My Knee Dislocation. =[

by Melanie

Hi, its going to be 2 weeks on saturday since i dislocated my knee cap really bad during a volleyball game. I came down on my teamates foot and it popped out. It hurt so bad right away and i couldnt bend it at all. It swelled up and i continued to not be able to bend it for about 4 days..then it started to be able to bend gradually.

I had an xray and mri and my doctor just told me that when i dislocated it some tendons on the inside of my knee were torn when it went the opposite direction. And thats why i have pain on the inside of my knee so much.

As of right now i still have some pain and it still swells up quite a bit after the days over. There is also a kind of like popping feeling alot of times when i bend my knee and when i put my hand on my knee it feels like something is moving back and forth on the outside of my knee when it pops. What could be causing that?

And the last thing that bothers me is when my leg is flat and i pull my knee cap upward with my muscle it comes up but as its moving back down into its correct spot it stops for a second and then clicks back down. I have dislocated my knee before and none of these things have happened. Maybe its just a result of it dislocated worse..i don't know.

Basketball is suppose to start for me also in about a week and a half. I don't know if i should push it and try to recover for it.. or take my time healing it so that it doesn't get hurt right away again? Sorry this is so long..i have a lot of questions!


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Oct 22, 2008
by: Bart - SII

The popping you are feeling is probably from the scaring and healing that is going on inside of your knee. The tissues that were damaged are all trying to heal, and sometimes they will produce scar tissue that causes the knee to pop when you bend and extend.

You also have some looseness in your patella because you have dislocated it a couple of times - that means that the tissues that were torn can't do their job as well, so when you squeeze your quad muscle and then relax, the patella kinda moves side to side when it goes back down - that may cause it to click back into place.

You really need to give this some time - at least 3-4 more weeks - your body can only heal so fast, and if you go back too soon, you will likely dislocate again coming down from a rebound or a jump stop.

If you can do some rehabilitation with an athletic trainer or a physical therapist, that would be a great way to get better - they can help you strengthen the muscles in your hips and your legs to help stabilize your knee. Rehab after a dislocation is very very important to be able to get back to sports.

Take it easy and work on getting stronger - your knee will be better in the long run.


Mar 25, 2009
i had this too
by: Anonymous

i dislocated my knee 3 times. so im no stranger to this. it could be that you have pulled off a piece of cartilage like me and its floating around in ur knee. i had to get surgery to get that piece out and do a lateral release. you might need that too. hope this helps

May 11, 2009
knee just went
by: Anonymous

i was just standing thire next i fell down. befour you say aney thing i was just standing not moving or aney thing just went it dislocated i could see my kne move out of place in frount of my eye it felt lik some one was trying two pull slow doctor dont know why it just went can you give me some help
but befour this my knee did fell cold four some time but ioam very fit ??

May 26, 2009
Same problems... heres some advice
by: Anonymous

I had the same kind of dislocation (lateral).... I was playing soccer and came down on my knee wrong. My knee wouldn't go back into place by itself(if it does its called a sublex... (this happens alot after you dislocate your knee because the tendons are stretched out))The popping sound and feeling is from a torn part of your meniscus (the softer lining of the back of your knee cap.) This DOES NOT go away with time. One the meniscus is torn it does not heal itself. I went almost 4 years without fixing it thinking that if I just let it heal a little then I could go back to sports. My knee continually got worse and worse and eventually I had to fix it.
SO>>> I went to the Dr. and had a lateral release done with tendon repair. I have not had a problem with it since. The surgery was quick and only took three days until I was walking again. The swelling went down to normal and have never been happier. Hope this helps.

Jan 09, 2010
by: melanie

thanks for all the comments. I did end up getting a lateral release and it ended up my cartilage was torn up and frayed really bad, with pieces floating around. And so he cleaned it up and now my knee and is back to normal after a year and has not dislocated since.

Jan 10, 2010
disslocated knee
by: Lily :)

i would defently say do not do the basket ball..
i am on crutches now with a disslocated knee.
it is the 7th time i have done it, 4 on the left and 3 on the right. you need to make sure it heels proply before doing any sports apart from cycling( this helps) but in my case the doctors say i should grow out of it, but it just seems to keep happening so it is defently worth going to see a physio therapist and do all the exercises even if you dont think you need to any more

hope this helps


Jan 23, 2010
Dislocated knee
by: Rob

yeah hi ive had a major disclocation once playing football it happened just by running and it went out so it got put back in and i got a splint on it for 6 weeks then i had physio therapy for 3 weeks after the splint was removed then when my therapoist gave me the go ahead for sports again i put my tuba grip on and it was fine then 1 p.e lesson i forgot to bring it and it dislocated again but as i fell i landed on it and knocked back in and got a burning sensation through my thigh muscles. this was about 6 months ago now i have just done it again with a tuba grip on i really love playing basketball its my life but if ive dislocated my knee twice playin basketball and once playing football i might have to give it up the only methods to get it stronger i can think of is surgery which im scared to have to be honest and therapy but that wont completely heal at.
also my uncle mentioned something about these tablets or something a medica that your swollow which replaces the bad cartlige but i cant remember the name are there any other methods that will work fully or do you know the name of the medicine?

Aug 17, 2010
Same problem
by: Kaitlynn

I'm in University now and my knee has been doing this since one day in grade 6 when i was a cheerleader. I stepped off a mat and my knee cap moved to the side of my leg. It scares me so much, even reading these made me sick, but I was just looking up to see what I could find about it. My doctor says I have torn tendons and since they've been doing it for so long, I can't fix it other than to wear a brace. I did go to a doctor but he told me i just needed orthodics.

Jan 06, 2011
Dislocated My Knee
by: Anonymous

Hi, I dislocated my week a couple of weeks ago. I went off the wrong foot when i was taking a layup at full speed. My leg swelled up alot. The doctor put a demobilizer on my leg. Then when i went to the orthepedist, they said that the swelling went down. My doctor thinks that it just dislocated for a second and then went back into place. They said it might take 6 weeks to heal. I was just wondering how long would it take me to start bending my legs. I cant bend my leg that much. Any advice would be appreciated since im on my schools basketball team and really want to get back as soon as possible.

Dec 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

i tour my mcl and was out for a year i hope that i never have to go threw that again ..playing aau ball and recovering isnt easy but you will be fine if you play a sport and your aggressive you will get hurt me. (:

Feb 03, 2012
knee dislocations
by: rg

yea ive dislocated my knee twice the first time it came all the way out n the second time after surgery it poped in and out. but i have that same poping feelin in my knee its hard to explain to people. just when u feel it popping like that dont play

Jul 27, 2012
Severe pain
by: Anonymous

I dislocated my knee 4 days ago and am still in extreme pain I can not move my leg at all to the side any twist and I'm in bad pain plus I can't even support my own leg weight it's hard to get around even on crutches as my leg is in an emobilizer . My leg is swollen all the way down to my ankle and up to my thigh please someone give me some indication as to when I'll at least be comfortable with this injury

Jul 27, 2012
hope this helps
by: Anonymous

You will be able to start moving your leg soon, just do the exercises you've been given, e.g. bringing your foot towards you and pushing your knee down (with your leg muscles not hands!) ..also try to lift your will progressively be able to do it for longer

Dec 07, 2012
Dislocated knee
by: Anonymous

I dislocated my right knee just standing up from a sitting position. As I fell to the floor it went back in. Then 2 weeks later I dislocated my left knee by putting all my weight through the leg and jumping on my bed (28yrs old at the time, I know!!). It had to be put back into place by the paramedics and only with 20mg of morphine on board. Then I was splinted and taken to A + E. I had a cast for a week and a splint for 3 weeks. Was scared to bend it incase it popped again. I ended up having a manipulation under spinal block and then strapped to an awful machine that bent my knee for me for 4 days non stop. It has taken 3 years to get it mobilised but even now its still weak. Probably through fear I haven't pushed myself. It has been terrible :(

Jan 19, 2013
Knee Cap Dislocation for the 5th time
by: Anonymous

I've dislocated my right knee cap for the fifth time. I was sitting on chair with my legs crossed and when I wanted to switch over, the knee cap dislocated. I couldn't put it back like the previous four times. It was until some paramedics came and they help me to straightened it then it went back to position. I was sent to A&E.

Everyone including myself thought it was a simple knee cap dislocation and I would be able to walk within a couple of days. A few days went by and it got more and more painful. Then only I realised two ligaments and the meniscus were torn. It hurts with every movement and I couldn't even place my foot on the floor. I tried bending my knee on the third week to 45 degrees only and the knee was swollen for the next five days with increasing pain. From then I do no dare to bend my knee.

The tip of the fibula pops out twice when I tried to turn my upper body. I've tried to limit and slowed down my movement since. My physiotherapist advised me to do some knee strengthening excercise by sucking the knee cap in and lifting of the leg outwards and backwards to strengthen the muscles. It would help with the recovery when I go for surgery.

Its the sixth week now and I could walk but with the aid of crutched as it could not support my weight yet due to the weaken muscles. The ligaments still hurt but not as painful as the beginning. When I tried to bend my knee, I could feel some unstability. Have done my MRI and CT scans. Waiting to see my orthopedist next week to advise on what to fix during the surgery.

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