time period she said that I could return to sports. Did she mean I could return to rugby or is that too soon?

Feb 16, 2009
For Anonymous MCL injury
by: Anonymous

I don't think that an MRI would be wrong. I didn't have one. One thing I've learned in past health issues, is that sometimes I had to be my own doctor and figure out things. Don't get me wrong, Doctors are THE ones to go to. Like when I was taking zoloft, I was told I can stop taking it without a problem. It was a problem and I did it my way. When I felt lightheaded everyday. I was told I was fine. I realized it was the soda I was drinking. I had a bad shoulder for 5 years. Doctor gave me pills and it didn't go away. I fixed it on my own by simply changing the way I slept. So maybe your leg hurts at night because of the way it is positioned. Try sleeping on a couch with a pillow under your knee for a few nights. I did that and it helped a whole lot. Ice it for 20 minutes every day and wait a couple hours and ice it again and don't bend your knee at all for anything until it's better.

Feb 15, 2009
My MCL injury
by: Anonymous

I don't know how I injured my knee. A few days before Thanksgiving, I noticed my knee was hurting. As the days went by, my knee hurt more and more, especially when I would sit for a while and then get up. After 45 days of this, I spent one weekend going out and about and had to sit on the back seat of my sister's car. My knee was so swollen the next day, I couldn't walk. That's when I went to the doctor. After doing a few things to my knee (pressing here and there) he told me I had MLS. X-rays were normal. He gave me a brace that I have worn for 3 whole weeks. My knee is finally getting better and I can now bend it more and more. Before the doctor, I put ice on it. while wearing the brace, I would take it off and rub it. Its tons better and I can now walk a little normal now.

Feb 10, 2009
mcl sprain
by: Anonymous

I fell about 8 to 9 weeks ago on the ice. After seeing and ortho and having a mri i was told i sprained my mcl. i was given a knee brace to wear. i am still having issues with pain that is worse at night to the point i can't sleep. i tried wearing the knee brace at night but it makes my knee hurt even worse. i have found that prolonged standing also makes the pain worse. i have noticed that i don't fully extend my leg when standing. how long will it take my knee to heal and can an mri be wrong? because my knee cap itself will ache.

Jan 16, 2009
4 weeks??!!
by: Anonymous

I hurt my knee skiing new years day. I went to an orthepedic surgeon a few days later and found out I partially tore my MCL (grade II)and fully tore my ACL. it has now been two weeks since my injury and I have been rehabing for about a week. I was never in an imobilizing brace. My leg feels great. I think imobilxing your sons leg will only make it harder to recover. I was told it would take 6 weeks to fully heal my MCL but that I should start riding a stationary bike at 1 week if I could tolerate it. I am confused as to why your son was put in an imobilizing brace in the first place.

Dec 14, 2008
appropriate healing time?
by: pony person

I'm curious and debating what to do and I'm not seeing the answer on the web. I injured my mcl falling through a floor into a 6' deep hole in late april. ( didnt know the floor had a pit under it!) None the less, after er, ortho and an mri about a week later i was dx'd with a grade 1 mcl sprain. Was originally told it was a tear, but mri only found a sprain. im 35 yo very active, and was in a don j brace for 6 weeks. I feel I have a reasonable plus tolerance for pain, only seeing a dr when truley necc.
We are now approaching 8 mos post incident and I am STILL having trouble w/ it. Primarily 'finding' it in certain movements
(usually a plant and twist inadvertently) and I'm also still very stiff in the morning and evening, or whenever I am still for any long period of time. I have about 95% of my squat ability back, the 5% I dont have is not painful to achieve, just takes a little work. THis was a WC case and it's been a nightmare to deal with. but have been very upfront since completing PT in july that it is still giving me some trouble.
- on last call to ortho in july after work hardening to give status, he said I would need to seek a second oppinion if it was still painful and stated the mcl is just a slow healer.. It was agreed to stop the WH tx as it was just aggrevating the mcl and just see what Dr. Time would do for it. It has come along way but i seem to have hit a plateau. My question is, what is a reasonable period of time to expect this to heal, and at what point should I seek a second oppinon. Thank you!

Sep 10, 2008
I would see a doctor
by: Bart - SII

With an evaluation, the severity of the injury can be determined - that is the key to how quickly you should start your recovery. Mild sprains can usually be treated more aggressively with range of motion and strengthening, while more significant sprains need to have a period of immobilization or restricted motion to allow the tissues to heal. Your doctor can determine how you should progress.


Sep 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

I hyper extended my knee and the area of where the MCL is is very sore. I did this 4 days ago and I am debating on going to the doctor. I can hobble around on my leg and the swelling isn't too bad, no bruising, but my knee is stiff and if I try to work my range-of-motion it is more sore. How long should I wait before I try to get my ROM back? Is it really necessary to see a PT or Dr. I really just want to get back to spin class and the gym.

Jun 03, 2008
Protocols are different for every physician
by: Bart - SII

One thing to consider when looking at your son's recovery is your physician's specific protocol for treating MCL sprains. For each physician, there are usually differences in how these injuries are treated. Some are conservative, others are more you may read a ton of stuff online that says lots of different things, but your physician has specific reasons as to why they follow their protocol.

With that said, my answers are based on my own protocol and my opinions based on tissue healing and rehabilitation. So, take that for what it is worth.

For a grade II MCL sprain, my patients usually start off in a hinged knee brace with the hinges set to prevent full extension, and flexion beyond 90 degrees - so usually 30-90 degress of available motion. They are off crutches as soon as they can weight bear without pain.

After 3-4 weeks, we unlock the brace and allow motion to tolerance - rehab is started immediately after injury and focuses on regaining pain free range of motion, maintaining quadriceps function, and working on decreasing pain and swelling.

The decision on when to discontinue the brace is usually one made by the physician and their personal preference. I believe that the sooner you can get out of the brace with daily activities the better. At 4 weeks, the ligament has a good amount of healing taking place and some controlled stress on the joint is actually good for the continued healing. Most of the time, the decision to remove the brace with daily activities is made when there is no tenderness along the MCL with palpation, and when motion is restored to almost normal.

For your son, I would imagine he will be int he hinged brace for another 2-3 weeks and then only need it for activities.

As far as returning to baseball, this decision has to be based on the functional status of his knee. He needs full range of motion, good strength, good control, and to be pain free with all activities. Most of the time after a grade II sprain, this is somewhere around 8-12 weeks after injury, depending on how rehab progresses. It is also important that the ligament be monitored for laxity throughout the rehab process...this is something the physician or clinician can test with a ligament stress test (valgus stress).

Returning to catching should be ok but it may take more than the time mentioned above before he is able to squat regularly. Full motion can take some time to come back. Overall though, as long as he follows the rehab process, he should do well. The MCL has good healing properties and usually does not cause a lot of long term problems if it is treated appropriately in the early stages (which it sounds like you have done so far). Wearing the brace with baseball for the next several months may help but isn't absolutely necessary.

Hope this helps - please comment back if you have other questions.

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