"Pop" means?

by Derek

Hi, I recently injured my ACL. After seeing 3 different doctors, 2 told me it is torn and 1 told me it's not. Although I've never been through this type of injury, it is hard to convince myself (whether denial or not)that i've torn my ACL because I still don't have the knee-giving-out problem that everyone talks about. At first when the docs told me it's torn, i was pretty confident with them because i heard a "pop" sound, which made me think of something tearing immediately. However, when I saw a third doctor telling me that "pop" doesn't mean a tear, it made me wonder as well (especially when i could start putting more weight on my knees now, and it's only been less than a week). Could you give me more details on what the "pop" sound could mean?


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Aug 16, 2015
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Sep 24, 2009
Had my Knee Pop is it ACL??
by: Tobin

I just got an knee injury wakeboarding a few days ago, when I landed a jump I felt the left kinda back side of my knee pop.....it felt like it was in the tendon / ligament I think.....I had an injury thaqt felt just like this but worse several years back and had an MRI and X-ray and all they could find was stretched ACL they thought and it seemed to heal.......I can walk on it now with very little pain, but bending it backwards or sometimes extending it all the way forward can be hard.....since it feels like all the muscles are real tight.....I have been icing it mostly and some heating as well......not sure what injury it could be??? ACL or something else......I am thinking about getting MRI but only as last resort since my insurance does not cover much of cost for one....

Any help would be appreciated....thanks alot!! Tobin

Apr 06, 2009
ligament tored i guess?
by: Anonymous

im 16 years of age. i believe i tored my ligament cause my knee pops out of place and it makes that pop noise. i been like this for 3 years and not that long ago i hade a indoor soccer game that i force my knee on pressure and it went out of place witch cause sooooo much pain, but it dint snap thank go because i belive the outside ligamnt was holding it while the other one was aready tored i guess, and after that incident my knee is flamable, fatter kinda puffier and i cant bend mysel down all the way

please give me some advice

Jan 21, 2009
by: Bart - SII

The "pop", either felt or heard, is a classic sign of ACL tears. But, just because there is a "pop" doesn't mean you tore it, and vice versa, you can tear the ACL without the "pop". Meniscus tears, patellar subluxations, and other knee injuries can also cause pops, and sometimes the knee just pops and there isn't an injury (like popping your knuckles). If you have conflicting opinions between doctors, opt for further diagnostics like an MRI to get the best diagnosis.


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