Posterior Pain/Swelling One Year Later (ACL repair)


I use to ride motorcycles (yeah i know). About ten years ago i fell of my bike and hurt my knee. I wore a cast for a few months until the Dr told me i needed surgery or i will never walk again. Well that scared the crap out of me, yet I still didn't have the surgery. I was a little cocky back then lol.

A couple years ago my knee kept buckling on me. Every time I ran I would feel a pop. Dealt with the pain for a few days and was back at it. This routine kept on for a few years till I couldn't deal with it anymore (not the pain it was just annoying) I'm good with pain it lets us know were still alive.

Last year had the surgery, horrible the worst months of my life,but, I got back on my feet. I wasn't really having any problems until i started playing ball again or just running.

The knee feels fine, its stable but i get a lot of pain behind the knee with swelling that last a couple of days. The pain is really bad but it feels like its not the knee. It feels like its my muscle I swelling in the back of the knee right where the tendon is supposed to be. The pain is not in in the calf or my thigh it's right in the middle behind the knee, when i try to stretch it out it hurts really bad but then i do get some relief.

Can anyone suggest anything, is this common will it go away.

Thanks for you time
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Aug 08, 2008
Any number of possible causes...
by: Bart - SII

You could have any number of things going on - bakers cyst, hamstring tendonitis, calf strain, knee capsule irritation, etc.

I would recommend that you continue with a fairly rigorous stretching program for the hamstrings, calf, and hip flexors - one thing you can try is adding an ankle movement while you stretch your hamstrings - this can sometimes help to reduce tension specifically in the back of the knee.

In a traditional figure 4 hamstring stretch position (one leg out, the other pulled in, hands reaching toward the toes) wrap a towel around your toes so that you can pull on it with both hands - now, keep your chest high and lean forward at the hips until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings - once you feel a good stretch, give a gentle pull on the towel - if this increases the stretch in the back of the thigh or knee, or causes a burning type sensation, then this should help you.

Give a pull, hold for a couple seconds, and then release the towel...repeat that pull/release cycle several times, then relax the stretch. You can also try turning your foot in and out (inversion/eversion) while you are pulling on the towel to see if that changes the sensations at all.


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