ONLY 16.........GOING TO 17

by Barbara

2 days after surgery

2 days after surgery

Well I am actually re-writing my story bcz the first one I wrote was pretty short and I really couldn't write and express everything I feel.

So I injured my ACL in March 2 2008, playing the final soccer international club against Dominican Republic and the tournament was hosted in Caracas Venezuela, which is were I live. =)...

Anyways just if you are wondering we won the final 2-1 which one of them was my goal and the second goal my sister scored so it was a pretty exciting final.

Anyways everything happened when I scored we celebrated and when the opposing team had the ball the girl actually tricked me and I just felt this horrible POP in my knee and fell right into the ground. It was horrible and painful!

I remember all of my teammates came towards me and I was just really worry and just told everyone to give me space while I was crying and they did. A paramedic and my coach came and told me to stand up as soon as I did I fell right into the ground and I just felt that my knee was loose and I just couldn't walk on it.

I got up and hop to the sides of the field and I was in TERRIBLE PAIN! The paramedic put this creams and ice and trying to calm me down and to be quiet honest he didn't because man I was in a lot of PAIN =(...So the paramedic told me to stand once again and try to walk or else he would take me to the ambulance so I did and failed again and just started to cry.

Finally in the Hospital I was in pain and they just put a little brace and told me to not do sports for a month so I was happy.

Still in a lot of pain a month pass and I was in the U.S (New York) to recuperate and visit the family and when I came here I was playing Kickball and fell again! This time it was horrible. I couldn't move I couldn't walk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I took an X-ray everything good, took an MRI and there it was COMPLETELY TORN ACL! =(.....I was sent to therapy for 10 months! and when I go for another check up it turns out IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME OF 10 MONTHS! My Doc said Surgery right away!

So I did I got my knee ACL Reconstruction November 24, 2008 and I actually wasn't nervous at all it was my first surgery and I was actually curious to experience the feeling of anestisia..LOl... so now it is my 3rd week and yesterday they took my stiches! =) and to be quiet honest I feel great still in some pain and I do feel tired most of the time.

Anyways I do feel a bit sad due to the fact that all my friends go partying every weekend and go to the beach and I have to stay home. Also because I've been DYING TO PLAY SOCCER since March and I just can't and now I have to wait even longer. Also because christmas is here and I think it isn't going to be the same =(

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Sep 29, 2010
I understand
by: Anonymous

Hey I am so sorry about this! Its awful!
I recently tore my acl during a soccer game, and am out for the season, so I can totally feel for you!

May 03, 2009
by: Alice


I completely torn my AC
I had my operation two weeks ago and it went fantastic, so much better then I thought.

My surgeon used an artificiala ligament which means you don't take any part of your body and reuse it and the results are so much better quicker!

My operation was a saturday! I stayed 4 days in hospital. The first day I had quiet a lot of pain and I was on morphine! And the 2nd day, they made me walk, I was walking in crutches, slowly but with little pain, I even went up and down the stairs ! On the 1st day!!!

Then I went home on the tuesday. I was walking okay with cruches (without reallly using them just a bit of support)

Then I got worse, I had to stay until 1 week in bed!
Then I got biiig painkillers because I couldn't stand it!
Then 1 week and a half after my srugery I got all the stiches taken out ! And two days later I was back at school, walking without crutches, no painkillers!

And yesterday went to the cinema with friends, and shopping! So I have a life back!

I can't do sports or anything yet!
But apart from that it's okay!
Can't completely bend my leg and I limp a bit , but it's only two weeks!

So I would sooooo strongly recommend you have an artificial ligament! It's a new technique but soo much better!

And i'm happy I had the operation!It was a good experience I guess, and in a couple of months, I'll be doing sports and everything!!

So I wish you so much luck!!!
And I totally understand you , I freaked out before and I really didn't know what to expect after!
The scars are quiet big!And my knee is quiet ugly!
(2 scars, one is 8cm the other 6!) but at least I have a stable knee!
Anyway make sure you have support from friends because it helps so much for the recovery!
I didn't really for my arthroscopy which was quiet painful and I felt soo low, but I did for this operation and it makes you want to get better so much quicker!

Anyway if you have anyyy question you can ask me!

Good luck

May 02, 2009
i feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Hey girls,

I can relate so much to you and i think this website is great. I am a 20 yr old sports science student and tore my acl and pcl playing football in december... Similar to your situations the doctors told me it was nothing to worry about and sent me off on crutches which i refused to use for very long. however, 2 months later i still had a great deal of swelling so i was sent for an MRI scan that showed a complete tear of the acl, partial tear of the pcl and other tissue and muscle damage. It has been 5months now and doing a bit of exercise although i know i shouldnt be. I just cant help it, i hate seeing my team mates running around, having fun playing football and badminton when i cant. and it is killing me not being able to play. I still dont have a date for my surgery. I am sports crazy and its driving me mad.

I am really nervous about the surgery as i have never had it before, is there any tips you could give me for the weeks before and after.

Cheers, :)

Karen x

Mar 05, 2009
by: Alice

Well it happenned friday 27 february . And it's now nearly being a week .. I can nearly walk without crutches ... Bending is harrrrd , stairs is harrrd , shower is hooriible , i'm doing doing sports either and putting jeans on is hard . It's not pain AT all apart if i bend it too much , it's more like i feel it's just going to collapse ( and sometimes it does) ! Also i have this feeling as if there maggots or a mice sometimes jumping in a knee ! So weird ! Anyway ... I really want to know whether it's torn or not wiating is just annoying!
I hope that all the doctors got it wrong and that it''s something else... but in me i really think it is torn... !
By the way did you get the weird moving feeling under your knee ?
Anyway good luck in getting better !!!!!!!!

Mar 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

Well the first time I felt I simply couldnt really walk on my leg at all! And to be honest I was in crutches for 6 days haha I was supposed to be for 10 days but I am just like you! I couldn't stand it. Anyway after the 6th day I could walk not perfect but I was getting there and simply didnt play sports for 1 month. However it hurt when I kneel down. Also I was just like you, I thought that I didnt tore anything until I got my MRI. I also remember I had a lot of pain when I walked in my heels and just a bit when I walked on my tip toes. How do you feel? It sucks ;(. Believe it or not on Monday March 2 I have 1 year of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! so I am still fighting!

Mar 04, 2009
16 going to 17
by: Alice


I'm 16 too and I fell while skiing.
The doctor did a Lachman test and told me it was completely torn. I'm waiting for the MRI results though before bing sure it's completely torn. But it's horrible for me too , I so understand you .. everyone is going to parties and I can't because I'm in crutches and everything it's SO annoying. I guess this is just the beggining.
I'm wondering if you could tell me what it felt like exctaly after you teared it? So I could know if it's the same as me.
I have to wait 2 weeks for the results ! So scary .
Anyway thanks for your post !And good luck on getting better

Dec 09, 2008
hang in there
by: Bart - SII

Thanks for re-posting your story - You had quite the game to tear your ACL in. Congrats on the win!

Remember that this is only a very very small part of your sports career - you will be back to playing soccer and going out with your friends soon - just a few months likely. So, take this time to do everything you can to do get better. Follow the rehab, go as slow as you need to, and in a few short months you will be back on the field.

Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on how you are doing!


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