my double ACL story.

by Jess

Im a basketballer, and as soon as i started playing seniors i saw a girl do her ACL every year. and thought it never happen to me!

well i was wrong... on my 4th year of playing half way through our undefeated season went on the court 14 seconds later i just slipped doing a lay up.

I went to the hospital. useless idea! Staight away then got my MRI. I had 8 counts of damage in the right knee, including ACL.

I had a full scholarship to America i had to cancel.

I got my surgery done 4 days later. i had cried my eyes out for the first day or two. surgery came along so fast i didnt know what to think anyway. i wasnt scared or afraid i was ready to get it all over and done with. it didnt hurt the slightest. i was fine after it all. just a little nausea after trying to eat a grilled burger :D

rehab was going well. easy as pie.. i was running in about two months. my first game the next season for seniors wasnt for enought ten months so it was plenty of time to recover.
i had done all the right things. eveything was good.

Until... my first game 3rd quarter. and i did my left knee.. just by slipping. some how? my left knee went out. and i was on the ground screaming. 1. pain. 2. knew i had done my ACL again.

saw my same surgeon. who basically told me i had the right athletic build with the wrong ligaments. (should of been a ballerina)

I got that surgery done fairly soon after anyway. i was in alot more pain after i came out! and was pleading for more painkillers. but after that it all goes away.

rehabs been going good. its a little deja vu .. im now 4 weeks post op. i got exctied because i finally was able to ride the bike again.

every time the physio says you can do soemthing new its like the best thing to hear ever.

and its not as hard a rehab the second time round if anyone ever ends up as unlucky as me .. because YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!


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Jul 09, 2009
by: Jess

HEY! im not 12 weeks post op for my second one and started running :) so its been good. a little slower than what i wanted due to swelling but now its coming along great. my physio is very happy with me.

thats unlucky you didnt get you surgery done as quick as mine. i was just well looked after here, pulled a few strings by the right people.

the first time i did my knee including my ACL i did damage to the meniscus pretty badly, damaged and strained both PCL and MCL and a bit of bone bruising.
something like that. i may of actually torn one of them but cant remember well now.

second time. pretty much the same. but some how fractured the bone. :)

and i still talk about it today with how i did it, because it was so bizzare.

have you got your surgery done yet? hows it going?

im about to fly over to start college in Oklahoma as a freshman.and HOPEFULLY! playing basketball again.

May 15, 2009
tore my acl too
by: Anonymous

hey! So how long ago was your surgery now? I'm a freshman, and never thought it would happen to me as well. my dad, lots of friends, and just people i saw from playing sports had torn theirs. so when i felt a pop in my knee, i went down screaming because it hurt, and i also knew i probably tore my ACL, and i wouldn't be playing for a long time.i was crying after it not so much for the pain, just because i wanted to play bball. Thank goodness there were only 2 games left.i just wanted my surgery done and over with. so they did it 4 days after u hurt it?? It will be 5 weeks on monday for me. So, what else did u do to your knee the first time? how r u doing now?? I wish u good luck in ur recovery!!

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