moon boots after ORIF for ankle fracture

by Joyce
(Nice, France)

I fractured my ankle a week ago and had ORIF (lateral malleolus) with a plate and 6 screws. My deltoid ligament was ruptured, but not repaired surgically. I live in France and I was told 6 weeks in plaster, non weight bearing.

Could I use a Moon boot? How soon could I weight bear if I had a Moon boot?

Where could I get a moon boot in France? I could get a prescription, but what companies make the best?


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May 07, 2009
the best fracture boot
by: Anonymous

Aircast is the best of the camwalkers, but VACOcast is in another league altogether. There is a beanbag liner that contours to your foot and ankle and shin and calf and makes the boot really comfortable. The liner can be washed, so you can swim with it or shower with it. And it can even be unfixed and set in a "range of motion" setting to start extension and flexion while maintaining lateral stability. So, you have less ankle stiffness and atrophy when you finally get out of it. Check it out!

May 01, 2009
Ankle Fracture
by: Anonymous

Hi i have Fractured my Fibula above the malleolus the fracture is heading down towards the malleolus my doctor says no pressure for 6 weeks, but after 1 week im pain free and can move my ankle inside the plaster well, im due to go overseas in two weeks can i get a moon boot and be able to walk on it??

Oct 01, 2008
walking boot after ankle ORIF
by: Bart - SII

You might be able to transition into a walking boot after 3-4 weeks in the plaster. I think this would give the bones time to develop a good start on healing - of course, it all depends on how the fracture was reduced, the status of your bone structure, and other factors that your doctor knows best. It is definitely something worth talking to them about.

The best walking fact the only ones I have ever used, were made by Aircast. There are many many online retailers who you could purchase from.


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